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Week 29 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a head of cauliflower. Approximately 3 pounds.

Weight Gain – I hit the BIG 2-0 this week.  20 pounds that is.  Baby and belly are growing more each week!



Movement – There is significant movement that can be seen by the outside eye without touching my belly.  At my doctor’s appointment this week, the doctor confirmed that the baby is head down but rolled over to my right side.

Sleep – Dare I say I am starting to feel better?  With that comes more sleep.  I went to see a sinus doctor on Wednesday.  He proceeded to scope through my nose and into my maxillary sinus (right beside your nose).  Completely uncomfortable.  I started my second round of a 10 day antibiotic to rid my body of the remnants of this sinus infection.

What I miss – An afternoon Diet Dr. Pepper.  I try not to drink diet soda while I am pregnant due to the caffeine and aspartame.  That said, every once in awhile I will sneak in a Sprite Zero.

Best Moments this Week – I passed my one hour glucose test with flying colors!  On top of that, the baby and mom had a good check up (her heart rate was in the 150s).  I am now seeing the doctor every two weeks.


After taking all of Saturday off, I regained my strength for a trip down to Gastonia with the family to berry pick.  I was hesitant to go given the age of the girls and the hot temperatures.  However, the girls never cease to amaze me with their ability to jump right in to a new activity and the overcast skies kept us pretty cool.

IMG_5258We took bets in the car on the way there on how long we would make it before the girls wanted to go home.  My guess? 20 minutes.  My husband?  40 minutes.  We made it over an hour!  I am so happy that we decided to go.  My oldest daughter was on point.  She wanted to control her own basket, so she could independently fill it to the top with blackberries and strawberries.  She was so proud of herself (and so was I!).


My youngest was engaged for about a half hour before she decided to take a snack break in the double jogger.  She didn’t move the rest of the time.  She didn’t cry either though, so I can’t complain.  See pictures of our crop above.  If I start to look like a berry by the end of the week, you know why.


We stopped at Tony’s Ice Cream in downtown Gastonia on the way back to the interstate. As the name implies, we had ice cream.  This hole in the wall has been a local favorite for as long as I have lived in Charlotte.  It was packed.  Line out the door.  Nowhere to sit.  It was also cheap and well worth the wait.

Looking forward to – Meeting our baby girl!  The girls helped me unpack newborn and three month clothes this week.  We washed them and folded them before loading them in the baby’s dresser.  The girls each took one of our two bouncy seats to their room to put their own baby dolls in.


Cravings – Food.  I feel like I eat/graze all day.

Symptoms – Fatigue!  I woke up Saturday completely exhausted.  I navigated through getting the kids out of bed and helping them eat breakfast until my husband got home from his workout.  I then went back to bed until 11:30AM (even cancelling a training session to get rest).  If you know me, this is so not like me.  I didn’t leave the house the rest of the day.  The rest did my body good.  I was feeling like my old pregnant self again by Sunday.

Workouts – I am slowing down for several reasons:  I’m in the home stretch, I’m bigger and I’m peaking the hump of being sick.  You will notice I skipped my Thursday run group this week and I did not work out at all on Saturday.

  • Monday – I taught my regularly schedule 6:30AM class and came back to teach a 10:45 AM Memorial Day class.
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage.  I have no problem backing off cardio, but I do try to fit in two strength training days a week to maintain basic energy to stay mobile and fit for birth.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Run 800m
      • Side Extension with Band x 15 each side
      • Dead Hang Max
      • Deadlift x 15
    • 5 Rounds
      • 5 Pull Ups
      • 10 Pushups
      • 15 Body Weight Squats
    • 2 Rounds
      • Side Crunch Bosu x 25
      • Bicep Curls x 20
      • Heavy KB carry x 25 yards
      • Bulgarian Squat x 15 each
  • Wednesday – After sleeping in, I opted to go to Flywheel for an 11:45 class with Robert.  Some days even a trainer needs someone to motivate them.  Great ride in which I didn’t push too hard.  Total power around 250.
  • Thursday – I took a WALK around the block for 30 minutes before heading to Flywheel to teach my 3:30PM class that afternoon.
  • Friday – Strength work in the garage – see workout below.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Run 400m
      • Single Arm Squat to Overhead Press x 10 each
      • Scapular Pull x 15
      • Single Leg Miniband Hip Hinge x 15 each
    • 3 Rounds
      • Kettlebell Swing x 15
      • Backwards Lunge x 20 each
      • Pushup Roll Out  x 8 each
      • Bicep Curl x 20
    • 2 Rounds
      • Slam Ball x 15
      • Pull Up x 10
      • Squat with Miniband x 25
      • Tricep Extension x 25
  • Saturday – Much needed REST DAY!
  • Sunday – I taught my regularly scheduled 7:30AM class.


Pregnancy Update – Week 29

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a head of cauliflower. Approximately 3 pounds.

Weight Gain – 18 pounds. Steadily packing on the pounds.

Movement – Continuous movement.  I have started to feel hiccups.  It was confirmed at my doctor’s appointment this week that the baby seems to be laid out horizontal, not vertical.  That is the reason for me noticing more side to side movement in my hips.  The doctor assured me that this is common for women in subsequent pregnancies that are close together.  My abs/uterus didn’t have as much time as they needed to tighten back up.  She doesn’t see a problem with the baby getting into the proper position by the big day.

Sleep – It got better this week.  We are fighting sleep issues with my daughter, which has made my sleep disrupted more than the pregnancy.

What I miss –  A strong cocktail.  With a wild toddler, it would be nice to kickback with a strong liquor drink some evenings. To make matters worse, my dad and I had dinner at a restaurant Saturday night that had a very appealing cocktail menu.

photo 2-190

Best Moments this Week – First and foremost, a good doctor’s appointment.  I passed my glucose test.  For those of you that have taken this test, you probably recognize the drink below.  For those of you who are thinking about getting pregnant, you either like this drink or you don’t.  I don’t.  It’s very sweet.  You are required to drink it in five minutes (without throwing it up).  After an hour, the lab technician will take your blood.  photo 1-182

If you don’t pass, you are required to come back for a three hour test.  Don’t ask me what that entails.  I hope I never have to do that.  On top of passing my glucose test, my blood pressure was great, the baby’s heart rate was 132 and my belly was measuring right on track.  photo 2-187Second best moment of the week was seeing my daughter lovingly play with my belly.  Although she doesn’t know that there is a baby in there, the fact that she has embraced the growing bump is a sign to me that she will love her new sister.

photo 2-191This was a big week.  Finally, my daughter had her first swim lessons this week.  This was supposed to be a daddy/daughter activity, however, my husband came down with the flu Friday.  Call in the reserves.  My mom happens to be a certified lifeguard, so she threw on one of my suits and joined me.  My daughter loved the water.  I truly can’t wait for my husband to get in the pool with her.

photo 3-161 photo 1-183

Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment. I go every two weeks now.  My next doctor’s appointment just happens to be the same day as my daughter’s fifteen week appointment.

Cravings – Ice cream. Skinny cow mint chocolate chip and snicker doodle ice cream sandwiches to be exact.  These things rarely go on sale.  Watch out.  They are on sale at Harris Teeter this week.  I bought four boxes.  To fit them in the freezer I had to take them out of the box.  I have my eye on my husband trying to have some himself!


Symptoms – Growing belly (pictures below)!  No really.  The usual – bleeding gums, restless legs, and fatigue.

photo 1-180

Workouts – Back on the bike and back doing at home workouts!

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Thursday – At home total body workout with weights and a Bosu.

Friday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte.

Saturday – At home total body workout with weights and swimming with my daughter!

Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte. One of my favorite classes all week.  Some of the hardest workers.  Plus, I get to see so many regulars.  It is great catching up each week.  Yesterday, I grabbed a quick photo with regular rider, Amy.  Thanks for being so fun girl!

photo 3-160