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“You Must Work Out All The Time”

Someone said that to me this week.  I guess you should ask yourself what you consider all the time.  The comment made me think.  How much do I work out?  In the grand scheme of things, my day to day workouts vary so much depending on what I have going on.  That said, in order to figure out the answer to my own question, I decided to keep track of my workouts for one week.  I have a watch that tracks sleep, steps and activity.  I actually put it to use to share with you how hard I am pushing myself and what I am doing each day.



My schedule is pretty simple on Sunday.  I teach two back to back classes at Flywheel first thing in the morning – 6:30/7:30 AM.  I ride to what I teach to, typically in the middle range.  For my first class, I set the activity on my watch to “Indoor-Bike” and tracked my energy level.  The instructor bike does not give accumulated power any more, so I can’t share that with you.  That said, in 43 minutes, my stats are listed below:

  • Max HR – 176 beats per minute
  • Average HR – 138 beats per minute
  • Calories – 307

Fair enough.  I did not set my activity for round 2, but let’s go off the first class.


I taught my afternoon Cross Conditioning Class at Crossfit Mecklenburg, but I did not participate.  I strictly spend this time monitoring form and my clients.

Total Steps – 15,915


I am exclusively back at Flywheel for two classes – 6:30/10:45 AM.  See stats from Sunday above for an idea of what type of effort I am putting in.  That’s the end of my day on Monday.  I do not typically train anyone Monday afternoon and I do not do any other exercise myself.


Total Steps – 10,727 Steps


I lead a workout at 6:20 AM every Tuesday out of Freedom Park with the focus on conditioning through sprints and hill repeats.  I do not participate.


I train several clients throughout the day on Tuesday in personal sessions.

I was exhausted Tuesday.  I try to wake up to work out before my running workout on Tuesday, but this week I wasn’t feeling it.  I was supposed to teach a class at Flywheel at 11:45AM, but it got cancelled around 10:30 AM.  That said, with the time I had a sitter available (when I was supposed to teach), I got a solid strength workout in.  Combination of running, weights and core work.

Total Time – 41:54 seconds

Distance – 2.4 miles

Max HR – 194 bpm

Average HR – 159 bpm

Calories – 343

I had to cancel my afternoon clients to take my youngest daughter to the doctor due to a high fever and congestion.  That’s my life.  Unexpected and unplanned.


Total Steps – 13,026 Steps


I use Wednesday to specifically train range of motion, core, stretching and primal movements.  It’s low impact.  It’s light running.  I had to take my car to the shop to get the oil changed at 7 AM.  I was set up to leave the car for an hour while they completed the work.  I wore my workout clothes.  I mapped a route.  I ran to a local park.  I did a few exercises. I ran back to the shop just in time to pick up my car.  Talk about multi tasking.

Total Time – 40:00 minutes

Max HR – 176 bpm

Average HR – 140 bpm

Calories -3 00

That’s it.  With my youngest still sick, I limited the number of people that I trained, and I stayed home a better part of the day while my parents and friends helped take my oldest out to do things.  I got away for about an hour and a half in the afternoon to attend a training at Flywheel.


Total Steps – 13,511 Steps


My new speed/hill training day.  After a round of drinks several weeks ago, two of my good running friends and I decided we would start a high intensity running day to train speed and strength on hills.  So far, so good.  The group continues to build.  I have to say the past few weeks have been rough for me.  The combination of not much sleep with increasing humidity and heat has left me feeling gassed in the middle of these workouts.  Regardless, I am making the effort.  I am out there.  I am thankful for the friends that push me.


Total Time – 39:12

Distance – 5.02 miles

Average heart rate – 179 bpm

Maximum heart rate – 195 bpm

Calories – 409

I trained one client in the morning before taking my youngest daughter back to the doctor.  Three days straight with a fever over 100!  She seemed to be getting better.  We came home for lunch before I left to teach a Flywheel class that afternoon at 3:30PM.  See average stats from Sunday for one Flywheel class.


I taught my Cross Conditioning Spartan class at 6:30 PM that evening, but I did not participate.  Whew!  Thursday is a long day.

Total Steps – 17,268 Steps


Maybe I’m getting sick.  Maybe I just need some rest.  Here I am Friday.  I woke up early to squeeze a workout in.  I blew it.  I went out in the garage with no plan.  I started doing an old workout that my husband had written down and left out there.  I got 20 minutes in and I thought “hell with it.”  I went inside to take a shower.  It was (and still is) one of those days.  I chalked it up and told myself to stop going through the motions before I headed to Fox 46 Charlotte for a demo workout about the Spartan Revolution event this Sunday.


My reason for writing this all out is because I wanted to give people a realistic view of how difficult it is for me on certain days to even have a chance to work out for myself.  In looking back some days are way busier than others.  It is safe to say that I typically walk over 10,00 steps every day.  It is also safe to say that I spend on average about 1 hour working out each day (that includes my 20 minute workout on Friday).  Some days are a set schedule which certainly holds me accountable, but other days I have to figure out how to make it work.  This is certainly something that I work with my clients on.  Most importantly, I stay the most active by being on my feet toting my sweet girls around.  I also eat relatively healthy.  All of this is something I would be willing to work with clients on should they ask.