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Week 39 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a water melon? Somewhere over 7-8 pounds – based on ultrasound THREE weeks ago.  What do you think based on the picture below?  Can you tell I’m over it?


Weight Gain – 25 pounds. I actually lost weight this week.  I literally can’t wait to see how big this baby is.  I can feel the mold of what makes up her back and torso and it isn’t small.  My first daughter was 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches long.  My second?  7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long.  Both were born earlier than this one.

Movement – One word.  Uncomfortable.  Movement these days is intentional.  When pressed in certain directions, I literally almost jump out of my seat.

Sleep – I’m sleeping!  Less anxiety these days.   After finding out another week would go by before our daughter would be born, I finally accepted that I have absolutely no control over child birth.  Maybe I was a little cocky going into round 3?  Like, I know my body – I got this.  Nope.  I don’t got this.  Clearly our third daughter is in charge.

What I miss – I can’t really think of anything.  Seriously.

Best Moments this Week – I made the most out of this week with my girls.  Neither of them were in camps or activities this week, so we got to spend some quality time together.  I have never been and will never be a mom who gets a sitter for the day only to go on with my own activities all day.  I left my full time job to be a mom, so I take pride in finding ways to stay engaged with my children.


We went out to breakfast.  Even if it’s only a half hour activity, getting a chance to sit down and eat together at a restaurant is way more fun than staying at the house.

We finally went to the Myers Park Library to get our library cards and attend story time. Surprisingly, we ran into several friends that we had not seen in weeks.  We got there early enough that we could play with puzzles, check out our own books and read some stories before the FREE event began.


We took ownership in our “makeup” and nail polish.  No.  I don’t think my girls need make up.  I certainly don’t wear a lot.  However, they are intrigued by touching and using  the products right now.  That said, I have realized that if I make them responsible for their own products, they are more likely to take care of my products.  We headed to Target so each girl could get their own small make up bag, some chapstick, a bottle of nail polish, some powder and some make up wipes.  Nothing big, but they now have a place to put their jewelry, toothbrushes and overnight accessories.  They are “big girls”.


My husband took Friday off of work in anticipation that I might be admitted to the hospital to meet our daughter.  Either way, we had tickets to the PGA Tournament that day (so he had a back up plan).  After learning that I had not progressed much during the week (and we would not meet our daughter), we asked the girls what they wanted to do.  We headed to the park.  What a way to shift focus and move on with our day.


After we went to the park, I told my husband to go to the tournament.  While I would miss the event, I didn’t want our tickets to go to waste.  I sat around and felt sorry for myself for about two hours before I rallied the girls to go shopping with me before stopping at Sunflower Bakery for some cookies.  They obliged.  I absolutely love shopping with them now.  Not only do they actually enjoy it, but they are so freaking cute!

Thank you Pink Social for carrying such adorable Carolina Panther gear.  We even picked up a little tee for the baby to wear as we wrap up summer.


And, I’m still not done.  After spending all day with the girls during the week, I convinced my husband to go with us to see the Lion King in theaters on Saturday.

Looking forward to – I mean.  Do I have to answer this?  Labor.  Do people really look forward to that?  I am dying to feel like I am going into labor.  I know my husband is as eager as I am to meet our final addition.  He sure does love his girls.

Cravings – Not many cravings these days.  Favorite at home meal this week was turkey tacos with fresh guacamole, cooked corn, and jalapeños from the garden. My husband and I snuck out for dinner at Cafe Monte on Saturday for some much needed adult time.


Symptoms – I have trouble getting in and out of the car.  I don’t know why I was ever worried about diastatis recti.  I have no control at this point.  I have no abs.

Workouts – Lots of Flywheel.  I lost interest in strength workouts this week.  My large stature makes lifting uncomfortable and undesirable.  Further, the chance of rain most of the week put a damper on my intentions to walk/run.

  • Monday – Strength workout in the garage.
  • Tuesday  – Ride 3:30 PM Flywheel with Shelby.
  • Wednesday – I went for a RUN! 3 miles at that.  I mean thanks (but no thanks) to everyone who has told me I should walk to get the baby to drop.  I’m pretty sure that running would get me there.


  • Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Brandon.
  • Friday – Ride (AGAIN) Flywheel Charlotte with Shelby.
  • Saturday – I got myself together and did a short strength workout in the garage.  I can still do pull ups!
  • Sunday – I rode with Brie at Flywheel.  Girl.  That class.  The best I have taken in months.

Week 37 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a cantaloupe. Somewhere over 7 pounds – based on last week’s ultrasound.



Weight Gain – 26 pounds.  I am staying consistent with my weight gain from my previous two pregnancies. However, I am in much better shape strength wise with this pregnancy than I was with number one and two. I would say more of my weight gain is lean muscle mass at this point. It will be interesting to see how that translates when I take several weeks off from heavy lifting following delivery.

Movement – Whoa, movement. At my ultrasound last week the baby was rolled over to my left side. In what seemed like a 48 hour period, she completely shifted down and her back is now facing out. She is riding low. Getting out of bed is a struggle.

Sleep – After several rounds of severe Braxton Hicks this week that made me question whether labor might be impending, my anxiety level is heightened. Hence, I am not sleeping my best. With two kids to look after full time, not knowing when I will be heading to the hospital for a 48 hour period is nerve racking. I’m doing my best to rest throughout the day on the nights that I don’t sleep as well, as I know that I need to.

I have been trying to keep the girls on a pretty consistent schedule which means that we try to get as much activity in before lunch time (in case we don’t want to play outside in the afternoon heat).  The girls are also finishing up their summer session of soccer.




Spending the afternoon indoors can be boring.  To fill the time with less physical activities, we have been painting, baking and watching movies.  I am nesting now.  I take a deep breath every time I take out all of the tools that I know will bring on a huge mess (i.e. clean up).  The more we try these activities, the more we get used to learning how to clean up right?

What I miss – Competing!  This weekend I had several athletes complete the Asheville Super Spartan Race.  I have favored this course in past years, as it has been a strong course performance wise for me.  I didn’t even get to drive up to watch because of my impending due date.  I am so proud of them for heading up the mountain and crossing the finish line.  We will see what my race schedule looks like the rest of the year post baby.

Best Moments this Week – While I wasn’t competing this weekend, I stayed busy at home spending time with the family (we never know when any activity will be our last as a family of four).  IMG_6072

After a crazy thunderstorm knocked out the power at our house Friday evening, we decided to walk out to watch the kick off for 24 Hours of Booty (i.e. the biggest tailgate of the year for residents of Queens Rd).  After a half mile walk (in which my oldest daughter scootered the entire way), we ended up at an F3 party.  Live band – check.  Barbecue – check.  Kids – check.  The girls lined the streets with the other children to give out high fives to the riders.  They are finally at an age where we can trust them not to walk out in front of (bike) traffic.



We laid pretty low on Saturday.  As I mentioned above, I slept in, watched the Asheville Spartan Race live and completed a short workout in the garage before running a few errands with the family and calling it a day.


We kept with that theme Sunday.  After teaching at Flywheel that morning, we grabbed breakfast at Flying Biscuit, went to Lowes and the grocery store and occupied the rest of our afternoon at the house.  Paint shelving – check.  Water balloons – check.





Looking forward to – Meeting our third child.  Could we get any closer?  Time sure does creep by the last few days/weeks.  I have one of my final doctor appointments on Wednesday afternoon.  No camps this week for the girls, so I will be taking them with me.  My oldest daughter will actually help measure my belly at some visits.

Cravings – Let me name them all in order.

  • Peanut butter.  I eat it several times in a day (whether it be on a bagel, in a bar or in a smoothie).  I can’t get enough.
  • Desserts.  Preferably chocolate.  Cookies, cakes and brownies.
  • Quantity.  Any and everything.  This baby is growing bigger and bigger by the day.  With nesting going on, I am filling up plates full of food (and eating it all).


Symptoms – I’m going to be real here.  Some time on Wednesday afternoon, I started to feel serious Braxton Hicks.  Like the kind that make you question if labor is lingering.  If you have never had a child, you won’t get this.  Essentially your stomach tightens up all around the baby, everything starts to compact down and you aren’t sure if you need to poop your pants.  That’s real.  It’s inconsistent and sometimes quick, sometimes long.  After going away the next morning, it happened again on Thursday.  After going to bed early, drinking a TON of water and taking off Friday, I was back to myself (and I have been since).  Eek.

Workouts – See symptoms above.  Serious Braxton Hicks contractions created a need for me to slow things down this week.  That said, as I sit here and type, I feel great (like I could go a few more weeks carrying this child).

  • Monday – I taught my regular 6:30AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage (as always, I will send if you would like to see).
  • Wednesday – I went for a RUN!  See picture below.  I squeezed in almost 4 miles.  That said, this is the day I started to feel yucky in the afternoon.  Maybe the running started to make her drop?  Either way, I’m done with that.


  • Thursday – I rode with Abbie (who is due just a few weeks after me) and taught my final 3:30PM Flywheel class before baby number three arrives.
  • Friday – TAKE A DAY OFF.  Regroup.  It’s time to start conserving energy.
  • Saturday – Sleep in.  Short Strength workout in the garage.  I’m still hanging in there (quite literally!)


  • Sunday – I taught my final 7:30AM Flywheel class before baby number three arrives.  So bittersweet.  I L.O.V.E this crew!

Week 36 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a melon. Approximately pounds 6 pounds, 10 ounces.  Coming directly from the 36 week ultrasound!  She is head down and ready to go!  For reference, my second daughter (who is holding the ultrasound picture) was 6 pounds, 11 ounces at the same ultrasound.  It’s pretty amazing how consistent they are.


Weight Gain – 25 pounds.  Weight has stayed pretty consistent.  My belly, on the other hand, continues to get bigger.  Each and every week that passes, I feel a big shift in the outward size of my belly.  Someone told me this week that they hope I have my baby soon because I look really uncomfortable.  Okay then.


Movement – The baby is most certainly running out of room.  Movements are becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Sleep – The weekends have turned into big training days for me:  I have been waking up early both days to either teach at Flywheel, train my obstacle training group or train my own individual clients.  That said, I was able to catch up on some rest during the week while the girls were at camp Tuesday-Thursday.  Not feeling the need to wake up early to workout definitely helps me rest easier.

What I miss – Cooler weather.  Holy heat wave.  I would give anything for high temperatures in the eighties.  I have heard pregnant women complain about the heat before, but I thought they were just being high maintenance.  I’m there.  It’s just plain hot.  So hot it is hard to breathe outside.  Even my clients have told me they are worn out from the intensity of the change.


I don’t think it would be as bad if I didn’t need to find something for the kids to do (specifically in the afternoon).  Most days involve living room furniture forts, stickers and crayons, pretend play and playdoh.


The girls are still playing soccer one afternoon a week.  Practice is thirty minutes.  I don’t think any of the kids could take much more.  Fortunately, there is a shaded area that they spend the majority of their time in.



We have also tried to spend time outside early enough in the day that the heat doesn’t wear us down.  Both girls thoroughly enjoy “scootering” around the block (a solid half mile) and riding in their covered wagon.



My sister recently moved to Charlotte and she has been more than helpful by inviting us over to her apartment complex to go to the pool.  Let’s face it, it is more trouble than I want to take on to head to the YMCA pool by myself with both girls (in this heat, with this belly, blah, blah blah).  I would rather walk around the mall.

Best Moments this Week – The ultrasound.  I have been dying to see this little munchkin.  I love going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat and measure my belly, but there is nothing better than actually seeing your love bug on the screen!

Looking forward to – Meeting our third and final girl!

Cravings – With increased energy the past two weeks (possibly nesting instinct?), I have been motivated to cook.  Spice things up!  After cleaning out several drawers in our kitchen, I came across some healthy recipes that I had ripped out of magazines years ago and decided to finally test out.  Quick and easy turkey chili over spaghetti and harvest grain couscous.  Good quality food that makes you want to eat in more.



My parents offered to watch the girls on Saturday night so my husband and I could go out to dinner.  It’s restaurant week in Charlotte, so without reservations, we headed out EARLY and enjoyed an incredible meal at Napa on Providence.  Because we decided to choose items off the restaurant week menu, we were able to try items that we typically wouldn’t choose.  For once this swung in our favor.  We each enjoyed the gnocchi appetizer, chili rubbed salmon (seen below) and a brownie fudge sundae.  Yes, we really ordered the same exact thing.  There is a reason why we got married.


Symptoms – I’m going to be real here.  I have felt pretty invincible this pregnancy.  On Tuesday of this week, I started to feel random pinching in and around my belly button.  The pain was not consistent, not tender to the touch and not something that would happen upon moving a certain way.  It was gone by Wednesday.  I reached out to my doctor and she mentioned it might be a hernia.  Eek.

While the pain is gone, I am concerned that after having three kids in less than four years, I may have some ab separation post partum.  I had my belly button pierced before I got pregnant.  I haven’t gotten stretch marks anywhere from any of my kids (I’m lucky), but I have started to notice at the point where my scar tissue is on former piercing there are two stretch marks starting to form that look like a “V” up my abdomen.   There is nothing I can do at this point but slather on the lotion and hope everything pieces itself back together.

Workouts – This is the first week in which I feel like the size of my belly has limited my range of motion and left me feeling like I just need to accept the fact that I am way closer to having a baby than I think (see picture below).  I have no desire to run (rather walk or go to Flywheel) or do pull ups without assistance (sometimes opting to do TRX rows altogether instead).


  • Monday – I taught my regularly schedule 6:30 AM Flywheel class
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage.  Ask me for the workout, I can send it!
  • Wednesday – I went for a run that went on to turn into a walk.  It’s just not comfortable.  Just over three miles.
  • Thursday – I rode in the 9:45 AM Flywheel class before teaching my regularly scheduled 3:30 PM class that afternoon.
  • Friday – Strength work in the garage.  This heat though!  I had to tone the intensity down and take breaks to keep my heart rate from skyrocketing.
  • Saturday – After training people most of the morning, I jumped in a Flywheel class for 30 minutes that afternoon just to get my legs moving.  IMG_5989-1
  • Sunday – It was my 5 year “Flyversary”  ride.  Wow – I cannot believe I have been an instructor with this incredible company for FIVE years.  It seems like just yesterday I was just a rider like everyone else.  I have so many incredible memories with individuals who I would now considered my best friends.  The support at the ride was everything.  You know you appreciate your job when you can tell the people you instruct you love them and they say it back.


Week 35 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a pineapple. Approximately 5-6 pounds.

Weight Gain – 25 pounds strong.  Still rocking those Lululemon crops!


Movement – Lots of it.  In fact, the nurse had to wait on our daughter to stop moving before she could catch her heart rate at our most recent appointment.

Sleep – I am in go mode.  After suffering from a severe sinus infection during my second trimester, I literally feel like a million bucks having had that pass.  Maybe I am nesting?  Either way, I am picking up, wiping up and working on making this house acceptable should I not make it back one afternoon.  By the time the girls go to bed, I am ready to lay in bed and watch Bravo (regularly falling asleep before I even have a chance to get to a commercial).

What I miss – Working out at my pre-pregnancy high intensity and competing!  The Asheville Super Spartan Race is less than two weeks away.  I have earned my World Championship coin at this race two years in row.  All I can say is, not this year!  While I have trained several individuals who will be completing the race, I won’t even be there to watch.


Best Moments this Week  – The past few weeks have been jam packed with quality family time (especially with my girls).  We have been doing things on a whim, so if it seems like I am hesitant to make plans it’s because I am working around less of a plan and more on what the girls feel like doing at any given hour.

Both girls attended dance camp again this week.  I love showing up early with the other moms to peak through the little windows giving access to the rooms that the girls are in.   Like the last camp that they attended, they put on a performance at the end of the week for friends and family to attend.  My husband and I attended as well as my parents.



I can’t reiterate enough how helpful it is to have my parents in town.  Clearly, they are a reliable resource for us to use as we anticipate the next chapter of our lives.  They also are another great support system for the girls as they grow up.  I still have incredible memories from times spent with my grandpa that I saw every weekend growing up.


Neither girl is taking a regular nap at this point, so I have accepted that a mandatory “rest time” is necessary.  While we don’t let the kids sleep in our bed, I do let them lay on our bed to watch an afternoon cartoon and take a break from the heat.


What do we do the rest of the time to pass the heat?  Build fake buses out of packing boxes, go to the park, bake and pick vegetables from our home garden.



Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment.  I saw my doctor last Friday, at which point my belly was measuring consistent with my pregnancy week.  The baby’s heart rate was also 151 beats per minute.  At my next appointment we have scheduled an ultrasound at which point we can assess the size of the baby and see her one final time before she arrives.   While I have full faith things are going good, it is always nice to see the doctor and confirm that.

Cravings – Lemonade.  I have been crushing water.  I’m over it. Even watered down lemonade tastes better than nothing.  I have also been regularly ordering club sodas when we go out to dinner.  Where were La Croix’s when I was pregnant with my first two daughters?

Symptoms – This was the first week that I actually felt Braxton Hicks contractions.  What a reminder that labor is actually closer than I think.  Each time I felt my uterus contract it was typically in the afternoon while I was on my feet.  The feeling literally stopped me in my tracks, as I wasn’t sure whether I needed to go to the bathroom or my body was preparing to labor.  Eek.  Reality check.

Workouts – For those of you who have been asking, the last scheduled Flywheel class that I will teach is Monday, July 31st at 6:30AM.  That is just over 37 weeks pregnant.

  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – Strength workout in the garage. While I am still doing pull ups regularly in my workouts, I have opted to use a light weight assistance band to take some of the tension off my core.
  • Wednesday – Run/Walk around the neighborhood.  I am moving slow, but I am getting time in on my feet.  This month I walked/ran close to 38 miles.
  • Thursday – Since I am no longer running on Thursday morning with my group, I have started to ride at Flywheel in its place with my girl Meghan Lee.  Did I mention that I rode in her class the day I went into labor with my second daughter?


  • Friday – Strength workout in the garage.
  • Saturday – I ran trails with my obstacle race training group.  Approximately 2.3 miles of running and walking.
  • Sunday – I taught my regularly scheduled Flywheel class at 7:30 AM.