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Monday Leftovers + Rainy Day Activities + Flywheel Tuesday

I keep talking about how we usually eat leftovers the first few days of the work week, and I keep thinking about how unappetizing the word “leftover” is.  Just so you could get an idea of how good reheated food can be, I wanted to post a picture of our dinner (made up of things we cooked Sunday).

photo-12Take that baked sweet potato recipe from last week, add the roasted vegetables and a protein and you have a super healthy dinner two nights in a row.  You can put the leftovers in the oven to reheat (this tastes better) or the microwave if you are super hungry.


Rainy, cold Monday meant no outside time.   I have been meaning to work on a special project with my daughter, so we took the indoor time to put together a poster of her immediate family.  Although we see my parents on a regular basis, my daughter hasn’t seen several members of my husband’s family in months.  By putting together a collage of everyone’s pictures, I thought it would be a fun way for me to tell her stories about close family, so at some point she would become familiar with their faces.   I will give credit for this idea where credit is due.  My sister (really sister-in-law, but I feel like she is family) Kelly made a similar poster for her daughter (my niece).  It is amazing how quickly she was able to learn people’s names.  We still have several pictures to add, but we got a good start.

ATTENTION – No running workout today, because I’m subbing Meghan’s 7:15 Flywheel class. Yikes!  Close to my bedtime, but I am PUMPED about getting to spend time with the “dusk” patrol.  Lots of mashups in the playlist.  #bookyourbike I want to see this kind of intensity!