Week 23 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 16 pounds.  Check out the difference that a baggy shirt makes in hiding baby bump.  I also included a picture of what my bump looked like during pregnancy number two.

photo 3-140

My second pregnancy at 23 Weeks.

Movement – I have continued to feel more and more movement, some days more than others.  Mostly at night when I lay down.

Sleep – When it rains it pours at our house (quite literally).  It seems like something is always leaking.  The thought of water damage can keep you up at night.  We are still waiting to finalize repairs on a roof leak.  To my surprise, I got in my car Sunday only to realize that my car roof was leaking through a broken seal on my XM antenna.  I felt water dripping onto my leg.


Maybe being a mom has prepared me for dealing with unexpected situation like this.  Ten years ago I would have had a temper tantrum and thought my life was over.  On this day, I weighed my alternatives and managed to rearrange my schedule a little bit until I can get the car repaired once the rain passes.

What I miss – I have reiterated how much I miss sushi.  Well, this weekend my husband and I went on a date night to CO Sushi where I was able to find not one, but two, fully cooked, low mercury fish rolls.


One of the menu features is a Wagyu beef roll.  One of my favorites.  I also opted for an eel based roll.  The last time that we went to this restaurant I was not pregnant.  As such, I had never even looked at the non alcoholic section of the menu.  Surprisingly, the menu offers non alcoholic “coolers” that are INCREDIBLE.  I tried the cucumber mint cooler, which was a little sweet, but resembled the flavors of a mojito. Definitely worth checking out.

Best Moments this Week – This week was BUSY!  Not only am I still teaching my full Flywheel class load, but obstacle course training started back up again and I stopped by Myers Park High School to coach the pole vaulters at a home meet.


Take me back in time.  I think I had just as much anxiety being on the other side of the event (this time not the competitor, but the coach).  The improvements these kids have made in a few short weeks has been amazing.  I am so proud of them.


Following the track meet, I headed home to prepare for my husband’s birthday celebration.  He is not into social media and definitely not into big birthday blowouts.  As such, we had a family get together at the house.  I picked up chicken and eggplant parmesan, fresh pasta, and kale salad from Pasta & Provisions.  I also ordered him our first donut cake from Suarez Bakery.


Go ahead and drool.  It was better than it looks.  He is not a fan of cake.  Just donuts.  I am the opposite (I prefer cake over donuts).  I have to admit this cake changed my mind.  Something about the textures and flavors works and it works in an incredible way.  For less than $20 you can get a cake that fed us for up to a week.  The value is there!


The girls loved helping their dad celebrate his birthday.  My oldest passed him his cards as my youngest attempted on several occasions to unwrap his gifts before he had a chance to get to them.  There is no keeping secrets in our family.  Unfortunately, the baseball game that we were supposed to attend got rained out.  We will go to another one later in the year.

Looking forward to – The month of May!  We are planning some special events to celebrate my husband and I’s anniversary, Mother’s Day and the start of summer.  We will be taking our last trip before baby number three arrives to Isle of Palms later in the month.


Cravings – No real cravings at this point.  I’m back to eating the foods I enjoyed pre-pregnancy (just a lot more quantity).

Symptoms – I have had mild low back pain on my right side.  I admit that I have had this worked on by a bodywork therapist who I have seen regularly since before I was pregnant at Performance Rehab Associates.  I feel very fortunate that I haven’t had significant symptoms yet.

Workouts – I’m as busy as ever with training others and I still feel good enough to maintain my own regular workout schedule.  I am logging less running miles and spending more time doing strength, riding at Flywheel and jump roping!

  • Monday – I taught my normal 6:30 AM Flywheel class
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage before teaching my 3:30 PM Flywheel class.
  • Wednesday – I logged some time on feet (ran) and did some strength work while I was out a local park.
    • 1 mile run
    • Find a grassy hill  – run to top of hill, do 10 burpees (I did squat thrusts), run to bottom of hill do 1 pushup.
    • Repeat decreasing total burpees each round and increasing pushups (9,2 – 8,3, etc).
    • 10 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) grip strength work on pull up bar:
      • Odd minute – 30 second dead hang
      • Even minute – 5 Pull Ups
    • Run 1.5 miles home
  • Thursday – I joined my running group Thursday morning.  I started the workout feeling okay, but certainly slower.  See workout below:
    • Run 1.5 mile progressive warm up (they ran 1.5, I dropped in and ran 1 mile)
    • 3 x 1 mile (10 minutes to run and rest) – see my stats below.  My warm up mile was an 8:49 pace.  My first mile of the workout was 8:26.  My second mile was 8:55.  As I started mile three I decided I was done.  I felt tired and unmotivated.  I cheered them on as they finished the rest of the workout.
    • 6 x 200image1
  • I went on to teach my 3:30 PM Flywheel class that afternoon.
  • Friday – I have adjusted my strength work by listening to what my body needs.  With some lower back pain and a slight anterior tilt in my shoulders due to frontal weight I am working more on posterior strength and mobility/balance.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Jump Rope 2 minutes
      • Band Crossover work x 10
      • Turkish Get Up x 5 each side
      • Miniband around thighs squat to side leg raise x 15 each side
    • 4 Rounds
      • Driveway suicide x 2
      • Unilateral kettlebell carry length of driveway x 1
      • Lunge to kettlebell overhead press x 10 each
      • TRX rows x 15
      • Side plank x 45 seconds each
    • Rig and ring transition work in garage.
  • Saturday – 4 miles EASY run!
  • Sunday – I taught my usual 7:30 AM Flywheel class.


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