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Week 30 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small cabbage. Approximately 3 pounds.

Weight Gain – 21 pounds. About a pound a week at this point.  I average about 30 pounds per pregnancy.  Seems like I’m right on track!


Movement – Wow.  It’s crazy how the body can be trained.  After reading the week 30 blog from my second pregnancy, I responded to this question by saying the baby was situated mostly to my right side.  I don’t know why I’m surprised to say that is EXACTLY what I feel like at week 30 with my third.

Sleep – Doing a lot more of it!

What I miss – A strong cocktail.  Whisky at that.  After spending several hours in training with my fellow Flywheel instructors on Saturday afternoon, my husband and I snuck out for a date night at Kid Cashew.  His first time, but not mine.  The food menu may be small, but the drink menu is legit.  As he sucked down some jalapeño mules, I sipped on a water and enjoyed the shrimp appetizer.  It’s all about the food these days!


Best Moments this Week –  My husband has been awesome this week.  He must be anticipating a big Father’s Day weekend.  On the days that my energy levels have been low, he has been the first to jump in and help so I can rest (without complaining or making me feel like a bum).


He took the girls to the splash pad Sunday while I enjoyed brunch with some girlfriends.  He also watched the girls most of the weekend while I participated in continuing education at Flywheel (as mentioned above).


Looking forward to – I will probably give the same answer every week until my due date.  I am most looking forward to the baby getting here.  It’s hard for me to believe that I still have to go the entire summer with this big belly.  The kids had their last week of official school two weeks ago, but they had their last week of preschool camp this week.




While I have signed them up for some camps in the summer, they are 2-3 hour morning camps.  I was limited in what I could sign them up for due to my own reasons.  For one, I wanted them to be able to attend the same camp (so I only had one drop off).  Two, I still want to get some quality time with them before I am preoccupied with a newborn.

Cravings – At this point in my pregnancy, the baby is gaining approximately a half a pound a week.  To keep up with that, I am eating a lot.  I would like to point out that eating a lot is different than eating for two.  Nothing annoys me more than when women literally think they can eat as much as two adults while they are pregnant.  Let’s not go overboard.


With limited space left in my stomach, I am eating more frequently during the day with smaller portion sizes.  That said, I was actually able to join my family for breakfast Sunday morning before going to a late brunch with some girlfriends.  At both meals, I enjoyed my meal, but did not finish it all.  See breakfast pizza at 300 East above that we split as an appetizer for brunch and the oatmeal that I ordered as my meal below.


Symptoms – Fatigue has set in.  After battling a cold and sinus infection for almost six weeks, I finally gave in to the fact that I need to slow down my activity.  Not only was my body not recovering from the illness, but I was left feeling irritable.  Since pulling back on my workouts (see below) and spending more time off my feet, I have seen a serious change in my energy levels.  Note, my doctor did warn me that at some point a high level of activity would create more fatigue throughout my day.  I’m there.

Workouts – I realized this week that in order to get over the major hump of my cold, I needed to pull back.  If you know me, you know this is hard for me.  I am in go, go, go mode most of the day.  Telling myself it’s okay to take a break is very difficult.  That said, I started by pulling back some of my workouts for the week.  I am still running my Cross Conditioning OCR workouts, however, I am not participating.

  • Monday – I taught my regularly schedule 6:30AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – Rather than do my strength work on Tuesday, I pushed it to Wednesday and taught a 7:30 AM Flywheel class.  I typically teach at 3:30PM.
  • Wednesday – Strength Day in the garage.
    • Warm Up (2 Rounds
      • Row 2 minutes
      • Band Pull Down x 15
      • Turkish Get Up x 5 each
      • Bulgarian Split Squat x 15 each
    • 4 Rounds
      • Pull Ups x 5
      • Row x 10
      • Pistol Squat to Bench x 10 each
    • 4 Rounds
      • Kettlebell Swing x 15
      • Ball Slam x 15
      • Overhead Press x 10 each
  • Thursday – Again, I skipped my usual running group workout to sleep in.  I later taught my 3:30PM Flywheel class.
  • Friday – I rode at Flywheel with the one and only John Wellman (305 as my score!  Not too bad!)
  • Saturday – My energy levels started to build again!  For once, I woke up early (on a non-teaching day), itching to get some activity in.  Before the rest of the house woke up, I snuck in a workout in the garage.
    • Warm Up (2 Rounds)
      • Row 2 minutes
      • Max Dead Hang (30-45 seconds)
      • Single Arm Chest Press Glute raise on Bosu x 15 each
      • Step Up with Bicep curl x 10 each
    • 4 Rounds
      • Pull up x 5
      • Deadlift x 10
      • Goblet Squat x 15
    • 2 Rounds
      • Side Plank x :45 each
      • Push up to Dip x 8 each
      • Side Lunge with TRX x 15 each
      • Heavy Carry (Kettlebell racked position) x 25 yards
  • Sunday – I taught my regularly scheduled 7:30 AM Flywheel class.

Week 26 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a turnip? If anyone eats those? Approximately 2 pounds.

Weight Gain – I have been craving not so good for me foods.  French fries.  Burgers.    Salt.  More salt.  See picture below.  At least I have been compensating it with a decent amount of fluid.  I have gained 18 pounds and I eat a lot.  My level of activity has been significantly higher with this child due to several factors, mostly attributed to: being a mom of two and expanding my fitness services.


Movement – FINALLY movement has really picked up.  I have to say, I was getting a little worried that she wasn’t moving all day like I remember the other two.  Again, I think with my level of activity, I don’t pay attention as much as I used to when I would sit at my desk job all day.  She’s there and boy is she kicking!

Sleep – Well, all of that talk that I was not having any symptoms came back to haunt me. The cold that I mentioned in my last post has continued to linger.  I woke up Saturday with a stuffy right ear that I couldn’t hear out of.  I immediately packed up the girls (while my husband was at his workout group) and went to urgent care.  Low and behold, I had an ear infection and sinus infection.  I felt like someone punched me in the side of the face.  The doctor prescribed me a Z-pack in which I waited to pick up because I HATE taking medicine while I am pregnant.  After tossing and turning from tooth pain (as a result of my sinus infection), I was convinced to start the antibiotic. Insert sad face.

I know someone who isn’t having a problem sleeping.



What I miss – I don’t want to wish away this pregnancy because I am essentially wishing away weeks of my two oldest daughters childhood, but I truly miss not worrying about everything I eat or drink.  Recent thoughts, “I wonder if the woman at Dunkin Donuts accidentally gave me a caffeinated coffee, not decaf?”, “Does that fish have mercury, I can’t remember? Search Google”, and “if I can have a 4 ounce glass of wine, could I have a craft beer?”  I stuck to scallops and a wine “spritzer” at a family dinner at Cafe Monte.

IMG_4862 Best Moments this Week – MOTHER’S DAY! Happy Mother’s Day to all my moms out there.  This was a busy weekend for us socially.  Very rarely do we go out both Friday and Saturday night.  My grandparents (the girl’s great grandparents) came to Charlotte to visit with my sister.


Four generations of women.  Three generations of moms.  That’s a pretty special moment.  The girls call my grandma “Gigi”, my mom “mimi” and my grandpa “Grandpapa”.  We celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, however, the girls shared their very own special gifts with me from school all week.


We topped off a great weekend by checking out Two Scoops Creamery in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.  I don’t mind if I do.

IMG_4892Looking forward to – As my husband and daughter’s would yell as they fist pumped their arms in the air, “BEACH! BEACH! BEACH!”  Last vacation before baby number three arrives is closing in.  That means summer and some good quality time with my sweet girls.




Cravings – See weight gain above.  Salt.  More salt. Beer.  Just a few more weeks!

Symptoms – Belly bumping and a bad head cold.  That’s that!

Workouts – I actually got some good solid runs and strength workouts in this week.  Given how I have been feeling, I have to say I was impressed with myself.  At this point in my last pregnancy I was done running (for several reasons).  I managed to pull off over 10 miles this week (albeit slow).  Maybe I was motivated by these incredible Flywheel moms to be who are completely rocking their first pregnancies.


  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30 AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage!  Two to three solid strength days a week is enough to leave me feeling confident and on track to be ready to work post baby.
  • Wednesday – 30 minute easy run with some strength work.  I also was able to manage some legless bouldering at Inner Peaks that night with my OCR training group.


  • Thursday – I circled back with my run group for an early morning speed session.  I don’t really have “speed” anymore, so I just try to keep moving.  I got dropped in a one mile warm up.  They waited on me to start the rest of the workout.
    • 5 minutes hard, 2 minutes jog, 30 seconds rest (repeat x 4)

I ran three rounds at which point I found myself conveniently in front of my house      and called it a day. I still managed to squeeze in 3.5 total miles.  I also headed to Flywheel that afternoon to teach my 3:30PM class.

  • Friday – Strength work in the garage!
  • Saturday – I can’t even believe how slow I ran, but I got four miles in.  I only say this because my back typically begins to hurt the slower I run.  It is just more comfortable to walk.


  • Sunday – I taught a double at Flywheel on Mother’s Day (7:30/8:30AM).  I will admit that I was exhausted after a long weekend of social events and 90 minutes on the bike.  I actually fell asleep sitting up in my mom’s living room chair post brunch.

Week 25 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an eggplant (approximately 1.5-1.75 pounds)

Weight Gain – 17 pounds.  Bump keeps growing and growing.  It’s hard to believe we are already this far along!


Movement – A lot more movement these days.  The movement has started to grow from my lower abdomen up my belly and above my belly button.  I can certainly tell when she stretches out.

Sleep – I got SICK this week.  Just a common cold, accompanied by a lot of coughing and phlegm.  The cough will keep me up at night if I don’t prop my pillows up on top of each other.  I actually pulled back significantly from exercise this week and slept with a humidifier on for one night.  That said, at this point in my pregnancy, I have been able to relieve some of these symptoms with Sudafed, cough drops and nasal spray.

Best Moments this Week – One word.  STAYCATION.  My husband and I love some alone time, but we also love some time with our two girls.  That said, while an extended “baby moon” would have been nice, we spent a night out in Charlotte and opted to take the girls on a beach trip before baby number three gets here.


It only takes a little bit of time together here and there to make a big difference.  We headed uptown for some relaxing time at the Ritz Carlton pool before heading out for appetizers and drinks (mine a “mocktail”) at Sea Level.  Gotta love hanging at the bar while watching the Kentucky Derby.  We headed out post horse race and enjoyed dinner at BLT.


How had I never been here?  Have you seen the size of the popover dinner rolls they bring you BEFORE dinner even starts?  Big mama was hungry.  Unfortunately, I fill up very fast given the small amount of space my stomach has left in my midsection.  I couldn’t even eat the whole thing before my steak came out.  I highly recommend the restaurant for food and service, but I caution you in that you may be sitting within eighteen inches of the table beside you on both sides (which can be awkward if another restaurant patron wants to listen to your conversation – as was the case in our situation).


We were in bed by ten and up by eight.  Even staycation didn’t slow us down.  It is easier to relax knowing the girls are in good hands.  My parents made all the stops Saturday afternoon/evening and even Sunday morning.  The girls absolutely loved the Disney Pixar show at the Belk Theater.


Looking forward to – I mentioned our upcoming beach trip with the girls, but before we get there, my husband and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary on Friday.  It’s hard to believe it has only been five years.  We have certainly been busy.  I found out I was pregnant with my first child a little less than eight months after we got married.  It’s easy to see how we could already be expecting our third.


That said, I have been trying to spend some quality time with my youngest daughter in the days leading up to summer vacation and our third child arriving.  Both my husband and I have worked hard to maintain separate relationships with both girls (i.e. individual time in which their real personality can shine without the other dictating).  It’s certainly a special time.  They still describe us as “awesome”, “fun” and “the best”.




Cravings – I’m loving some good old fashioned hearty meals.  In other words, steak, potatoes, beef broth soup and veggies.  I could still do without the sweets.  I met my husband uptown this week for lunch and enjoyed a spicy soup and noodle combo.


Symptoms – Congestion, but I’m sick.  Did I mention my belly has gotten bigger?

Workouts – Since I was sick, I did significantly pull back this week.  Listening to my body is key to making sure baby stays happy and healthy (especially at this point).

  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30 AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – I did a short strength workout in the garage before teaching my standard 3:30 PM Flywheel class.
  • Wednesday – what started as a planned 30 minute run turned into a 30 minute walk.  After running for 10 minutes, I started to feel cramping and called it.  It was a beautiful day.  I had purposely parked my car near a nail salon so when I was finished I could get some “me” time in.  I don’t do the whole nail routine often, but I did both a pedicure and manicure post walk.
  • Thursday – whatever cold was developing came on full force Wednesday evening.  I dropped out of my usual run group workout to get some much needed rest to be able to teach my 3:30 PM Flywheel class.
  • Friday – I slept in AGAIN!  Going on three days straight.  A huge rainstorm made a mess of our garage.  While I was moving some things around with my youngest daughter, I snuck in a 38 minute workout.  I got ALOT done with her in the garage and in a short amount of time!  I also maxed out at 8 pull ups in a row.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Jog in place 2 minutes
      • SKLZ single arm roll out x 10 each
      • PVC single leg hip hinge with rotation outwards x 10 each
      • Sandbag Deadlift x 15
    • 3 Rounds
      • Static Squat with Should Mobility x 10 each side
      • Pull ups x 10
      • Goblet Squat x 15
    • 3 Rounds
      • Side crunch on Bosu x 15 each
      • Single Leg Squat with TRX x 10 each
      • Squat Thrust x 15
  • Saturday – After communicating with my doctor Friday night about what over the counter medications I could take, I started to feel a change towards the better by Saturday.  I was invited to the Lululemon Southpark store to test out their newest sports bra – the Enlite Bra.  I warned them in advance that I was pregnant.  They were all game to still have me visit the store.


I joined several other fitness personalities in Charlotte that I had never met before.  This is why I am glad I decided to go.  Not only did I buy into the bra, but I connected with some absolutely fantastic women.  We bonded over a fitting, a 5k run and some breakfast.  Let’s be serious though, the bra is $98.  I get it.  Mouth drop.  Ladies,  everything at Lululemon is wearable and returnable.  If you are interested, put it on, run in it and see what you think.  I’m sold.  Biggest thing for me was not feeling trapped in the straps.  No chaffing.  No need to take it off immediately post run.

  • Sunday – I swapped my early Sunday class to teach the 2:45 PM class that afternoon.

Week 24 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an eggplant (approximately 1.7 pounds)

Weight Gain – 17 pounds. It seems like every 2 weeks or so, the baby has a growth spurt (or mom has a burst of weight gain).  We went to a block party yesterday and I had a chance to talk to a mom of four about our last pregnancy.  Our conclusion?  It just seems more enjoyable.  I had my first child when I was 29.  Maybe it was my age, maybe it was because it was my first pregnancy, but seeing my body change was difficult.  I was definitely not one of those women who embraced the change and loved every second of being pregnant.  I was tired. I was uncomfortable.  I felt like time crept by SO slow.


While I am still tired and uncomfortable, my perception of the whole experience is just so much better.  Time is going by much faster and better yet I am physically and mentally feeling the most clear and strong than I have with any of my other pregnancies.  Somedays I blame it on the fact that I know I only plan to do this one more time.  Other days, I beg to differ that I was in better shape going into this one.  Either way, the third round has been worth it.  In fact, I feel like our family wouldn’t be complete without us going through this process one last time.


Movement –  I have started to notice the baby move more and more when I am standing than I did before.  The movement is still concentrated to the lower part of my abs (or what is left of them).

Sleep – Let’s just say, I am going to bed early and getting up early.  I taught a lot of early morning Flywheel classes this week.

What I miss – Climbing!  I held my regularly scheduled Cross Conditioning OCR climbing workout at Inner Peaks on Wednesday.  The girls usually go with me to hang out until dad has a chance to swap cars and pick them up.  They thoroughly enjoy watching.  They have both started to get the itch to try themselves.  That said, my bump definitely bumps into the climbing wall when I boulder now.  They do make harnesses that are adaptable for pregnancy, however, I am going to call it until  baby number three arrives.  I will be watching from the sidelines for a few months.


Best Moments this Week – Since preschool is not in session when the kids can celebrate Father’s Day with their dads, my oldest daughter’s class had a dads and donuts get together at school this week.  The children’s dads were invited to join them for donuts prior to pick up.  At the event the kids sang two songs and gave them their Father’s Day gift (early).

Donuts 4 Dad

As much as I begged my daughter to tell me what she made for my husband or even practice singing the song to me, she kept things a secret.  Her teacher sent us some pictures, my husband recorded the song and I later saw the gift she made him.  A bookmark all about her dad.  It’s certain, she sure is observant!


My husband’s parents also came to visit on Friday and stayed through the weekend. The girls spent hours playing with them outside and in the garden.  My mother-in-law was able to help us finalize any and all planting for our fruit and vegetable garden.






Cravings – Whatever that old wives’ tale is that pregnant women having girls crave sweets doesn’t seem to apply to me.  I am craving french fries and grilled cheese.

Symptoms – Dare I say not much (other than a growing belly and weight gain).  I’m tired.  However, that happens when you have two kids under the age of three and you are getting up at 4:30 AM several days a week.

Workouts – It’s the end of another month, so I have some real life data to compare to previous months.


Since I did teach more Flywheel this month, my running mileage was down.  Total mileage for the month of April was 35.5, as compared to approximately 60 miles in March.  I have been focusing on strength two days a week (in which I don’t try to get my heart rate up), only because I am running and cycling several other days a week.

  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30 AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – I did some strength work in the garage before teaching my regularly scheduled 3:30 PM Flywheel class.
  • Wednesday – EASY 30 minute run.  My easy pace is now 9:45 – 10:00 miles.
  • Thursday – I met my running group for our interval workout.   See workout below.  I did most of the workout and without my belly band.  I am back to feeling comfortable running without support.  This is the best that I have felt running in weeks (albeit slower).
    • .75 mile warm up
    • 2 x1 mile hill repeats
    • 3 x 800 (I only did 2)
    • .75 mile cool down home

I went on to teach my 3:30PM Flywheel class that afternoon.

  • Friday – I subbed the 6:30 AM Flywheel class.
  • Saturday – I squeezed in some strength work in the garage EARLY.  Saturday is a big training day for me with clients.  With family in town, I wanted to be available to participate in activities that afternoon.
    • Still doing Pull ups, Toes to Bar, Turkish Get Ups, Kettlebell Swings, the list goes on.
  • Sunday –  I taught my 7:30 AM Flywheel class.