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Morgan Riley – 1 Year Update

I am behind on my one year update for our youngest daughter, Morgan Riley, mainly because we scheduled her one year well visit a few days after her actual birthday.  Before sharing the details of her first year, I wanted to make sure I had her accurate growth stats. As of twelve months, her measurements came in at:

  • Height – 29.1 inches (52nd percentile)
  • Weight – 20 pounds 14 ounces (48th percentile)
  • Head – 45 centimeters (49th percentile)

As with other monthly updates, it is more and more apparent that she is growing at a faster rate than our oldest daughter, Madison Marie.  In fact, at Madison’s most recent well visit (her 2 year appointment), she only weighed approximately 22 pounds. It is important to note that Madison enjoys running and took her first steps at 10 months old.  Morgan took her first steps the week of her first birthday.  We expect her growth rate to decrease as she now starts to move around more freely on her feet.

Other than growth, it is important to note all of the other incredible things that Morgan is doing now that she is one year old.

  • Shaking her head no and yes when you ask her a question.
  • Pointing at body parts when you ask her where they are.
  • Trying to complete tasks if you ask her to do them (i.e. put your shoe on) – she can’t necessarily do it, but she comprehends what you are asking her to do.
  • Walking!  Yes, she is taking several steps all over.
  • Using sign language to communicate “more”.
  • Getting off the couch and in and out of child height chairs safely.
  • Recognizing people she regularly sees.  Trying to say their name.
  • Trying to say words.
  • Loves balloons, music, books.
  • Hates being separated from her sister.  If our oldest is put in time out she will crawl to her door and cry outside for her to be let out.
  • Trying more foods.  Loves ground beef – hamburgers, meatloaf, meat sauce. Prefers salty over sweet foods.
  • Has transitioned to regular whole milk straight from the refrigerator.  Holding her bottle by herself.  Both such a big help.
  • Wakes up once or twice a night for comfort.  We are letting her cry it out after offering her a bottle, changing her diaper and rocking her.  We also switch off nights for who gets up to take care of her.  One of us often ends up the guest room near her room to wait for her to cry it out while the other sleeps.  The things you do for sleep.  Teamwork.
  • One nap per day.  Typically in afternoon.
  • Waves and smiles at everyone.  Says “hi” and “bye”.

The pictures below are in order by month for each of her first 12 months.  It is so hard to pick which ones truly represent her vibrant personality, but I gave it a try.  I can’t wait to see what year two brings us.  We love you little Morgan Riley!