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The Road To Home

Wow, the past two weeks (or months) have been busy.  As I launched my very own fitness program and workout model (, I have also taken a real dose of both the good and bad of the Charlotte fitness industry.  While it might seem like my plan came together pretty seamlessly, there was a lot of failure before I found a home for each and every one of my workouts.  There has been a wake up call.  To be honest, through the process, I have really found out who my biggest advocates are.  People I expected to be there, haven’t been there.  People I never would have guessed would help, have reached out.  I am a people pleaser, so this has been the toughest lesson for me to learn.  I just can’t make everyone happy.


I had an incredible Mother’s Day (my first with my youngest daughter).  I began the holiday by doing a very informal photo shoot with other moms from Flywheel Charlotte. With everything going on and some of the drama that I talked about above, I have really been forced to focus my energy on those relationships that have seen me through my latest venture.  I have focused more on family.  On making sure my girls are happy.


A trip home couldn’t have come at a better time. As close as the place that I grew up is from us (Roanoke, VA), we don’t really go back enough without a reason to.  Hence, we were headed back to attend a wedding for one of the clients that I train.  My parents recently put their house on the market in Virginia so this really may be one of the last times we head up north without staying in a hotel.  It’s kind of mind blowing.


The wedding just so happened to be taking place the same weekend as my husband and I’s anniversary. That said, we headed up Thursday night, so we could sneak away on Friday night for a nice dinner to celebrate four years of being married.  We left the girls in good hands with my mom, grandparents (the girl’s great grandparents) and my sister Amanda.



They had a blast (and so did we).  I will just throw it out there – I was never as close with my mom’s parents growing up.  They spent the first part of my life in New York City before moving to the South to be close to us.  Our relationship has developed over time as has my relationship with my mom and sister.  While we have always been close, since becoming a mom I have come to admire the strength of a woman with children.  It’s a super tough job whether you are working full time or not.  My mom has become my crutch in some circumstances.  She has listened, and offered advice at times.  She is the first one to have my back.  I love her for that.


I spent Saturday morning going on a long run by myself.  Since the first day of my program was set to start the following week, I wanted to take a moment to isolate myself.  Remember where I started.  Remember what drives me.  As I ran through the Blue Ridge Parkway and absorbed the beauty that my hometown has to offer, I got kind of emotional.  My family sure didn’t come from much.  It has always been the little things that make us happy.  My husband was raised the same way.  As tough as I may seem, because of this, I feel for people.  I don’t hold grudges.  I want everyone to find the best version of themselves.




With time to kill after my run (and before the wedding was set to start), I regrouped with the girls, my husband and my mom to check out Center in the Square located in Downtown Roanoke.  For just a few dollars, we checked out the science museum, butterfly garden and aquarium before making one final stop at the candy store adjacent to the building’s lobby.


We prepped for the wedding early to give us time to stop and see my Great Aunt Reva on the way.  Little did I know, she lived less than five miles away from the site of the wedding.  Stopping in Christiansburg, along Route 8, just miles away from Floyd, VA, I was flooded with even more emotions.  My Great Aunt Reva lives just a few minutes away from Blacksburg (home to Virginia Tech – where I went to college) and less than thirty minutes from my grandpa’s farm in Floyd, VA.  It is safe to safe the first 25 years of my life revolved around this area.  I might even describe it more as the place I grew up.  I am so happy that the girls got to spend time with one of my dad’s few surviving aunts and/or uncles.  She is truly incredible.





After a quick change, the girls were ready to go to the wedding (and so were we).  It was beautiful.  It was so special to meet my client’s family and friends in such an intimate manner.  The girls did as best they could.  My oldest daughter described the bride as a princess.  How beautiful did she look?  I swear I never used to get emotional at weddings until I had my own.  Once I experienced the incredible feeling of getting married, I began see how much these two have to look forward to.  I really feel for them how and special this union is.


I have always said that all important life events happen for a reason.  There is a greater calling to each decision that we make.  After debating whether to head up to Virginia for the wedding, I truly feel like it was meant to be.  I have been struggling a little bit accepting some of the challenges that have come from me doing things on my own.  Being home and around the people that mean the most to me really reaffirmed that I am doing the right things.  That I am happy.