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Justice Fitness – A Family Approach to Overall Fitness

Through Flywheel, I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people.  As I have gotten to know each and every one of the instructors outside of the studio, I have really started to develop a new level of respect for everything that they do in their “free time”.  Sometimes we get accustomed to perceiving that the person leading our athletic class “hangs out” when they aren’t teaching.  That is most definitely not the case as it relates to most instructors.   I have spent some time talking about Denise Duffy and her new business, but I also want to take some time to talk about Steve and Lindsey Justice and their “family” business.


I had the pleasure of hanging out with the family last weekend for a few hours.  I felt bad interrupting a family lunch, but I must say it was so much fun watching the two athletic parents sip water out of mini mason jars while their sweet daughters munched on fresh veggies.  Was their adorable two year old taking down plain spinach like candy?  How did they get their children off to such a good start?  Opposite the table that they were enjoying lunch, was the family office, in which sports memorabilia from both of their athletic careers hung.  I should note that Steve was an All-American center while playing football at Wake Forest (he later went on to play in the NFL for a few years) and Lindsey was a member of the soccer team while at Wake Forest.


Upon Steve joining the Indianapolis Colts, Lindsey completed her Master’s degree in Exercise Science from UNC and the couple moved to Indiana.  With little job opportunities in the new location, Lindsey took the first step in starting Justice Fitness (training people out of an Anytime Fitness near their home).  Steve would help during the offseason; however, it wasn’t until his retirement from the NFL in 2010, that they both took on the business full time.


Steve and Lindsey developed a “concierge” training service that is like no other.  Both recognize that bettering ourselves physically is only one aspect of being fit.  They also help their clients understand their mental and spiritual capacity through not only training properly, but eating properly.  Isn’t that what every trainer should do?  Sure, but that doesn’t always happen.  When I asked Lindsey how they differentiate themselves from others her answer was direct and what I wanted to hear.


Since their focus is so much on quality services provided to each individual, they spend a lot of time customizing training and nutrition plans based on a client’s unique goals, needs, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses.  In fact, she even said that it would be wiser for them financially to add more clients, but that was not an option, because it would compromise quality of service.  If they can’t add more clients then how do you get in on this?  They don’t anticipate that their clients will need them forever, instead they hope to “teach them how to fish” (i.e. they want their clients to be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle after working with them).


Individuals have the following options to customize their service:  personalized custom training, sports performance training and nutrition.  Steve and Lindsey overhauled a section of their garage to provide a custom gym that their clients could train out of. Again, the décor is mesmerizing (a bible verse on one wall, pictures of clients, and special articles about their relationship with fitness).  Steve and Lindsey have found a niche with sports performance training.  When I say sports performance training, they are working with high school athletes to build skills and strength during off months and the actual season.


While I was visiting, Steve was also running a client through some sports performance training.  It was great to see him in action.  For as laugh out loud hilarious he is at times during a Flywheel class, he was incredibly focused and motivating when working with his client.  In fact, when he was done he whipped up a protein shake for the young man and spent some time chatting with him.  You see, I found while I was sitting with the two of them that Steve and Lindsey are not only training these kids but they are in a way mentoring them.  Seeing Steve around his girls in such a positive manner is such a great way for a young man to see what a functional family should be like.


Snacks didn’t stop there.  Before heading out, I got to taste one of the couple’s famed cookies and talk nutrition.  You didn’t think an NFL center could teach a Flywheel class did you?  Steve has lost an incredible amount of weight since his days of playing football.  Lindsey’s background has given the couple another edge as it relates to tailoring specific nutrition plans using resting metabolic rate, current calories consumed and the perfect balance of clean foods to help clients reach their goals. Their nutrition plans work.  They aren’t just a fad.  I have seen individuals transform in front of me after they have gone to see Steve and Lindsey.


As I finish up this post talking about Justice Fitness, I want to point out the family vibe that I got the entire time that I was at their house.  I was no stranger, but the two girls and highly talented parents, invited me to their table like family.  I stood astounded at how down to earth the couple was and how easy to get along with their children were.  They are clearly used to being around the gym and having clients come and go.

Interested in getting in touch with this sweet couple or learning more?  Check out their website.


SmartCore Fitness – Functional Core Training in Small Groups

My post last week about the importance of core training to our fitness drew a lot of traffic and great feedback. I gave readers a brief introduction to SmartCore Fitness, which recently opened its permanent location in the Midtown area of Charlotte. This week, I joined a small training group to complete my first workout with owner/personal trainer Denise Duffy.


This studio and endeavor has been a long time coming for Denise. I first met Denise in 2007 upon taking one of her coveted cycle classes at the Dowd YMCA. My husband was also teaching at the Y at the time, so their friendship allowed me to get to know her better over the years. It was through several interactions that I learned Denise is a Duke graduate who left a corporate career at GE to enter the fitness industry. Her passion helped her build an incredible group of clients. Through her hands on approach with each client, Denise is able to adjust group training circuits, to meet the needs of individuals. In fact, to better meet the needs of her clients, she took the step towards opening a studio that was better equipped to handle the type of workouts that her groups are used to.


So, that brings me to SmartCore Fitness and my workout. The location (situated on Baxter Street between Uptown and Myers Park) is great and so are the hours. The first training group starts at 5:30 AM and there are sessions all the way through lunch. Parking is free and getting in and out of the lot is very easy. Let’s talk about the inside. I can describe this place in three words: open, clean, and upbeat. Everything you need from the place that you are going to work out. Upon entering the studio, there is a room with cubbies (see above) for clients to put their things in. In the case that you need to change, there is a beautiful single person bathroom.


The studio is set up such that two groups can be running the same circuit simultaneously beside each other. Each group is made up of 2-6 people. This is not one on one personal training, but rather station to station group training. I will be the first to say that these stations are more intense and well thought out than anything I have ever done. Remember in my prior post when I said the core is made up of a lot more muscles than just the abs (some of them you probably don’t even know that you use)? Denise has found a way to touch all of those muscles in a planned format that will allow your body to get the most out of each exercise.


One unique trait about Denise is that she has such an understanding of each individual’s health history, that she can adjust ANY exercise such that every client is getting the most out of that respective day’s circuit. So let’s say I had knee surgery that prevents me from doing certain leg exercises. Before I would even get to a station that might bother my injury, Denise would already have tweaked it such that I could work the muscle that she was aiming for me to work in the original exercise.  In the workout that I completed today, we utilized the following pieces of equipment through several stations (see pictures):

  • TRX
  • Bosu Balls
  • Bands
  • Dumbbells
  • CorDiscs
  • Foam Rollers
  • Gliding Discs
  • FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross


I can’t list everything we did today, because it took me over an hour to complete and the moves are very complex.  Exactly why you need to stop by (you get your money’s worth).  It is worth mentioning that the facility has four FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross machines.  I bring this up because these machines by themselves have gotten a lot of great publicity lately as it relates to core/strength training.  Both Shape and Self Magazine recently had great write-ups and workouts on the machines (see links below).

Self Magazine FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross Article

Shape Magazine FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross Article


With the ability to run two circuits at the same time, Denise opted to bring a second personal trainer into the business. That is where Steve Justice comes in. What a perfect fit.  Steve is also currently an instructor at Flywheel, but his background in athletics and fitness goes far beyond Flywheel. Steve was an All-American Center while playing football at Wake Forest.  He also played in the NFL several years, which ultimately brought his family to Charlotte (he played for the Panthers). After he stopped playing football, he lost over 100 pounds and he has completely transformed his exterior physique. Like Denise, he is very down to earth and light hearted (as seen through the sweet picture above with his beautiful little girls).  And in case you were wondering, Denise would not have brought Steve on if he couldn’t provide the same individual/unique experience to each client that she does.  The circuits will be the same regardless of whether Denise or Steve are working you through them.


So, how do you get hooked up with this great group?  Denise and Steve both still have space open to train new clients.  See the scheduled times for both below.  The best way for you to reach them is through email or phone.

Denise – deniseduffy@carolina.rr.rcom (704) 906-5653

Steve – justice7415@gmail.com (317) 340-7291

Please feel free to ask many any other questions as well.  I loved my first visit.  The group that I worked out with was so fun and encouraging.  As I write this, I am still feeling the effects of a workout that made me feel empowered and strong.