Week 15 – Round 3

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a large navel orange (approximately 2 ounces)

Weight Gain – 8 Pounds.  As noted last week, I put on more weight than average the first trimester of pregnancy.  I have never been sick, however, I have had food aversions.  I also tend to eat more, higher fat foods than my body is used to.  Weight gain is no surprise.

Movement – Still no movement.  It’s funny though.  After two other pregnancies, I have a feeling exactly where it will start.  Maybe that’s a feeling that never goes away.

Sleep – I have good days and bad.  I am on my feet a lot more during the day at this point than I was with either of my first two pregnancies (I was still working my desk job full time).  I wasn’t moving much from 8AM – 5 PM.  That said, with personal and group training/Flywheel and taking care of my two girls full time, I am WIPED out by the end of the day.  I find that if I am too tired, I am more restless.  My husband is not surprised if I fall asleep on the couch while we catch up on adult TV before bed time.



What I miss – Obstacle Course Racing!  Well,  I haven’t quite missed a race yet, but I will soon.  While I watch several of my close friends and athletes train for the Charlotte Sprint (that is less than 6 weeks away), I am practicing patience.  While my workouts still have an OCR training theme to them, I will just be hanging out on the sideline until baby get here!

Best Moments this Week – Continuing to be an ongoing part of my fitness groups (with my kids!).  People say that you will never get pregnant at the perfect time.  I agree.  While we always talked about having three kids, I was surprised when I found out we (or rather I) was pregnant.  I’m coming off one of my biggest years athletically since college.  I am in the middle of building up a new career that was somewhat stagnant when I had two kids in less than two years.


That said, the Charlotte fitness community and Flywheel have continued to support my endeavors regardless of the change.  Sweat and Sweets took the time to spend a week with my Cross Conditioning OCR program before making an incredible video to document what it is we do. See their website at sweatclt.com.


My girls have continued to stay my first priority, however, as they have aged, they have grown accustomed to what it is that mommy does.  If I train someone at the house and they are home, they have grown to watch, imitate and behave.  I was also able to bring them to Flywheel this week for a team photoshoot and they adored seeing everyone get their pictures taken.

img_3796With the warm weather upon us, we have been spending a lot more time outside, however, we do find ways to play indoors as well (see painting above).  My oldest daughter also celebrated pancake and pajama day at preschool this week (and was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt).


Looking forward to – My youngest daughter’s second birthday.  Wow, time flies.  We are doing a small birthday party at the house, and she is getting a bouncy house.  Wish us luck.  See a picture of her from her first birthday below.


Cravings – I am finally starting to crave healthy foods again.  For example, salads, egg whites and grilled chicken.  I couldn’t imagine eating them just a few weeks ago.

Symptoms – Second Trimester energy boost – gotta love it!!

Workouts – With increased energy, I was able to get back on some good workouts this week.

  • Monday – Taught 6:30 AM Flywheel
  • Tuesday – Strength Training at Home
  • Wednesday – See stats below.  30 minute “easy run”.  I determine my easy pace using the Maffetone formula.  It has not changed since pre-pregnancy.   I was surprised that my pace was still 9:02/mile.
    • Post run, I did a little bit of strength work –
    • 2 Rounds
      • Sit Up on Foam Roller x 25
      • Pistol Squat with TRX x 15 each side
      • Dip Jump Through with Pushup x 10 each
    •  Pull up EMOM – 5 pull-ups every minute on the minute until failure.  I made it 6 rounds.


  • Thursday – I’m finally feeling good enough to keep a decent pace with my Thursday run group (we typically practice speed and hill training).
    • 1 mile warm up
    • 4 Rounds
      • 5 minutes HARD, 2 minutes EASY, :30 Rest
    • 6 x 200 (I only did 4)

I accumulated 5 miles around an 8:40 pace (which included the easy and rest time.  I also went on to teach my regular 3:30 PM Flywheel class.

  • Friday – Flywheel, Flywheel, Flywheel.  That’s all I can say about this week.  The CEO of Flywheel was in town on Friday and riding in the 9:45 AM class with Denise.  Instructors had a chance to meet her and ride with her.  I opted to jump in the ride and pop in the studio to say hi.  I missed the group photo after, but I thoroughly enjoyed taking a class with my team.  The energy was incredible.


That said, I was back at 5:30 PM that evening to teach my own Flywheel class!

Saturday – Knowing I had a double both Friday and Sunday at Flywheel, I knew Saturday would be a strictly strength day.  After training my group and personal training client, I hit our home gym for my own workout.

2 Rounds (Warm up)

  • Jump rope 2 minutes
  • Knee to Elbow Slow x 15 each side
  • Bosu Step Over Squat to rotation with weight x 15 each side
  • Spartan Sandbag Deadlift x 15

2 Rounds

  • TRX Supine Row Knee to Chest x 8 each leg
  • Broad Jump Forward, 3 small jumps back to start x 15
  • Feet in TRX supine, reverse fly with glute raise x 15
  • Step Up (no knee raise) weighted x10 each

2 Rounds

  • Rig Transition with Pull Up x 1
  • Burpee x 15
  • Toes to Bar x10
  • Ape Crawl x 25 Yards

Sunday  – I taught a double at Flywheel Sunday.  I taught my scheduled class at 7:30 AM and they absolutely destroyed the ride.  See numbers below.


Say what you want about the bikes, but the 2:45 PM class that I taught later in the day did not disappoint.  My husband also rode with me for the first time in almost a YEAR!


Another week gone by, another week closer to meeting our third daughter.  I can’t reiterate enough how incredible the pregnancy period is.  The fact that the human body and two individuals can create a human being is mind blowing.  We feel fortunate that we get to go through the process one more time.

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