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Week 34 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a honeydew. Approximately 5 pounds.

Weight Gain – 25 pounds.  It’s pretty incredible how my body has responded to my third pregnancy.  Now that I have two others to compare to this one, I have to say my body is pretty happy around 150 pounds by the time I give birth.  Regardless of my starting weight, I have hovered around 150 pounds on delivery day.  For reference, that means I have been gaining around 30 pounds each pregnancy.


Movement – Move, shake, drop.  Kick.  Baby girl moves when she feels like moving regardless of what I am doing.

Sleep – Some days are better than others.  Fourth of July fell during the middle of the week so that threw my schedule for a loop.

What I miss – My clothes.  My day job has given me the ability to avoid most maternity clothes my entire pregnancy.  Workout clothes can be pretty forgiving.  The problem now is that my workout clothes are getting a little small.  Eek.  With just a few weeks to go the last thing I want to do is spend money on clothes I will literally never wear again.

Best Moments this Week – Spending some quality time with my girls and celebrating a low key Fourth of July.  It has been HOT in Charlotte over the past two weeks.  Muggy. Humid.  The kind of hot that makes you (or maybe it’s just me) want to sit inside in the afternoon to avoid the oppression.



Since my husband was off work on the Fourth (a Tuesday), he helped set up a number of outdoor activities to keep the girls cool.  We bought the girls a new bike with training wheels to go along with their Strider Balance bike.  So far they have done a good job of not only sharing but working together to get better at both.


Ever since my youngest daughter has started to show some interest in playing Soccer Shots, my oldest daughter all of a sudden wants to participate.  Thankfully, the coach allowed her to join practice this week at which point I asked her if she would like for me to sign her up for her own team.  Her response?  “Only if I can be on Morgan’s team”.  That melts my heart.  I am so glad that they have the opportunity to participate in activities like this together.



The girls toughed out the heat this week to get a solid practice in before spending a decent amount of time in the house resting over the weekend.  We went ahead and set up our tent in the backyard (per their request), so they could mock camp and stay in the shade.  That’s my kind of camping.

Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment.  You got it.  Friday.  I haven’t seen my regular doctor in several weeks.  I can’t wait to catch up with her.  Since the girls were looking for things to do inside this week, we started to prep the baby’s room and even the car for her arrival.


I don’t know why I was surprised when my youngest daughter attempted to get in the baby’s crib, sat in her car seat and played with her diapers.  I now operate my own version of a bus.  With the baby needing to go in the second row of the car, that meant one car seat had to go to the third row.  The girls weren’t complaining.


Cravings – I was all about the sweets with pregnancy number two.  I’m all about the salts with pregnancy number three.  Maybe it has something to do with the sweat (see symptoms section below).  We put together homemade taco salads this week that were on point.  Fresh grilled corn, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and onions, black beans, ground turkey, and last but not least, rice.


Symptoms – Sweating.  More sweating.  Maybe it’s just the weather.  Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant.  Either way, I hate wasting my time taking a shower when I go outside for five minutes and need to take another.  We decided to check out Food Truck Friday in Dilworth on Friday night.  Before we even got to the venue, we realized it was too hot to sit outside for an entire meal.  Instead, we ate inside at a nearby restaurant before walking over for dessert.

Thankfully someone sitting in the shade saw us coming and invited us to share a picnic table with them.  The event was not well attended at the time (it was still early).  I’m hoping that the momentum builds though.  It is a great location and there were several good options for a variety of food.

Workouts – Heat has made garage workouts tough.  I have to get up early to get a workout in or I am riding the struggle bus outside.  That said, strength workouts are my go to workout right now. It is much easier for me maintain my own tempo.

  • Monday –  I taught the 10:45 AM class at Flywheel.
  • Tuesday – Strength workout in the garage.
  • Wednesday – NOTHING.  I trained a client early in the morning.  I took the girls uptown to go to the dentist, Discovery Place, and the park.  We took a lunch break before heading to soccer practice.  I then trained a group that evening.  I didn’t sit down much.  I would say that was a workout in itself.
  • Thursday – 30 minute morning run/walk before teaching my 3:30 PM class at Flywheel.
  • Friday – Strength workout at the Harris Y.  See Instagram post for details.
  • Saturday – Trail running with my OCR training group.  Run/walk 3 miles over 40 minutes.

Pregnancy Update – Week 34

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a honeydew. Approximately 5 pounds.

Weight Gain – Somewhere between 22-24 pounds.  Like I said last week, it fluctuates depending on the time of day, water retention, etc.  At this point, I really don’t care.

Movement – Lots of movement all over.  Mainly in the hips this time.  This baby is low compared to my daughter at this point in my first pregnancy.

Sleep – I am just so tired by the end of the day that it is incredibly easy for me to crash.  With everything I have on my mind, it is even easier for me to get up in the morning as soon as even the slightest thing wakes me up.

What I miss – My wardrobe.  I am in maternity wear, and I am starting to get to the point that even my workout clothes are not that comfortable.  If I could lounge in my PJs and not leave the house all day this would not be a problem.  I can’t wait to pull out my clothes again!

Best Moments this Week – Valentine’s Day with my three Valentines.  That’s right, I said three.  My husband and I had our own special Valentine’s Day dinner and dessert on Friday night.  Typically this is not a big holiday for us (and it wasn’t this year), but we did celebrate it again on Saturday night with my daughter and the baby in my belly.  After a short walk to the local grocery store (Reid’s), we came home with strip steaks, a healthy edamame salad and twice baked potatoes.  Remember what I said about diet being part of staying “fit”?  This evening did not apply.  It’s all about moderation.photo-69

I have to admit, prior to this week, I was almost in denial that I was pregnant with our second child.  I hadn’t done much to prepare, and I hadn’t put much thought into the change in lifestyle that was about to come.  Thankfully, my mom has made her descent on the city of Charlotte and has helped rally my enthusiasm.  For the past several weeks my mom and dad both have helped me tackle various projects around our house while my husband is at work.  All of which will make the transition to adding a second child that much easier.

photo 2-207Step 1 – transitioning my daughter to her big girl bed.  My husband and I spent some time at a local furniture store (High Cotton Home) several weeks ago picking out the most adorable, yet affordable options for our daughter.  They nailed it.  I am always skeptical when using a new designer and ordering things from a magazine, but for once, this worked out in our favor.  She took her first of many naps in her big girl bed this week!

photo 4I spent a good part of the cold weather days pulling out a changing table and pack and play for the baby to put in our living room.  I also ordered our first set of size one diapers for baby number two.  Look at the difference in size!  I can’t believe we will have two in diapers.photo-70

Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment is Thursday.  From here on out I go every week.  We are getting close.  My final ultrasound (at 36 weeks), will be the following Thursday.

Cravings – Nothing in particular.  Honestly.  I get full so quickly.

Symptoms – An ever expanding belly.  I’m sick again.  Something that my daughter brought home from daycare.  Hoarse and congested.  I’m also continuing to fight bleeding gums (when I brush my teeth) and restless legs at night.

photo 3

Workouts – My routine at this point is three to four days cardio, three days pilates/barre workouts.  I am limited in my range of movement, and I have reached the point where I just want to stay active for the next couple of weeks without over exerting myself.  My last class teaching at Flywheel will be this Sunday, February 22nd at 7:30 AM.

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Jenna.

Friday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Saturday – Elliptical.

Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.