Week 35 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a pineapple. Approximately 5-6 pounds.

Weight Gain – 25 pounds strong.  Still rocking those Lululemon crops!


Movement – Lots of it.  In fact, the nurse had to wait on our daughter to stop moving before she could catch her heart rate at our most recent appointment.

Sleep – I am in go mode.  After suffering from a severe sinus infection during my second trimester, I literally feel like a million bucks having had that pass.  Maybe I am nesting?  Either way, I am picking up, wiping up and working on making this house acceptable should I not make it back one afternoon.  By the time the girls go to bed, I am ready to lay in bed and watch Bravo (regularly falling asleep before I even have a chance to get to a commercial).

What I miss – Working out at my pre-pregnancy high intensity and competing!  The Asheville Super Spartan Race is less than two weeks away.  I have earned my World Championship coin at this race two years in row.  All I can say is, not this year!  While I have trained several individuals who will be completing the race, I won’t even be there to watch.


Best Moments this Week  – The past few weeks have been jam packed with quality family time (especially with my girls).  We have been doing things on a whim, so if it seems like I am hesitant to make plans it’s because I am working around less of a plan and more on what the girls feel like doing at any given hour.

Both girls attended dance camp again this week.  I love showing up early with the other moms to peak through the little windows giving access to the rooms that the girls are in.   Like the last camp that they attended, they put on a performance at the end of the week for friends and family to attend.  My husband and I attended as well as my parents.



I can’t reiterate enough how helpful it is to have my parents in town.  Clearly, they are a reliable resource for us to use as we anticipate the next chapter of our lives.  They also are another great support system for the girls as they grow up.  I still have incredible memories from times spent with my grandpa that I saw every weekend growing up.


Neither girl is taking a regular nap at this point, so I have accepted that a mandatory “rest time” is necessary.  While we don’t let the kids sleep in our bed, I do let them lay on our bed to watch an afternoon cartoon and take a break from the heat.


What do we do the rest of the time to pass the heat?  Build fake buses out of packing boxes, go to the park, bake and pick vegetables from our home garden.



Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment.  I saw my doctor last Friday, at which point my belly was measuring consistent with my pregnancy week.  The baby’s heart rate was also 151 beats per minute.  At my next appointment we have scheduled an ultrasound at which point we can assess the size of the baby and see her one final time before she arrives.   While I have full faith things are going good, it is always nice to see the doctor and confirm that.

Cravings – Lemonade.  I have been crushing water.  I’m over it. Even watered down lemonade tastes better than nothing.  I have also been regularly ordering club sodas when we go out to dinner.  Where were La Croix’s when I was pregnant with my first two daughters?

Symptoms – This was the first week that I actually felt Braxton Hicks contractions.  What a reminder that labor is actually closer than I think.  Each time I felt my uterus contract it was typically in the afternoon while I was on my feet.  The feeling literally stopped me in my tracks, as I wasn’t sure whether I needed to go to the bathroom or my body was preparing to labor.  Eek.  Reality check.

Workouts – For those of you who have been asking, the last scheduled Flywheel class that I will teach is Monday, July 31st at 6:30AM.  That is just over 37 weeks pregnant.

  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – Strength workout in the garage. While I am still doing pull ups regularly in my workouts, I have opted to use a light weight assistance band to take some of the tension off my core.
  • Wednesday – Run/Walk around the neighborhood.  I am moving slow, but I am getting time in on my feet.  This month I walked/ran close to 38 miles.
  • Thursday – Since I am no longer running on Thursday morning with my group, I have started to ride at Flywheel in its place with my girl Meghan Lee.  Did I mention that I rode in her class the day I went into labor with my second daughter?


  • Friday – Strength workout in the garage.
  • Saturday – I ran trails with my obstacle race training group.  Approximately 2.3 miles of running and walking.
  • Sunday – I taught my regularly scheduled Flywheel class at 7:30 AM.

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