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The First Two Weeks (Postpartum)

Time sure does fly!  As we close in on our second week as a family of five, I wanted to write a short little update on how things have gone.  I spent just under 48 hours in the hospital.  That’s two nights (including the night my daughter was born) essentially bed ridden as nurses, doctors and lactation consultants regularly checked in on me (regardless of if I was sleeping or not).



To keep me sane, my husband brought my two older daughters in to visit and my parents and sister also stopped by.  Bless their hearts.  Isolation in a hospital room is not the ideal toddler playground.  We gave each of the girls a present from their baby sister.  In return, they brought her a balloon from the gift shop.




We watched Nickelodeon and got creative with any and everything that we could in the room (including the grippy socks).  The girls also enjoyed taking their new baby sister for a stroll around the maternity wing before stopping at the nursery to get their very own “I’m a Big Sister” hospital bands.



At 5PM on Saturday evening, we were released to head home.  This was a big moment.  We took our first family of five picture on our way out and made sure to document the entire event.  I think all of the nurses knew my girls by the time we rolled out of there.



All of the excitement must have made us lose our minds slightly.  We managed to leave my hospital bag outside on the steps where my husband picked us up.  We got all the way home before the hospital called to tell us my bag (along with my wallet) had been dropped off at the front desk.  Thank goodness there are honest people left in the world.  I can’t imagine what someone could have done with all of that information at their fingertips.


The first night at home was all a little chaotic.  How do you even anticipate what the baby will be like the first night?  My husband is pretty lenient with me the first two nights at home.  With each of my precious daughters I have co-slept with them in a guest bed the first two nights at home.  At that point, my husband forces me to cut the cord and move them to their crib.  I can’t say we slept great the first night, but my husband had the week off from work so I rested easier knowing in the back of my mind I could nap the next day.  That I did.  We also took a short walk as a family of five about 40 yards up the street and back (see picture above).


One thing this baby loves to do is swaddle.  This is a first for me.  Both of my older girls preferred to have their arms free.  Looking back, maybe that is why one of them didn’t sleep great?  At this point, if I can get this little girl nice and tight in a good swaddle, she can sleep a three hour stretch from approximately 9 PM – 12 AM.  Hence, when I usually hit the sack.  I’m typically getting up three times each night to feed her.  I am exclusively breastfeeding her, so I let my husband snooze with the expectation that he will handle the other girls if they wake up in the middle of the night.




It didn’t take long for that to happen.  Our first night home from the hospital, I woke up to the sound of my second daughter throwing up in her bedroom.  I’m not convinced that her rolling around on the floor at the hospital didn’t cause her to get some sort of a bug.  Either that or she was so overwhelmed with change that it through off her system.


I can’t say enough about our neighbors, friends, my clients and family in Charlotte.  While I did not have a baby shower for my third daughter, I came home to several sweet gifts and a generous amount of meals and snacks for the family.  What a big help.  I never would have guessed how much easier it would be to not have to plan dinner for our expanding family the first few weeks at home.  We truly appreciate the help.  I will be the first to admit that I hate asking for help, so having it forced upon me has been special.  We will be sending out personalized thank you notes over the next few weeks.



We closed out our first real week at home with a visit from my husband’s parents.  Their visit came at the perfect time.  On Friday, I experienced the worst postpartum uterine contractions.  They literally brought me to tears and ultimately left me bed ridden for almost two hours.  With each child these contractions have gotten worse and worse for me.  Being knocked off my feet (quite literally) forced me to realize that I needed to slow down.  It’s difficult for me to “take it easy”, especially when I have three kids.


With my in-laws in town, I was given the opportunity to truly take it easy.  They were proactive in taking both of my older girls on walks and even watching the baby long enough for my husband and I to grab a cocktail and dinner out Friday evening.  Somehow I managed to fit into a pre-pregnancy dress.  We went to Summit Room before heading to Wing Haven Gardens for their annual food truck event.



Not only did they watch the girls, but my mother-in-law also cooked for us two of the four nights that they were in town.  Why is it that when moms cook it always tastes better than the food that I make? Maybe you can taste the love they put into it?  It was bittersweet seeing them leave Monday morning.


By Monday, my husband was headed back to work (from home, but no longer available to readily help).  I was on my own to an extent. Having family in Charlotte has been a lifesaver.  While my parents were out of town for the weekend, they took the baby on Monday while I took the two older girls out.  Knowing they are headed back to preschool next week, I am working on spending quality time with them before it is all baby all the time in the mornings.



A lot of people have asked me if we have taken the baby out yet.  Yes, yes we have.  While we stick to places that are pretty open or places that we know she won’t be picked up by a lot of people, we (or I ) don’t really have an option.  Not only do the other girls need to be engaged, but we still need groceries and I just need a chance to get outside.  This week, I was able to manage taking all three of the girls to the grocery store, dance class open house and even Flywheel.


Speaking of Flywheel, I did not ride.  I also have not resumed exercise yet.  I likely won’t for another week.  While my ab separation was minimal, I have noticed that my recovery is moving somewhat slower than it did for each of my previous pregnancies.  Since I know we are done having kids, I don’t feel any urgency to push the pace too soon.  The last thing I want to do is push too soon only to set myself back yet again.


At Cameron’s two week check up, she was treated for a blocked tear duct and weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces.  She is gaining over an ounce a day.  We are scheduled to head back for our one month appointment in just two weeks.  She is the sweetest thing.  My husband agrees.  I don’t know if it is because we are embracing the infancy stage since we are done or maybe we are just better at handling a baby round three.  Either way, we can’t get enough of her.  While I miss my routine, I know the change is temporary and she will grow up faster than we want her to (and so will the other girls).





Cameron Leigh Dufresne (Cammy D)

Welcome to the world Cameron Leigh Dufresne.  I don’t think she or I got the memo that we would be admitted to the hospital Thursday, August 17th for what turned into an almost unplanned natural delivery.  The picture below about sums up how I felt just 10 minutes before they handed her to me.


Let me start from the beginning.  After a rather frustrating week 39, I made plans to have acupuncture performed on Sunday, August 13th backed up with a form of acupressure on Monday, August 14th.   If you aren’t familiar with the process, a trained acupuncture professional inserts 4-5 needles into specific points which trigger the release of hormones that induce labor.  I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.  The acupuncture is used to hit a direct point, while the acupressure targets the same areas in a more broad sense (i.e. if the acupuncture missed a point by the slightest amount, the acupressure would likely hit it).


I wanted immediate results, but I knew I had to be patient.  My next doctor’s appointment was not until Thursday, so if nothing happened before then, I was bound to know if it worked at all by then.  Monday and Tuesday passed and I was still not in labor.  I did everything I could to stay busy and keep my mind occupied.  Patience takes practice.  The girls were in a camp each morning, so in the afternoon, I tried to spend time taking them to the mall and park or simply just laying down together (see picture below).  We bought costumes for my oldest daughter’s princess themed birthday party (that isn’t until October – see picture above).


I worked out every day of the week (even if it meant that I just went for a walk).

  • Monday – I went for a run/walk, approximately 3 miles.
  • Tuesday – I did some strength work in the garage.
  • Wednesday – I rode at Flywheel with Morgan.
  • Thursday – I walked/jogged home from dropping my girls off at camp, approximately 2 miles and thirty minutes total.

By Thursday, I didn’t know what to think about going to my doctor’s visit.  All I knew was that my husband was coming with me to discuss our options for induction and have my OB/GYN examine scar tissue from an old belly button piercing that had begun to tear.


I bring the belly button up for a few reasons.  I am embarrassed. I want my kids to see pictures of what my actions resulted in.  I didn’t have any issues with this in my first two pregnancies, but this is real life for round three.  I thought I had been doing a good job taking care of not letting it get infected until I pulled the band aid back for my doctor.  Before she had a chance to even talk to me about the baby in my belly, she full on squeezed puss and gunk out of two holes that had separated.  With my approval, her plan was to cut the tear and stitch it together while I had my epidural (post delivery).  In the meantime, she pulled the skin together and taped the damage.

The rest of the day was a blur.  I went on to get “checked” and have my membranes stripped, at which point I learned that I was 5 cm dilated.  I was instructed to go home and eat lunch, pack my hospital bag and head to the hospital.  Anxiety set in.  My husband and I picked up the girls from camp and dropped them off at my mom’s house before heading home to eat and gather our things.

We arrived at the hospital with plenty of time to get settled.  My contractions were regular but no where near painful.  I had tested positive for Group B Strep at my 36 week appointment, so it was advised that I receive antibiotics prior to the baby being delivered.  The nurses went ahead and set up my IV and began to administer the antibiotics.  I still wasn’t sure that this was a fake out.  I had had Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks.  Maybe my contractions would subside and I would get sent home?  That happened with my first daughter.  Was this actually real?


Once my antibiotics were administered, my doctor stopped in to see if I would like to get my epidural before she broke my water.  Yes, please.  The anesthesiologist got my epidural set up and I was good to go.  Until I wasn’t.  I don’t know where time went.  I wanted to be able to feel some contractions, but I started to notice as they intensified and I continued to push the button to give me more juice nothing was happening.  I’m an athlete.  I push through things.  I kept pushing through thinking that maybe the juice hadn’t kicked in yet.  When I finally admitted to the nurse that the pain was not getting better, it was just plain bad.  It was my fault.  There is no tough guy award for delivering babies.

The anesthesiologist came back and tried a few things before he realized that my epidural had come out.  Things had already escalated.  Scroll down if you don’t want to hear the details.  I tried to sit up to have it redone and almost passed out.  The nurse through an alcohol swab under my nose.  I almost threw up.  I lost all control.  My body began to shake uncontrollably (apparently that is the release of hormones and you aren’t supposed to fight it).  All the while the anesthesiologist told me to roll over on my side and try to get into a tight ball.  Um, yea.  I felt intense pressure on my bladder at which point the nurse “checked” me again and I was at 10cm.  The only relief I found was when I pushed.  I think the anesthesiologist actually said, “at least you will have some relief while you are pushing”.  He left and my doctor came in.  How lucky was I that she was on call that day?  Truly special.  Six or seven pushes later, Cameron Leigh Dufresne was born. 10:19 PM. My epidural finally kicked back in.




The pain was excruciating, but short in its entirety.  How about her umbilical cord?  It was wrapped all over and actually tied in a knot.  Fortunately, it did not affect her during labor or delivery (as her heart rate and vitals were closely monitored the entire time). When I told her pediatrician about my epidural and her umbilical cord he mentioned maybe its as divine intervention that the labor progressed and we got her out.  I guess I never thought about it that way.  Even with everything going on, I do remember the nurses and anesthesiologist indicating to me regularly that the baby was okay (regardless of if I was at that time).


The scale in the delivery room indicated that she weighted 6 pounds 14 ounces, which was surprising to everyone in the room.  She definitely looked bigger.  It appears that there may have been some discrepancy, as she weighted 7 pounds 5 ounces at one day old (children usually lose 5-10% of their birth weight before gaining weight).  She was also 7 pounds 8.5 ounces at her four day old appointment.  I guess we will never know what her true birth weight was (aside from this), so we will go with it.


I can’t say enough about this sweet girl.  I wasn’t excited about the newborn stage, but the second she was put into my arms, I was smitten.  This is it.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can say with certainty that our family feels complete with the addition of this little nugget.  I learned yet again that the best things in life go unplanned and you should always be prepared for anything.  As I write this post she is already changing so much (only 5 days out).  This pregnancy just feels different.  It’s not about me anymore.  We have this family unit now that truly comes first.  While I look forward to continuing to share my fitness journey with y’all, how fast I lose the weight (and get back to my old elite fit self) is the least of my priorities.  No pressure.  Get ready for baby picture overload and regular postpartum updates the next few weeks.




Week 39 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a water melon? Somewhere over 7-8 pounds – based on ultrasound THREE weeks ago.  What do you think based on the picture below?  Can you tell I’m over it?


Weight Gain – 25 pounds. I actually lost weight this week.  I literally can’t wait to see how big this baby is.  I can feel the mold of what makes up her back and torso and it isn’t small.  My first daughter was 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches long.  My second?  7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long.  Both were born earlier than this one.

Movement – One word.  Uncomfortable.  Movement these days is intentional.  When pressed in certain directions, I literally almost jump out of my seat.

Sleep – I’m sleeping!  Less anxiety these days.   After finding out another week would go by before our daughter would be born, I finally accepted that I have absolutely no control over child birth.  Maybe I was a little cocky going into round 3?  Like, I know my body – I got this.  Nope.  I don’t got this.  Clearly our third daughter is in charge.

What I miss – I can’t really think of anything.  Seriously.

Best Moments this Week – I made the most out of this week with my girls.  Neither of them were in camps or activities this week, so we got to spend some quality time together.  I have never been and will never be a mom who gets a sitter for the day only to go on with my own activities all day.  I left my full time job to be a mom, so I take pride in finding ways to stay engaged with my children.


We went out to breakfast.  Even if it’s only a half hour activity, getting a chance to sit down and eat together at a restaurant is way more fun than staying at the house.

We finally went to the Myers Park Library to get our library cards and attend story time. Surprisingly, we ran into several friends that we had not seen in weeks.  We got there early enough that we could play with puzzles, check out our own books and read some stories before the FREE event began.


We took ownership in our “makeup” and nail polish.  No.  I don’t think my girls need make up.  I certainly don’t wear a lot.  However, they are intrigued by touching and using  the products right now.  That said, I have realized that if I make them responsible for their own products, they are more likely to take care of my products.  We headed to Target so each girl could get their own small make up bag, some chapstick, a bottle of nail polish, some powder and some make up wipes.  Nothing big, but they now have a place to put their jewelry, toothbrushes and overnight accessories.  They are “big girls”.


My husband took Friday off of work in anticipation that I might be admitted to the hospital to meet our daughter.  Either way, we had tickets to the PGA Tournament that day (so he had a back up plan).  After learning that I had not progressed much during the week (and we would not meet our daughter), we asked the girls what they wanted to do.  We headed to the park.  What a way to shift focus and move on with our day.


After we went to the park, I told my husband to go to the tournament.  While I would miss the event, I didn’t want our tickets to go to waste.  I sat around and felt sorry for myself for about two hours before I rallied the girls to go shopping with me before stopping at Sunflower Bakery for some cookies.  They obliged.  I absolutely love shopping with them now.  Not only do they actually enjoy it, but they are so freaking cute!

Thank you Pink Social for carrying such adorable Carolina Panther gear.  We even picked up a little tee for the baby to wear as we wrap up summer.


And, I’m still not done.  After spending all day with the girls during the week, I convinced my husband to go with us to see the Lion King in theaters on Saturday.

Looking forward to – I mean.  Do I have to answer this?  Labor.  Do people really look forward to that?  I am dying to feel like I am going into labor.  I know my husband is as eager as I am to meet our final addition.  He sure does love his girls.

Cravings – Not many cravings these days.  Favorite at home meal this week was turkey tacos with fresh guacamole, cooked corn, and jalapeños from the garden. My husband and I snuck out for dinner at Cafe Monte on Saturday for some much needed adult time.


Symptoms – I have trouble getting in and out of the car.  I don’t know why I was ever worried about diastatis recti.  I have no control at this point.  I have no abs.

Workouts – Lots of Flywheel.  I lost interest in strength workouts this week.  My large stature makes lifting uncomfortable and undesirable.  Further, the chance of rain most of the week put a damper on my intentions to walk/run.

  • Monday – Strength workout in the garage.
  • Tuesday  – Ride 3:30 PM Flywheel with Shelby.
  • Wednesday – I went for a RUN! 3 miles at that.  I mean thanks (but no thanks) to everyone who has told me I should walk to get the baby to drop.  I’m pretty sure that running would get me there.


  • Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Brandon.
  • Friday – Ride (AGAIN) Flywheel Charlotte with Shelby.
  • Saturday – I got myself together and did a short strength workout in the garage.  I can still do pull ups!
  • Sunday – I rode with Brie at Flywheel.  Girl.  That class.  The best I have taken in months.

Week 38 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a winter melon (not sure what that is, but I would guess more like a watermelon…). Somewhere over 7 pounds – based on ultrasound two weeks ago.



Weight Gain – 25-26 pounds. Weight has stayed pretty consistent if not dropped a pound or two the past week.  This baby is riding low.  While it looks like my belly hasn’t changed much from week 37, it continues to drop significantly.  There is a lot more space between my bra line and the top of my bump.

Movement – Consistent, yet unexpected.  I feel like she is a big girl.  I am interested to see just how big.  My first daughter weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces.  My second daughter 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Sleep – Horrible.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m anxious.  After a flurry of Braxton Hicks contractions two weeks ago, I was horrified the baby was coming early.  Here we are two weeks later and I don’t feel like she is going anywhere.  The anxiety of where I will be and what I will be doing when real contractions come on is driving me nuts.  Once I get it in my head that I won’t be able to fall asleep it is all down hill from there.  I start worrying then if I won’t be exhausted when the baby gets here because I am only sleeping five hours a night.  You get my drift.  I’m limiting naps as much as I can to increase the likelihood of sleep at night.

What I miss – It’s safe to say, I already miss teaching Flywheel and training my regular clients.  Last Monday was my last class teaching at Flywheel until after the baby arrives.  I also put a pause on all of other training this week to try to get some rest.  Thankfully, I have such an incredible support system (including all of the other moms/moms to be at Flywheel).  I snuck out with my oldest daughter Sunday to attend a baby shower for another Flywheel mom to be.


Best Moments this Week – At this point, every meal that we go to may or may not be our last as a family of four.  We are continuing to soak in the memories as a smaller family unit.  We went out to dinner both Friday and Saturday night and even made a late night playground run to work out some of the girl’s energy.




My sister officially moved to Charlotte about two months ago.  That said, she is already moving and shaking so much so that a group of new friends hosted a welcome party for her this past weekend.  My mom and I were able to attend and the girls stopped by at the tail end of the event.  They sure are excited to have her in their hometown.


Looking forward to – Meeting this little peanut.  I go back to the doctor Wednesday.  Cross your fingers that I have progressed.  At my last doctor’s appointment, I had not progressed any since the previous appointment.  Still sitting pretty at 1 cm dilated.   I will be having my membranes stripped at this week’s appointment, at which point we hope to meet our baby girl.   This worked with both of my other pregnancies.  In the even that it doesn’t, there is a possibility that we will be at the hospital on Friday for an induction. The girl’s were by my side at last week’s appointment and will likely be there this week.


Cravings – Without teaching and training, I have more time than I know what to do with myself.  We have been fortunate enough to receive several gift cards to grocery stores which we have already started to use.  Let’s just say, I have been cooking a lot.  Mostly things I know take longer to prepare than the time I will have when the baby arrives. Even with that extra time, I still opt to eat off paper plates to avoid doing dishes.


Symptoms – Like I said before, I feel larger this go round.  Getting in and out of the SUV, bed and tying my shoes is a struggle.  My husband attributes this to me being smaller in size every where else than I was with my other pregnancies. However, I am not totally convinced.  The picture below is a picture of me at the same point in my last pregnancy.


Workouts – I scaled things back towards the beginning of the week, before getting things seriously moving by the end of the week.  I’m ready to work this baby out.

  • Monday – I taught my last Flywheel class until post baby at 6:30 AM.
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage.  Focusing on higher repetitions and lighter weight and/or bodyweight.
  • Wednesday – Walk around the neighborhood!
  • Thursday – I rode at Flywheel with Shelby.  I even managed to squeeze out a pretty high power score at this point in my pregnancy.


  • Friday – Strength work in the garage
  • Saturday – I RAN!  2 minutes on, 2 minutes off.  I wore my belly band with no problem and logged 3 miles.
  • Sunday – I rode with Cole, our newest instructor at Flywheel.  He will be taking over this time slot while I’m out. Look at that belly!