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Week 23 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 16 pounds.  Check out the difference that a baggy shirt makes in hiding baby bump.  I also included a picture of what my bump looked like during pregnancy number two.

photo 3-140

My second pregnancy at 23 Weeks.

Movement – I have continued to feel more and more movement, some days more than others.  Mostly at night when I lay down.

Sleep – When it rains it pours at our house (quite literally).  It seems like something is always leaking.  The thought of water damage can keep you up at night.  We are still waiting to finalize repairs on a roof leak.  To my surprise, I got in my car Sunday only to realize that my car roof was leaking through a broken seal on my XM antenna.  I felt water dripping onto my leg.


Maybe being a mom has prepared me for dealing with unexpected situation like this.  Ten years ago I would have had a temper tantrum and thought my life was over.  On this day, I weighed my alternatives and managed to rearrange my schedule a little bit until I can get the car repaired once the rain passes.

What I miss – I have reiterated how much I miss sushi.  Well, this weekend my husband and I went on a date night to CO Sushi where I was able to find not one, but two, fully cooked, low mercury fish rolls.


One of the menu features is a Wagyu beef roll.  One of my favorites.  I also opted for an eel based roll.  The last time that we went to this restaurant I was not pregnant.  As such, I had never even looked at the non alcoholic section of the menu.  Surprisingly, the menu offers non alcoholic “coolers” that are INCREDIBLE.  I tried the cucumber mint cooler, which was a little sweet, but resembled the flavors of a mojito. Definitely worth checking out.

Best Moments this Week – This week was BUSY!  Not only am I still teaching my full Flywheel class load, but obstacle course training started back up again and I stopped by Myers Park High School to coach the pole vaulters at a home meet.


Take me back in time.  I think I had just as much anxiety being on the other side of the event (this time not the competitor, but the coach).  The improvements these kids have made in a few short weeks has been amazing.  I am so proud of them.


Following the track meet, I headed home to prepare for my husband’s birthday celebration.  He is not into social media and definitely not into big birthday blowouts.  As such, we had a family get together at the house.  I picked up chicken and eggplant parmesan, fresh pasta, and kale salad from Pasta & Provisions.  I also ordered him our first donut cake from Suarez Bakery.


Go ahead and drool.  It was better than it looks.  He is not a fan of cake.  Just donuts.  I am the opposite (I prefer cake over donuts).  I have to admit this cake changed my mind.  Something about the textures and flavors works and it works in an incredible way.  For less than $20 you can get a cake that fed us for up to a week.  The value is there!


The girls loved helping their dad celebrate his birthday.  My oldest passed him his cards as my youngest attempted on several occasions to unwrap his gifts before he had a chance to get to them.  There is no keeping secrets in our family.  Unfortunately, the baseball game that we were supposed to attend got rained out.  We will go to another one later in the year.

Looking forward to – The month of May!  We are planning some special events to celebrate my husband and I’s anniversary, Mother’s Day and the start of summer.  We will be taking our last trip before baby number three arrives to Isle of Palms later in the month.


Cravings – No real cravings at this point.  I’m back to eating the foods I enjoyed pre-pregnancy (just a lot more quantity).

Symptoms – I have had mild low back pain on my right side.  I admit that I have had this worked on by a bodywork therapist who I have seen regularly since before I was pregnant at Performance Rehab Associates.  I feel very fortunate that I haven’t had significant symptoms yet.

Workouts – I’m as busy as ever with training others and I still feel good enough to maintain my own regular workout schedule.  I am logging less running miles and spending more time doing strength, riding at Flywheel and jump roping!

  • Monday – I taught my normal 6:30 AM Flywheel class
  • Tuesday – Strength work in the garage before teaching my 3:30 PM Flywheel class.
  • Wednesday – I logged some time on feet (ran) and did some strength work while I was out a local park.
    • 1 mile run
    • Find a grassy hill  – run to top of hill, do 10 burpees (I did squat thrusts), run to bottom of hill do 1 pushup.
    • Repeat decreasing total burpees each round and increasing pushups (9,2 – 8,3, etc).
    • 10 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) grip strength work on pull up bar:
      • Odd minute – 30 second dead hang
      • Even minute – 5 Pull Ups
    • Run 1.5 miles home
  • Thursday – I joined my running group Thursday morning.  I started the workout feeling okay, but certainly slower.  See workout below:
    • Run 1.5 mile progressive warm up (they ran 1.5, I dropped in and ran 1 mile)
    • 3 x 1 mile (10 minutes to run and rest) – see my stats below.  My warm up mile was an 8:49 pace.  My first mile of the workout was 8:26.  My second mile was 8:55.  As I started mile three I decided I was done.  I felt tired and unmotivated.  I cheered them on as they finished the rest of the workout.
    • 6 x 200image1
  • I went on to teach my 3:30 PM Flywheel class that afternoon.
  • Friday – I have adjusted my strength work by listening to what my body needs.  With some lower back pain and a slight anterior tilt in my shoulders due to frontal weight I am working more on posterior strength and mobility/balance.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Jump Rope 2 minutes
      • Band Crossover work x 10
      • Turkish Get Up x 5 each side
      • Miniband around thighs squat to side leg raise x 15 each side
    • 4 Rounds
      • Driveway suicide x 2
      • Unilateral kettlebell carry length of driveway x 1
      • Lunge to kettlebell overhead press x 10 each
      • TRX rows x 15
      • Side plank x 45 seconds each
    • Rig and ring transition work in garage.
  • Saturday – 4 miles EASY run!
  • Sunday – I taught my usual 7:30 AM Flywheel class.


Week 22 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 16 pounds (Yep!  I put on 2 pounds this week).  My belly definitely popped and became noticeably bigger this week.


Movement – The baby is moving quite a bit more these days.  The movements are less low in my belly becoming stronger up top.

Sleep – I have been worn out this week.  I can always tell when the baby is going through a growth spurt because it sure does hit me.  Not only do I feel hungrier, but I just don’t feel like doing much at all.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of time for me to straight up lounge, so I am in bed early.

What I miss – Not being pregnant.  With my belly bump growing significantly this week and the weather warming up, I realized how uncomfortable the summer is likely going to be.  While some women embrace pregnancy and the joys it brings, it is really hard for me to constantly be aware of what foods, drinks and even moisturizers I am putting in and on my body.  I miss sushi, craft beer, bottomless cups of coffee, and lunch meat that doesn’t have to be heated up in the microwave.

Best Moments this Week – It was Spring Break for my girl’s preschool.  We did a staycation.  They are too young to really hit camps for Spring Break that they can go to together.  As such, I enjoyed spending some quality time with both of them together bouncing around town visiting every toddler hot spot in town.  As tiring as it was, I really did enjoy getting some quality time with my oldest for the entire day.






We ended up making it to several parks, Discovery Place, lunch uptown with dad, Chicfila (of course), the Harris YMCA, Pike’s Soda Shoppe (for ice cream), and haircuts.  When we weren’t driving around town, we kept ourselves occupied doing projects at the house:  making bracelets and necklaces with beads (fine motor skills), dying Easter Eggs and decorating them, reading new books, and coloring (sometimes missing the coloring book).



Spring Break was capped off with a serious Easter celebration.  While we did our own egg hunt after the kids discovered that the Easter Bunny had left them Easter surprises, we actually did head down to a larger egg hunt on Saturday that the actual Easter Bunny appeared at.



The hunt is held at a farm that our friend owns South of Charlotte.  The land is incredible with various activities for kids to do along with a barn that is the home of a horse.  My youngest loved getting a chance to feed the horse.



Looking forward to – Celebrating my husband’s birthday.  He hates making a big deal out of his big day, so we will keep things small at our house (planning to get a donut cake).  My oldest daughter also asked if we could all go to a baseball game for his birthday.  SOLD.

Cravings – I think I mentioned it above, but I could really go for a craft beer.

Symptoms – Restless legs hit me this week!  I have had this with all of my pregnancies which is why I am not surprised.  It doesn’t necessarily affect my ability to sleep, but I have noticed when I lay down on the couch at night to watch a tv show, I find myself fighting the urge to move my legs around to get comfortable.

Workouts – With less energy this week, I found my workouts took a hit.  Sure I am putting on serious weight these days, but I am also still teaching a lot (as compared to either of my first two pregnancies).  I now have four standing classes at Flywheel (in which I participate) as compared to two during my second pregnancy.  I was done teaching at this point in pregnancy number one.


  • Monday – I taught my regularly scheduled 6:30 AM Flywheel class.
  • Tuesday – I typically sleep in on Tuesday, however, with both kids at home, I forced myself to get up early and workout before my husband left for work.
    • 10 minute run
    • 2 Rounds
      • KB glute raise with halo rotation x 5 each side
      • Marching crunch on Bosu x 25 each side
      • KB lunge to OH press x 10 each side
      • Scapular pulls x 10
    • 3 Rounds
      • KB Swing x 25
      • Rope Pulls (Legs Out or Touching the Ground) x 10
      • Burpee x 15
      • Deadlift x 15
      • Knees to Elbow x 10
  • Wednesday – 30 minute easy run around the Harris YMCA track.
  • Thursday – I actually got myself up and back into the swing of my run group again on Thursday.  I modified the workout, but they completed it all.  I also still managed to squeeze in 4 miles at an 8:42/mile pace.
    • 2 mile progressive warm up
    • 8 x 400m, 200m recovery (I did 6 instead of the full 8) – however, I did stick around to cheer the group on.

I also went on to teach my regular 3:30 PM Flywheel class. that afternoon.

  • Friday – I have been having some lingering issue with my shoulder and low back that have forced me to really focus on mobility and adapting my exercises over the past week.  Friday was all strength (I did a lot of other cardio during the week).
    • 2 Rounds
      • Turkish Get Up x 5 each side
      • Mini Band around thighs walk forward x 15, back x 15
      • Flex Arm Hang Max
      • TRX Row x 15
      • Band Squat TRX x25
    • 2 Runds
      • Lunge with Foot on Wall x 10 each
      • Side Plank x :45 each
      • Overhead Press x 15
  • Saturday – I subbed the 2:45 Flywheel class.
  • Sunday – I taught the 7:30/8:30AM Flywheel class.  Yikes!! Lots of time in the saddle this week.  Less time running.


Week 21 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an cantaloupe (approximately a pound!)

Weight Gain – 14 pounds. Seems like I didn’t gain much this week, but my belly sure did get bigger (as seen in the pictures from this week).

Movement – Still just little kicks. Very low.

Sleep – We slept a little better this week once we got the smelly dead animal out of our HVAC and replaced the entire system.  Thousands of dollars later.  It feels good to be in my own bed knowing the kids are safe in their own bed sleeping away.

What I miss – A lot of people asked me if I was envious of everyone racing this weekend.  I have to admit, I actually was not.  I enjoyed seeing the race from a different perspective.  I have stayed busy enough that racing is not necessarily on my mind at this point.


I have to remind myself that I am on my feet far more now than ever before just taking care of the kids.  I get worn out at night.  Watching these kids (and our family) evolve and adapt is really a special thing.  My oldest daughter put together her own flower arrangement without me asking her to?


My youngest has her own personality that is full throttle.  Everything about her could be wrapped into one acronym (“bull in a china shop”).


Best Moments this Week – An absolutely fun filled fitness weekend.  I am really at the perfect point in my pregnancy for all of this to not be uncomfortable.  Charlotte hosts ONE Spartan Race a year. Even though it’s a forty-five minute drive from center city, it is still the closest race we have.  I opted to sign up to do the obstacle specialist training on Friday to get a new focus on how to approach obstacles as well as get a chance to practice some obstacles that I knew I wouldn’t see until post pregnancy.


This training was well worth the money.  I had a chance to really focus on my weaknesses and get a fresh perspective on different ways to complete obstacles.  While I did sit out a lot (I opted not to perform the atlas carry, slip wall, 7 foot wall, and hurdles), I was able to still do a lot of the things that many people struggle with – including the Olympus, monkey bars, rig and spear throw.


I have struggled with the spear throw since day one.  Guess what?  After practice, practice, practice, I hit 2 out of 4 in a group competition for time.  I even surprised myself.  I really appreciated the interaction between the group and the time Spartan Pro Team member Kevin Donoghue spent with us individually critiquing form.



While I was able to participate on Friday, I simply watched all day Saturday.  The day started early as I filmed live footage of the men’s and women’s elite start on the Spartan Race Facebook page.  My husband also happened to be running in that heat.  Being on the opposite side of the fence (as a fan) was more fun than I thought it would be.  I was able to see all of the shifting of positions real life due to simple failure of obstacles.


My husband ended up failing one obstacle (the monkey bars – gosh right at the end) and finished 19th overall.  With everything we have had going on, I was just so proud of him.



We stuck around to see my Cross Conditioning OCR team launch.  Several individuals I train ran in groups throughout the entire afternoon.  I am just so proud of them.  The course was not smooth and the obstacles were definitely tricky due to cold temperatures and wet conditions on obstacle transitions.  The whole purpose is to have a good time and that they did.


With everything going on Friday and Saturday, I had to shift my focus entirely on Sunday to lead the Charlotte Flywheel studio through its final week of FlyMadness.  Not sure what FlyMadness is?  It’s our own version of March Madness.  Over 40 teams started.  Each week studios compete to get the highest average power per person.  It was down to two this week.  Winner from Sunday to be announced this week.


That said, the powerhouse riders showed up and brought the fire.  Energy was incredible.  Thank you to all the riders that made this competition so special in our studio.

Looking forward to – Finding out the winner of FlyMadness.  Duh!  In all seriousness, it is my husband’s birthday next week and Easter.  Looking forward to some Easter egg hunts, baseball games and family time.

Cravings –  CAKE.  Maybe it’s not necessarily a craving, but I ate a lot of it this weekend.  We spent Saturday night celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday before going out Sunday night for my dad’s birthday.  It has been so great having my dad and mom local to Charlotte the past couple of years.  The girls love spending time with them and so do I.


Somehow we managed to get everyone to sit still long enough to take a group picture together with everyone looking at the camera!


Symptoms – At this point in my last pregnancy I was experiencing a lot of congestion.  I haven’t had any of that yet, but I have started to have some pain in my low back (right side).  This was relieved after seeing my massage therapist and movement trainer.  After being on my feet all day Friday and Saturday, I also started to notice some tenderness on my lower belly when I touched it that my doctor confirmed is normal at this point.  It has since subsided.

Workouts –  My workouts were less structured this week with all of the extracurricular activities.  I spent a lot more time just walking around than actually doing a “workout”

  • Monday – I taught my regular 6:30 AM Flywheel class
  • Tuesday – My only major strength workout of the week in the garage.  I knew I had a busy rest of week, so I tried to get in what I could here.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Run 800m
      • Pushup to Jump Through Dips x 10 each
      • Goblet Squat x 15
      • Rig practice with Pull Up
    • 4 Rounds
      • Single Leg Squat to Bench to standing overhead press x 10 each
      • Pull Up x 10
      • Plank x :45
      • KB Swing x 15
      • Bicep Curl x 25
  • Wednesday – I squeezed in an easy 30 minute run before knocking out a strength workout.  I tested my max pull ups again this week and ended up hitting 12!  That is my max when I am not pregnant.  I was shocked.
  • Thursday – Bad storms pushed through the Charlotte area Wednesday night, leaving my running group in a frazzle Thursday morning.  We opted to skip our regular run, so I slept in.  I taught my regular 3:30PM Flywheel class.
  • Friday – another unusual day.  I subbed the 6:30AM class at Flywheel before heading up to the Spartan Race course to participate in Obstacle Specialist Training.  We walked ALOT.  I hit close to 20,000 steps and I was sore from practicing the obstacles I completed.
  • Saturday – I was up at 4:20AM to get everything together before my husband and I got on the road to the race (5:30AM).  We got home in the early afternoon at which point, I went on a run/walk.  Being on my feet all day was enough for me.
  • Sunday – I taught my regular 7:30AM Flywheel class.

Week 20 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a banana (approximately 10 ounces)

Weight Gain – Eek.  I had another growth spurt.  14 pounds.  Most people wouldn’t guess that much.  I guess that’s a good thing?  Lots of weight up top.


Movement – In pregnancy number two, I answered some days more than others. I would say that is the same for this one.  It is reassuring to me when I look back and see that because I feel like some days the baby should be moving more than she is.

Sleep – Things were fine and dandy until a weird smell started to creep into our vents Thursday morning.  After searching long and hard for the stench, we realized it was coming from our crawl space.  A creature had invaded the small space under our house and ate its way through our insulation and HVAC ducts.  We have been co-sleeping to avoid having the children in the rooms that smell.  That is never a good situation.  We are hoping to have the ducts and animal removed early this week.  Nothing like the smell of a decaying animal.


The funny thing is, if you ask the kids if they smell it they responded matter of factly that they don’t.  We have been leaving the windows open and fans running during the day.  I have also made a conscious effort to keep the kids occupied with activities outside (for my sanity and theirs).  They have begun to enjoy finding flowers on wagon walks that they use to make flower arrangements.  Thanks to my mom for the great idea.

What I miss – You know what?  I still don’t really miss much.  I have to admit, I have been sticking to having one 4 ounce pour of wine a week (which helps me feel more normal).  Maybe I miss not being able to really get away.  We are overdo for a vacation, but we are headed to the beach next month.


In an effort to spend time with my husband (without the kids), we have made a conscious effort to do date lunches and nights when we can.  He doesn’t work far from where the kids are in preschool.  On days that I pick them up, I will sometimes meet my husband for lunch before walking over to get the girls.  We hit RiRa’s Sandwich Shop this week (see above).

Best Moments this Week –  At this point in my last pregnancy, I was gearing up to go on a bachelorette trip.  You remember that trip.  When I was slaying ice cream cones and steaks while everyone else was crushing champagne and beers.



I was definitely not going on any crazy beach trips this week.  Most of this week was spent wrapping up my first 12 week program with Cross Conditioning OCR and finding ways to enjoy time with my two girls.




We covered shoe boxes with computer paper and attached yarn to one end such that the girls could decorate the boxes and then pull them around the house in a parade formation.  I got this idea from school.  They absolutely love it.  Such an easy idea.



Looking forward to –  The first Spartan Race of 2017 in Charlotte.  I have been prepping a team of individuals for over 12 weeks to participate in the race.  My husband will be running elite individually.  While I will not be competing (the risk is not worth the reward), I will doing media for Spartan Race and attending Obstacle Specialist Training on Friday.  Last year I finished 14th overall in the women’s elite division.  I can’t wait to be back next year!


Cravings – I’m still on a carb kick.  I was thinking by this point I would have started to crave sweets again, but I still love a good piece of pizza or a bagel.

Symptoms – This is the first week that the reality I am pregnant has actually set in.  Sure I have known I am pregnant, but I actually feel slower this week.  My belly is actually starting to grow outward.  I actually have the urge to start pulling out newborn clothes and prepare the nursery.

Workouts – I am still moving and grooving.  I am surprised at how well my body responds to activity.  I have continued to wear my belly band when running.

  • Monday – I taught my regular 6:30AM Class.  I did jump into another instructor’s class at 11:45AM and rode for approximately 30 minutes.  She is starting to scale back some of her classes (because, low and behold, she is pregnant), so I wanted to make sure I got a chance to ride with her before it was too hard to get a bike in her class.
  • Tuesday – I had this awesome idea of what I wanted to do as a workout.  After I started, I realized it was a little too much, so I scaled it back.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Run 800m
      • Step Back Lunge with Upright Row x 15 each
      • Dead Hang x 1:00 minute
      • Sandbag deadlift  15
    • Pull Up/Leg Raise EMOM (this was HARD)
      • Odd Minutes – 5 pull ups
      • Even Minutes – 5 Leg Raises
    • 4 Rounds (:40 on/:20 off, no rest between rounds)
      • Kettlebell Squat Clean
      • Battle Ropes
      • Slam Ball
      • Supine TRX Row
  • Wednesday – I scaled back things a  little more, as I was feeling somewhat fatigued from lack of sleep and allergies.
    • Run 30 minutes EASY (Low heart rate focus)
    • Accumulate as much dead hang time on various grips for 10 minutes – every time you drop 5 Push-Ups

At mid point in the week, I received some pictures from the Spartan Workout Tour that I helped coach a few weeks ago.  Wow.  They were just awesome.  They truly capture how much I love what I do.




  • Thursday – I still met with my running group.  Albeit, I did slow down considerably, it felt great to be out there and a part of the group still.  I did my thing while they did theirs (which wasn’t much different.  For the month of March I total 60.2 miles!  Not too shabby.
    • 1 mile progressive Warm Up
    • Run 1 Mile, 400m recovery
    • 4x800m, 400m recovery – I walked a section of my recovery, while they jogged the entire recovery
    • 4x400m, 200 recovery – I opted out of this part of the workout as I had already hit over 5 miles.  Five miles is about my limit at one time these days.

I went on to teach my regular Flywheel class at 3:30 that afternoon to a powerhouse of women riders.

  • Friday – Strictly strength.  I did a lot of cardio last week. Which means I must have eaten a lot to still gain weight.  That said, I stayed in the garage and got ZERO miles in Friday.
    • 2 Rounds
      • Bosu Knee to Chest, Straight Leg over hurdle x 10 each side
      • Bosu Burpee x 10
      • Bear Crawl x 25 Yards
      • Glute Bridge with mini band x 25
    • 2 Rounds
      • Side Knee to elbow on Bosu x 25 each
      • Lunge on Bosu with curl x 15
      • Flex Hang with Leg Raise x 10
      • TRX Row x 10
    • 2 Rounds
      • Side Step Up x 10
      • Mini band around thighs squat walk x 25 yards (back and forth)
      • Pull Up x 15 (various grips)
      • Side Lateral Raise x 15
  • Saturday – We had a busy day. I squeezed in an easy 4.5 mile run before training my own group of clients and taking care of things around the house.
  • Sunday – I taught my usual 7:30 AM Flywheel class.