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Pregnancy Update – Week 23

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 14 pounds.  Nice and steady.

Movement – A lot more movement, which must mean it is getting stronger.

Sleep – With the holiday, I got a lot of rest.  Naps are pretty much out of the picture, but a good seven hours can get me through any day!

What I miss – Sushi.  I’m craving it.  We went out for dinner while in Roanoke, and I tried to find rolls that could curb my craving.  It’s hard with all of the restrictions while pregnant!

Best Moments this Week – Um, Thanksgiving!  Food, Family and Fitness.  Three huge parts of my life.  Did you see my post on our family fitness traditions? We crossed the finish line of our local drumstick dash with my daughter in tow!

photo 4-107

A few of my favorite pictures from the holiday are included below.


Looking forward to – My first full week at home with my baby girl.  If you hadn’t heard, I’m phasing out of work full time.  While I will still be teaching at Flywheel, I will no longer be in the office forty hours a week.  Day one, down.  I’m loving every second of it.

photo 2-160

Also, looking forward to the start of Christmas season.  Holiday parties, decorating, Christmas cards.  So much to look forward to every day!  It all starts with the decorating!


Cravings – Sweets.  Candy. Cookies.  It’s Christmas time!  I made my first bath of Rolo treats with my daughter over our Thanksgiving break.  You can get the gist in the picture below (even if this picture was from our Easter batch!).

photo 4-7

Symptoms – Nose bleeds!  Not bad, but definitely enough to make me feel uncomfortable blowing my nose in public.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Workouts – I was all over the place this week due to travel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride much.

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
Tuesday – Morning Run
Wednesday – Elliptical
Thursday – Drumstick Dash 5k with Husband
Friday – Outdoor Bootcamp using City Resources
Saturday – Day off!
Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte 7:30 AM

I am still running! Comfortably.  Check out the bump after my Tuesday run!

photo 3-140

Thanksgiving Fitness Traditions + Family Time

Since college, my dad and I have enjoyed running a Thanksgiving morning “turkey trot”/”drumstick dash”.  As I got older and realized how important staying active is, we decided to continue this tradition every year (eventually inviting my husband to participate).  While my dad has been unable to run the past two years (we are hoping injuries subside by next year), my husband and I have kept up the tradition. photo 1-159During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t able to run much. Two reasons:  It was not already a regular part of my routine and I was teaching more classes at Flywheel Charlotte.  When my daughter was born, I picked up my running again.  I post a lot of workouts that I have done during this pregnancy that are different than last.  During pregnancy, it is not the right time to start trying exercises that your body is not used to.  Fortunately, I was running very regularly when I got pregnant this go round (specifically 3-4 mile base runs), so I knew running a 5k at a comfortable pace would be no problem.

photo 2-167With baby number two in tow (in the belly), my husband and I dressed in layers and got to the start line with just enough time to take a quick selfie.  Our annual Thanksgiving run is not about personal bests.  It is about being thankful for the ability to be together and doing something we love.  We run the race for a good cause, while talking to each other and making jokes about everything going on around us.

photo 3-143It is amazing to see so many other people out (in cold weather) preparing for a day of thanks.  I ran with the Garmin on.  Mainly so I could keep up with my pace and not let myself get too far ahead of where I knew that I should be.  Competition tends to do that to us.  I also made sure that I could comfortably talk to my husband the entire run.

photo 4-107With just three quarters of a mile left, I told my husband to run ahead of me to look for my parents at the finish line (who would have my daughter).  We wanted to cross the line with her.  As I pulled up to the last ten yards, I spotted them.  I slowed up for a picture.  We ran the last ten yards together.  The smile on her face was priceless.  I think others were fascinated by how special she felt being carried over the line on her dad’s shoulders.  A great memory.

IMG_1623After a fun run, we headed inside to help my mom cook.  My dad is in charge of mashed potatoes.  My daughter was literally begging him for a taste.  We obliged.

IMG_1627She scarfed down some mashed potatoes and stuffing, prior to the actual meal.  Good thing some of the food was done early.  Lucky for us, she laid down for a nap with a full belly right before the family dinner.

IMG_1637My mom outdid herself.  First plate – turkey, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cranberry relish, mixed vegetables and gravy.  Second plate followed suit.  We actually got through the entire dinner without hearing a peep from my daughter.

IMG_1641She woke up just in time for a four generation family photo.  From the left, me, my daughter, my mom and my grandma.  Truly a special moment.  Can you see the resemblance?  We finished off the photo shoot with a picture of grandma and grandpa.


Why can’t she smile like that when we are doing a family picture?  Note, this was her second outfit of the day.  She did enjoy a second plate herself after her nap (and dessert).


What kids wants to be stuck in the house all day?  Wait, let me ask, what adult wants to be stuck in the house all day?  After eating way too much food, we took a walk around a Christmas tree display at a local hotel.  Getting those steps in after a long day of eating is an easy way to burn off some of those extra calories.  The pictures kept rolling.

photo 3-141photo 2-165photo 1-157IMG_1671I am so thankful for my sweet family and all of the great memories.  We have been fortunate for our health, and we look forward to building our family in the next year.  I look forward to what the holiday season will bring both personally and professionally.  Lots of memories still in the making!