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Bootcamp, Bootcamp, Bootcamp

Now that I have started leading a bootcamp one day a week (soon to be two) at SmartCore Fitness, I have really tried to wrap my hands around the term “bootcamp” and all of the competition in our beloved fitness fueled city.  It seems like every where I look there are “bootcamps”.  How does one distinguish between which one is best for them?  I have taken some time to explore several options in Charlotte.  I still have a lot to go.  However, I thought I would start with several options (Part 1) and do a second post several months from now showing even more options (Part 2).  Let’s start with the “Free” options and build to the more expensive.

Females in Action (FiA) and F3 

10487361_10103563946524453_7774651761354712784_nCost – Free

Advertised Actual Workout Time – 45 or 60 minutes

Actual Workout Time – By the time you warm up and stretch, 35-40 minutes for a 45 minute workout, 50-55 minutes for a 60 minute workout.  These girls try to keep things moving.  They are limited on time.

Class Time Options – Early.  Sorry.  Most workouts start at 5:15 AM or 5:30 AM during the week.  There are some 6:00 AM workouts.  Weekend workouts typically begin between 6-7 AM.

Locations – Several.  Check the website for workout times and locations. FiANation.com OR F3nation.com.


Instructor Qualifications – None.  This is a peer led workout group.  While leaders are required to attend a “Q” school prior to leading their first workout, the disclosure for participating in this group is that the person running the workout is not certified to train.

Other Info – FiA is an all female workout group.  F3 is all men.  Most of the individuals participating and leading these workouts are working out early because they have a lot on their plate.  While I have built some solid friendships through my workouts with FiA, there isn’t time for a lot of chit chat.  The ladies want to work.  The website will indicate which workouts are “bootcamps” and which are running workouts.  The website also lists higher intensity workouts.

My Opinion – For a free, non certified workout, using the outdoor elements, this is a great group to work out with early in the morning (especially if you are female who is looking for a running partner when it is dark out).  I try to incorporate these workouts into my routine a few times a month.

Stax Bootcamp with Randy Moss and Emily Breeze Ross Watson


Cost – Free

Advertised Actual Workout Time – 60 minutes

Actual Workout Time – With a variety of fitness levels and breaks – approximately 45 minutes.

Class Time Options – Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Location – Stax Crossfit


Instructor Qualifications – I am a huge fan of “Breeze”.  She is incredibly tough.  Her credentials range from yoga and mobility certifications to Crossfit and personal training.  She has definitely acquired quite the following.  Clearly Randy Moss has an incredible athletic background.  While Breeze is ultimately demoing the exercises and really driving the workout, Moss and her work well together to split things up.

Other Info – At least for now, expect heat.  Bring a towel and water.  The majority of the workout is outdoors.  While it is advertised as being held at Stax, you will likely spend most of your time outside.  Many of the exercises are geared towards running and Crossfit – think sprints, burpees, squats, pushups, and power.  You need to arrive early to sign a waiver.  Don’t be surprised if there are 50-100 people.  Space is not limited.

My Opinion – I attended a closed “preview” of the bootcamp.  It will open to the public in the next few weeks.  There is no behind the scenes payoff here.  Randy Moss and Breeze Ross are offering this bootcamp as a way to give back to the community.  That said, expect large crowds. Ultimately, it’s SUPER hard for me to work out at night, making it difficult for me to scrounge up the energy to work out with so many other people.  The class reminds me a lot of old school down and dirty athletic conditioning workouts at the Dowd YMCA.  Lots of young, good looking people.  While I will try to drop in at least once a month, I would recommend this workout to those who enjoy getting a good sweat in the evening hours.

Dowd YMCA Athletic Conditioning

photo 4-13

Cost – Free with paid membership

Advertised Actual Workout Time – 60 minutes

Actual Workout Time – 55 minutes

Class Time Options – Varies throughout the week and day.  Check out the website.

Location – Almost all Greater YMCA’s in Charlotte offer the class, however, I am specifically referencing the Dowd YMCA.

Instructor Qualifications – All Dowd YMCA instructors are required to be Group Exercise certified.  Most also have additional certifications.

Other Info – You won’t really go outside in this class.  Classes can also get pretty full (depending on the instructor and time of day).  Like anything, people have their favorites.  You can really make these workouts as hard or as easy as you want to.  Like I said above, there are usually a lot of young, good looking people there.  Don’t let this intimidate you.  Space is not limited.  You could be working out with up to 100 people.

My Opinion – Have I mentioned before that my husband used to teach athletic conditioning at the Dowd YMCA?  Did I also mention that we met through his class?  I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Dowd Y.  If you are already paying to be a member of the Y and you can handle plyometric exercises and running, you should check one of these classes out.  The instructor typically breaks the class up into groups – essentially making it easier to keep everything moving while offering a variety to the participants.  Since it is held in the gym, there is enough equipment on hand to mix cardio with some strength training using weights.

MADabolic (OK they don’t advertise themselves as a bootcamp, but in case you were wondering)


Cost – One session – $22.  You can decrease that cost by buying a package.

Advertised Actual Workout Time – 50 minutes

Actual Workout Time – 30 minutes (10 minutes exercises explanation, 10 minutes warm up)

Class Time Options – Varies depending on the location.  At the South End location, most days, classes start as early as 5:30 AM. The last class is offered at 6:30 or 7:30 PM.


Locations – Asheville, NC, Burlington, NC, Charlotte, NC, Mt. Pleasant, SC, Charlottesville, VA, Greenville, SC, Huntersville, NC, Raleigh, NC.

Instructor Qualifications – Not disclosed.  I scrounged the website for information on qualifications for instructors and couldn’t find it.  I assume they go through a “MADabolic” training.  It may be worth asking?

Other Info – MADabolic has their own methodology for getting the best results out of the people that train with them.  The people who go to MADabolic swear by it.  It is not only their workout but their lifestyle.  The gym promotes ways for individuals to spend time with each other both at the gym and around town at social functions.  You will need to buy or rent gloves (if you are boxing on the day that you go).  Space is limited to make sure that there isn’t too many people at the workout.  You need to make sure that you sign up online (sometimes one week in advance).

My Opinion – I’m going to go ahead and say it.  I hate boxing.  If I only get 30 minutes of actual workout time, I don’t want to be spending part of it boxing.  Sorry, I’m never going to like it.  I just like to run and ride a bike.  That said, if you can’t get your cardio in on the pavement, many of the MAD workouts would be ideal for those looking to get their heart rate up in other ways (while still building strength).  Think boxing, rowing, box jumps, etc. I like the idea of the workout, and I like the team (and many of the people that go there).  It’s worth a try!

SmartCore Fitness


Cost – $46.50 per session

Advertised Actual Workout Time – 60 minutes

Actual Workout Time – 60-75 minutes (no breaks!)

Class Time Options – Saturday 8:30 AM (Steve), 10:00 AM (Jen- that’s me!), Tuesday 6:00 PM (Jen)

Locations – 831 Baxter Street, Suite 201, Charlotte, NC


Instructor Qualifications – Certified Personal Trainers to say the least.  You know my background. Founder, Denise Duffy, and trainer, Steve Justice, have a long list themselves.  Check out the website.

Other Info – Class is super limited, allowing the trainers to demonstrate modifications for each and every exercise that they are asking participants to complete.  The exercises and cardio will sneak up on you.  You can’t muscle through some of the core strengthening balance exercises.  These are the exercises that will make every day tasks easier (without you even knowing it).  For example, my Spartan Race Training.  My pull ups.  My bucket carries.  Etc.

My Opinion – Okay, I’m biased, but I have every reason to be.  It’s expensive, yes, but after visiting several other boot camps, I can absolutely state why.  Maybe it should be described as a personal training bootcamp.  Everyone starts together, but not many people end together.  Everyone starts with the intention of doing each and every exercise as stated, but sometimes our athletic background or certain limitations make modifications necessary.  Since we are limited in class size, we get you through the same intense cardio strength workout at your pace based on your ability.  If you need to go faster than everyone else, we let you go faster.  We show you what’s next.  If you need to move slower (and take a little longer than the person next to you), we let you do that.  If something just doesn’t feel right on a given day, we find a way to still work the muscle group that we intend to hit, but we change it.  Like MADabolic, we have our own methodology that is used to get the most out of each designed circuit.  There is no rest, because you are going at your own speed, while being pushed by others around you.  On a regular basis, I train such a wide variety of people (several of which can’t run, but still want to get cardio in – off a bike).

IMG_6377A word on bootcamp.  I actually looked up the definition.  Thank you Merriam Webster.

“Full Definition of BOOT CAMP

: a navy or marine corps camp for basic training
: a disciplinary facility or program in which young offenders are forced to participate in a rigidly structured routine”

I think the term is being used loosely.  I don’t think all bootcamps are the same.  I also don’t think all bootcamps follow a “structured routine”.  That said, you have to find the one that works best for you (both financially and athletically).  Over the next several months, I plan to check out several other options (both bootcamp and not) and offer the same sort of info!   In the end, it’s really just important that we all find a workout (any workout) that makes us feel better about ourselves and keeps us healthy!


The Pictures (+Stories) Behind My @WeLoveCLT Instagram Takeover

Oh hey!  Did you miss my @WeLoveCLT Instagram takeover?  Maybe you don’t have Instagram?  Or maybe you just want more details on some of the things that I posted about?  I’m here to fill you in.  First and foremost, when I decided to sign up to takeover the account, I had an idea of some of the events, places and food that I wanted to share.  The @WeLoveCLT Instagram account is entirely a takeover account.  Those interested in participating must apply and be approved by management.  There are rules surrounding posting guidelines.  I love it. It is such a great way to see Charlotte through the eyes of completely different individuals.  It’s growing.  I hope the growth continues!

IMG_6257Flywheel Charlotte – I started my takeover with an introductory video outside Flywheel Charlotte.  Bright and early.  Saturday is a big workout day for fitness junkies in Charlotte.  The weekend is typically the best time to get a long workout in simply because of time.  While most people have the weekend off, I am actually working both days!  That said, if I want to get my own workout in, I have to do it super early or later in the day (after training people).  I lose motivation as the day goes on.  As such, I jumped in the first class at Flywheel Charlotte Saturday morning – 6:15 AM.  Yep, early.  I’m up early anyways.  I have a four month old and a twenty-one month old.  That’s life.  May as well get my workout over with.

IMG_6253On Saturday mornings, the studio has an incredible vibe.  Classes are full.  People are revved.  It’s an exciting atmosphere to be a part of.  It just so happened that the day I was riding Denise Duffy was also teaching a Tour De France power hour ride.  I couldn’t stick around for it, but I did see her getting set up for it.

IMG_6256Like I said, Saturday has a different vibe.  For all of her power hours, she draws the profile of the ride on the mirror that covers the wall behind her.  You know what you are in for.  Look at that hill.  Yikes!

IMG_6261Riders gathered in the hallway anticipating the brutal test that laid ahead of them.  There are several things that make these rides so incredible.  First, it’s cardio that the majority of people can do.  It’s low impact.  I rode until the day I delivered both children.  Second, it’s dark.  You don’t have to worry about what you look like (or what other people think you look like).  Get in your zone and move on.  Finally, it’s super effective, efficient and not boring.  The instructors are hyped, the music is incredible, and you won’t find very many other workouts that will burn that many calories in such a short amount of time.


SmartCore Fitness – Following my own workout, I headed to SmartCore Fitness for the fun part – running other people through their own workout.  I am now leading regular bootcamps every Saturday at 10 AM.  It just so happened that the trainer that leads the 8:30 AM bootcamp was on vacation this week.  That left me leading back to back sessions.

IMG_6264Workout was on the wall.  This is shorthand for many exercises.  It really isn’t as easy (or hard) as it sounds.  These key words were there in case participants needed to review what they had to do next.  Each workout is approximately 60 minutes.  4 circuits of 4 exercises completed twice.

IMG_6265Each individual has their own designated space that he or she can perform the exercises at their own speed.  This is not a competition but rather an effective way to complete complex moves with an added cardio element.  It’s organized such that anything can be modified for various injuries or preexisting conditions.  I love it.  I am a believer in it.  I do it myself.

Poppy’s Bagels – Insert big break in Insta posting.  I didn’t touch my phone while I was at SmartCore.  I picked it back up after my final client left and the training facility was cleaned up.  I’m not going to lie, I was starving.  I needed something substantial.  Something filling.  Thank you Poppy’s Bagels.

IMG_6272If you haven’t been here, you are missing out.  My husband and I discovered this diamond in the rough several years ago.  Since then, the small company has started delivering their bagels to all of our local grocery stores.  Awesome.  If I don’t want to make an extra trip (or stand in line), I can always just swing by Harris Teeter.  $1 a bagel.  I can work with that.

24 Hours of Booty – Once I got some food and showered, I was ready to take on the day with the family.  Listen, everything that happened prior to Poppy’s happened before 12:30 PM.  I was busy.  We live within walking distance of the coveted “Booty Loop”.  We spent a lot of time cruising the various tailgates both Friday and Saturday night.

11760332_10103647681114663_2506830710254934774_nPrior to Saturday, we spent a better part of Friday evening catching the kick off National Anthem, riders taking off from the starting line and enjoying some good barbecue.  The ride is for a great cause – raising money for cancer-fighting programs.  The camaraderie and atmosphere is incredible.  Suburbia turns into a mini city for just one night.  There is a buzz in the neighborhood.

IMG_6232IMG_6246IMG_6275IMG_6245While we were out and about, I ran into FiA (Females in Action) founder, Amy Peacock.  See picture below.  Coincidentally, it just so happened that we were standing outside of the F3 fueling station.  If you didn’t know, FiA was started as the female version of F3.  I met Amy (nickname ChiaPet) over a year ago when I posted at one of my first workouts.  See my review.  I love these groups because first and foremost they are free.  However, I have built an incredible network of friends while grueling through peer led bootcamps and runs as early as 5:15 AM some mornings.


Selwyn Pub/Reid’s – It didn’t take long for my husband and I to get hungry again.  My husband also put in a hard workout with F3 earlier in the day.

IMG_6263We had enough barbecue Friday night, so we opted to swing by Selwyn Pub for a drink before stopping at Reid’s for dinner.  Selwyn Pub is quite possibly one of my favorite places to enjoy a drink and food.  Situated under a large oak tree, the outdoor patio has large sofas and televisions that allow you to really just kick back and relax.  The crowd ranges from the old man that has lived in Myers Park since he was born to the young freshly graduated college kids going out for the night.  I even bring my kids there!  Surprisingly, since Mellow Mushroom has gotten harder to get in and out of, we have started picking up pizza from Selwyn.  It’s really good!

IMG_6286That leads me to Reid’s.  I used to go to Reid’s when it was located uptown and I resided a little less than a quarter mile away.  Some things never change.  I loved it then.  I love it now.

FullSizeRender-40I will admit.  It can be expensive.  What do you expect?  It’s fresh.  It’s local.  Care is put into the food.  I can’t complain.  I know what I am paying for.

IMG_6283Va Da Vie Gelato – The weekend would not be complete, if we didn’t treat ourselves a little.  It seems like I got ALOT of feedback about this place.  Va Da Vie opened approximately a year ago in the parking lot of Park Road Shopping Center.  I really didn’t think this place was going to make it.  I’m not going to lie, I am a sucker for hard ice cream.  I didn’t really know what I was missing.

IMG_6288How cute is this little building?  I can’t imagine a better design for a hip, new, local hot spot.  Tables surround the little building.  Kids are roaming around the exterior.  Flavors are made from locally grown fruits and can get creative.  Give me some of that!


So that’s that, huh?  I talked a lot about food.  I talked a lot about fitness.  That’s what FlyJenDuf is all about.  How do you balance enjoying life (and all of the good food in it), while continuing to stay fit?  A typical day for us is crazy, but we have figured out a way to enjoy it while still prioritizing our health.  I hope that you all enjoyed my takeover (and the stories behind it) as much as I did!

#DesignCharlotte – Part 2 (Fun, Food and Fitness)

It has already been a month since I posted about the #DesignCharlotte challenge that is being implemented by Marriott Charlotte City Center paralleled with their ongoing hotel renovation.  As part of my first post on the project, I asked my followers (that’s you!) to post pictures of your favorite elements of our city to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #DesignCharlotte.  The response has been incredible.  In just a short search of the hashtag, I found several great photos of not just the skyline, but specific things about the city that represent our culture.  These photos could potentially be used in the walls of the redesigned hotel.


Let me remind you that by simply participating in the project, you will be entered to win a stay at the newly renovated hotel to experience the new stay features – you may even see your pictures on the wall!  I am a transplant to the city of Charlotte, so I feel thrilled to be asked to be a part of this project.  Since 2007 (when I moved here), I have seen the city undergo an amazing transformation.  The blend of cultures and people from all over the world has created niche communities that are so exciting to be a part of.  I describe my blog as being one about my “crazy, yet enjoyable, fit life”. That said, in describing our city in more detail, I feel that I need to touch on the fun, food and fitness that I crave from our vibrant community.

Fun – We are busy, but we do find ways to have fun.  You don’t have to go far to find a plethora of activities right in our backyard.

  • Pops in the Park  – Each Sunday in the month of June, the Charlotte Symphony holds an outdoor concert at Southpark Mall’s Symphony Park.  The last performance of the year is on July 3rd (to celebrate the Fourth of July).  Bring your own food and drinks.  Kids welcome.  Such a good way to end the week.


  • Wells Fargo Championship – I don’t even love golf, but I love going to this annual golf tournament.  Held at Quail Hollow Country Club the first or second week in May, this tournament has continued to bring in big time names.

FullSizeRender-36 IMG_0057

  • Queen’s Cup Steeplechase – My husband grew up watching horse racing.  He was in heaven this year when the first horse in his lifetime won a Triple Crown.  This isn’t anything close to as extreme as that, but we still enjoy getting dressed up, having a drink and watching some horses race.


  • Knights Baseball – Gone are the days of driving to South Carolina to watch the CHARLOTTE Knights.  Also gone, are the days of a large number of empty seats.  The new stadium is uptown and most games are SOLD out!  Great food and drink to go with a beautiful view of the city.


  • The Founders Hall “Singing Bears” – Okay, not fun for all, but fun for my toddler.  It’s also fun to meet dad uptown for a break in his day.  During the holiday season, these bears temporarily set up shop and sing Christmas carols to the kids eagerly watching.


  • Duke Mansion – I may be pushing it here, but this is where I got married.  I had my first daughter’s baby shower at the venue.  I watched a good friend of mine get married here.  Great times have been had at this quiet home just miles from Uptown.



Food- One really big thing that I love about Charlotte is the ease in finding very distinct cuisine non-chain restaurants.  Very rarely do we choose to go out to eat at a chain and/or a restaurant that has locations outside of the state of North Carolina.  The owners are typically present and a part of day to day operations, the wait staff has seen my children grow up and I always know I am going to get good service and food.

  • Mr. K’s – The first time we tried this long time local favorite was just last month.  We didn’t know what we had been missing.  This is a one stop lunch and ice cream shop.  In fact, in digging deeper, we learned that it was one of the only places still serving food when Hurricane Hugo demolished a good portion of Myers Park in 1989.  Mr. K’s reminds me of home.  It’s a family joint – in that family works the register and grill and I can take my family there.  This dive is just a short light rail ride away from center city.  It also is very inexpensive.

FullSizeRender-31 IMG_5834

  • Cabo Fish Taco – OK, OK.  I am partial to this place because the only other location is in Blacksburg, VA (home of the Hokies).  I had eaten at this restaurant many times before visiting the Charlotte location.  Located in the heart of NODA (the North of Davidson neighborhood), the restaurant has a sort of hippy vibe yet still draws in regulars from all over the city.  The food?  Think surfside salads, tacos and burritos with a twist.  Drinks?  Think margaritas, locally brewed beers and tequila with a twist.  I love it.

IMG_5740 IMG_5744

  • The Roasting Company – I can’t even begin to describe how great this food is.  Take out or eat in, it doesn’t make a difference.  No wait staff.  You order from a walk up register and wait for you name to be called before picking up your food.  There is just something about this place.  Maybe it’s the comfort that I find there?  In both the food and relaxing environment.  They added a bar several months ago, which has only attracted more people to the laid back joint.  Whatever it is, we go there a lot.


  • Suarez Bakery – So good we named a day of the week after it – “Suarez Saturday”.  Fresh baked donuts, pastries, cookies, cakes and the list goes on.  Not many places serve fresh cinnamon twist donuts anymore.  Nothing is too fancy about this place.  They keep it simple.


photo 1-21

  • Leroy Fox – It doesn’t get more local than plastering the names of local streets on the first wall that you see when you walk in the restaurant.  The food has a southern American twist. There is so much good and bad for you food to eat here.  It is part of a group of local restaurants that we can’t get enough of – Mortimer’s and Cowbell.


  • Nolen Kitchen – I have never been to a restaurant with more of my girlfriends than this one.  Hands down, Nolen has one of the best patios in Myers Park.  The lighter fare menu and smaller portions mixed with the creative cocktail menu is a great place for a date (with my girlfriends).  Look around the next time you are there.


  • Food Trucks – This is as local as you get.  They are popping up everywhere.  I spotted one at a parents night out for my daughter’s preschool.


  • Viva Chicken – Located a few blocks from uptown on the trolley line, we found this place when I was staying in Presbyterian Hospital after having my second daughter.  Peruvian rotisserie chicken.  A different variety of sides.  Local beer.  It has my husband hooked.


Fitness – I could talk about the good food in Charlotte all day.  However, if it weren’t for the amazing fitness scene in the outgoing city, we would have trouble keeping up with how much we eat.  If you have read the “About” section of my blog, you know that my husband and I met at the gym.  I was a college athlete.  Fitness is a HUGE part of my life.  That said, we love living in a community where activity and being on your feet is valued so high.

  • YMCA – Since I met my husband at the local YMCA, let’s start there.  If you aren’t from Charlotte, you probably don’t get this.  Charlotte actually has quite and amazing group of YMCA gyms.  In fact, for those paying $50-100/month for a membership, it is one of the preferred places to exercise in the area.  We currently are still members – mainly for the pool and weight room (which my husband uses).  Several years ago, it was our gathering place for conditioning classes and running groups.  This is the kind of thing you might see nowadays.


  • F3 and Females in Action (FiA) – I could go on and on about how amazing the growth of both of these groups has been.  Check out their websites for more information (f3nation.com and fianation.com).  My husband and I both actively participate in the respective groups on certain days of the week.


  • Flywheel – The most badass thing that has happened to indoor cycling in Charlotte.  I am not biased.  If you want to be on a bike indoors, nothing compares.  You will never want to ride anywhere else again without getting irritated.  Dark.  Loud.  Fun. Competitive.  Did I mention the instructors and staff are like no other?


  • SmartCore Fitness and Denise Duffy – If you went to the Dowd Y in the mornings during the last 15 years, you probably saw Denise.  She is a machine who has developed an incredible following in the Charlotte area.  Denise left the Y over a year ago to open her new studio.  Read my review here.  You have to try it.  You will be talking about it for days.


I love all things Charlotte, but I had to find a way to condense my favorite things into a short list.  I hope that my picks inspire you to share some of your favorite foods, people, sites and experiences as a part of the #DesignCharlotte project.  Be a part of something special.  Details on the hotel can be found using the following links.  Let me see what you have got!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of #DesignCharlotte. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Weekend Update + Flywheel Playlists + Healthy Eats!

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband was gone all day Friday and Saturday running the Blue Ridge Relay race.  That meant quality mommy daughter time.  I have to say, this girl time turned into mommy/daughter catch up time with mommy’s friends (it just so happened that several of my girlfriends were able to stop by to visit over the two days my husband was gone).  My lifelong friend Breeze stopped by Friday night (we literally went to elementary school together).  She is now the owner of a successful thai yoga studio, however, she started her career as a special education teacher.  Her caring nature shows around kids.  My daughter ended up spending several hours playing with her! I can’t wait for her to have her own little ones.

photo 2-125Whenever I have the house to myself at night, I try to take advantage of getting to bed early.  This Friday was no exception.  I indulged in some ice cream, while watching a girly movie on TBS, before hitting the sack around 9:00.  Wow, my life has changed.  I got up early to take advantage of yet again some quality “me” time before my daughter woke up.  Nowadays, quality “me” time in the morning means I get to use the bathroom without a kid staring at me, and I can eat every bite of my breakfast in one sitting (without interruptions).

photo 4-82Not only was my husband and his workout group F3 running the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) this weekend, but several of my workout friends from FiA were too. While I would have loved to be out there with the ladies, this was not my year.  Instead, I threw on my new FiA tank and went for a run with my daughter.

photo 3-109Ladies and gentleman, am I the only one that finds this to be one of the hardest workouts? Granted, I haven’t pushed the jogger in several months (so my daughter is much bigger).  However, I was breathless by the time I got to the end of my street (that is downhill).  My pace was considerably slower, but I vowed not to stop.  Clearly my daughter was staying hydrated for the both of us!  I am not ashamed to say that I averaged 9:43/minute miles over 3.2 miles.  Yikes!

photo 5It was hot by the time we finished our run.  It was also early enough that we could run a few errands before college football kicked off.  One of the things that I had to do this weekend was buy my daughter some new shoes.  Since she is walking now, she needs real shoes!  Since she is walking so early, it is hard to find shoes that fit (that are made for walking) at generic stores.

photo 1-124We headed to Tootsie’s Too, which is around the corner from our house.  Wow.  Who knew picking out shoes for a baby would be so hard?  After measuring her feet, we must have tried on at least ten pairs of shoes.  I die.  They were absolutely adorable.  For someone who doesn’t even shop much for shoes herself, I was ready to buy the store out.  Needless to say, that would not have gone over well with my husband.  I settled for two pairs.

photo 2-126By the time that we were done shoe shopping, it was lunchtime.  We swung by the newly renovated Harris Teeter (within walking distance to the shoe store).  I made a build your own salad and grabbed an Evolution juice.  Delicious and fresh. I have to say, this lunch was probably way better than the bagels, beef jerky, and ClifBars that my husband ate all day.

photo 3-110By the time my husband got back Saturday, he was exhausted.  In the meantime, I was just getting revved up to watch the Virginia Tech-Ohio State game.  I have to admit, I felt good going into this game.  I have been a Virginia Tech fan since I was little, so we have traveled all over the United States to see the Hokies play.  Over the past few years, the away game experience has not been the same (mainly because we never win).  We opted not to go to Ohio State.  What a bad decision.  I have to gloat a little because it has been so long since we have had such a big win on the road.  I’m thinking as far back as when my dad and I traveled to Nebraska in 2008 and they pulled it off!

DSC00946I guess the energy and excitement from the game had me eager to wake up Sunday morning (or maybe it was my fun playlist that I was anticipating playing?)  One of my favorite riders, Jess, dropped off this fun shirt from the Seattle studio.  She is traveling ALL over the US for work, and she has still taken the time to give back to her favorite Flywheel instructors.

photo 1-123I will be wearing this around our studio!  What about that playlist?  If you missed class this morning, see below.  I could literally see people rocking out on their bike.  Nothing like a little 80s on a tough hill climb! Have I mentioned how excited that I am to be back instructing?  During the song before arms this morning, I made eye contact with a rider, and I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”.  She gave me a nod, and we smiled at each other.  Love it!