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Tuesday “Tempo” Run

T is for Tuesday or based on the way I felt this morning – Tired. Since I did a strength workout Monday morning, I wanted to do some sort of cardio workout on Tuesday. I was not motivated this morning. I tossed around several ideas of running workouts that I could do in a 20-30 minute range before deciding I should just run a high tempo 5k. Every once in a while, I just need to see where I stand when I am not feeling my best.

photo 1-35

I honestly surprised myself. My watch wasn’t working right for a better half of the first mile, but I know the route of my usual 3.2 mile loop. I ran through the finish right under 23 minutes. Haven’t I told you before, that it seems like on the days that I really don’t want to work out, I usually perform the best? Maybe it is because I have to focus more? The first question that my husband asked me when I walked in the door was, “Was it worth it?” I would say most definitely. Even if I only got out there for less than thirty minutes, I pushed myself and ultimately set the tone for my day.

photo 2-6

Speaking of setting the tone for your day.  Have you noticed that there is a 6:15 AM class on Saturday now?  Start your weekend early and get your workout out of the way.  If you are already signed up, send me some song requests!!

photo 1-36Dinner was another quick one. This time we opted for take out.  Again, we didn’t have time to make a big dinner for leftovers on Sunday.  I had an errand to run at the mall, so I picked up Chipotle on the way out.  If you want healthy, quantity this is the place to go.  I have talked about how great my dinners are from Chipotle before, but I can’t tell you enough how fresh the salads are.  Salad above has brown rice, corn salsa, mild salsa, black beans and chicken.

photo 2-36If you need a little more quantity (especially after a tough workout) wrap it up!  My husband literally ordered the same thing as me but wrapped in a tortilla.



My First Tempo Run (well, in years!)

I have been posting regularly about working out with FiA once a week and I will continue to do so until I begin to repeat workouts. Problem is: I don’t think that will ever happen. That’s a great problem to have! The best part about working out with these ladies is that I am never doing the same thing. Most days that I am there I am doing an exercise out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I’m never bored AND I’m constantly pushing myself.


The sun is starting to rise earlier, so it is light by the end of the workout. Uptown is beautiful in the morning!

On Sunday night, my husband and I had already nailed down who would go to F3/FiA each respective day of the week. I did the Metro bootcamp last Wednesday, so I decided I would go to the track workout Thursday this week (to change up my week). As I am sure that many of you noticed, I posted a request for new people to join me. At some point prior to Thursday, I got an email from the “Q” (person who leads) that the running group would be doing something completely out of the norm. Instead of meeting at the usual spot, we were asked to meet at a different location for what she described as a tempo run in which we would be hauling a$$ on an uptown loop.

photo 1-4

The words “tempo run” make me cringe. If you don’t know what a tempo run is, it is basically a faster-paced workout, in which you push your threshold to better your metabolic fitness. Nothing like the start /stop recovery that I was used to as a sprinter in college and far from a traditional “track” workout. However, I’m always up for a challenge, and I love pushing past my comfort zone. I rallied my girlfriend, Logan, to come with me this morning.  She did great!  I have talked about Logan a lot on the blog.  She is the beautiful blonde in the picture above.


The great part about doing a tempo run with this group is that we start in a manner such that we can finish at the same time based on average pace.  As such, we start in waves.  Slowest pace group starts a few minutes before the next pace group until the fastest runners take off.  This run was run in sync with a route F3 has coined “the Sweet 6”, so there is always someone around if a runner ends up by themselves.  Pace was strong.  My splits were right around 8:10 for each mile (which is fast for me!).  I was up for a good part of the night with my daughter, so having these ladies there to push me definitely helped!  We will be back at the track next week, so I already know the workout will be completely different than this week.  Come join me!