And I Am Launching

It’s official!  I have decided to launch my own signature cross conditioning obstacle course racing program.  After thinking long and hard about how I wanted to get the Charlotte community informed about the training that is available for these types of races, or better yet being a more balanced individual, I felt like I need to do more.  Before I go on, let me make a few things clear.  I will still be training at the Harris YMCA, but I will not be teaching Spartan SGX as of now.  That said, I feel strongly in the staff and SGX instructors on site at the Harris YMCA.  As such, if what I am doing does not work for you, I offer that as an alternative.  I do plan to continue my relationship with the Y in hopes that we can continue to build the sport of obstacle racing and training in Charlotte and possibly add an evening class back in the future.


I introduce to you “Cross Conditioning Obstacle Course Racing“.  Since the Charlotte Spartan Sprint, I have been thinking long and hard about the perfect way to train for an obstacle race.  While I love the idea of just having a class two days that works on strength and teaches individuals the skills they need to conquer obstacles, I actually think conditioning should be placed at a very high importance as well.  The terrain of these races is not easy and the length of time people are on their feet can be anywhere from 1-4 hours.

How do we get the best of both worlds?  We make a program that focuses on longer workouts with a conditioning focus.  We take the barbell out (because when in real life or racing is it functional to do a hang clean – sorry I said it).  We add core functional and primal movements. We place practicing being on our feet at the same level of importance as learning how to do an obstacle.  Let’s face it, if you fail, you have to be conditioned to do burpees before continuing to move again.  I think you are starting to follow me now.


For those of you that are serious about a 12 week program that phases into building a more balanced individual (specifically for obstacle racing), I have worked out an incredible schedule of workouts for you to follow that will essentially set you up for being faster, stronger, and one step closer to the finish line.  You don’t need to do any other workouts (unless you want to), yet I would ask you not to.  Each of the workouts below is included.

  • Sunday – Cross Conditioning Spartan SGX class at Crossfit Mecklenburg
  • Monday – Recovery/Cross Training Day (Flywheel/Yoga)
  • Tuesday – Speed/Hill Training Workout
  • Wednesday – At home mobility/strength workout
  • Thursday – Cross Conditioning Spartan SGX class at Crossfit Mecklenburg
  • Friday – Recovery/Cross Training Day (Flywheel/Yoga)
  • Saturday – Steady state endurance long run

As you can see, Crossfit Mecklenburg will be the host of the Cross Conditioning Spartan SGX workout.  Flywheel has also offered a special rate to 12 week program participants to use on their cross training days.  See website for details.


Through the 12 week program, we will focus on a phased approach.  This will allow each individual to build necessary foundations before moving on to more difficult metabolic outputs and strength exertions.  We will also work through the importance of mobility and nutrition as it relates to performance.

Phase I – (Weeks 1 – 4)

Master basic fundamental body weight movements.
Discuss nutrition and its impact on performance.
Begin conditioning body for increased metabolic output.
Place major emphasis on mobility and range of motion.

Phase II – (Weeks 5 – 8)

Ramp up the intensity of program using more complex movements through metabolic conditioning.
Begin implementing strength training mechanisms; including kettle bells, sandbags, and sleds.
Increase duration of steady state endurance workouts.

Phase III – (Weeks 9 – 12)

Place foundation of workout around mimicking the intensity of a race.
Less rest, including obstacle skill sessions. Obstacles that can be guaranteed to be practiced, include: Rope Climb, Bucket Carry, Sandbag Carry, 8 Foot Wall Jump, and Hercules Hoist. Other obstacles TBD.
Discuss race plan and practice unexpected race scenarios.

Should one phase not appeal to you, you can opt to not attend that phase, but come on a monthly basis. Further, if you would like to “drop-in” on a workout you may do so as well. In both cases, you will opt out of some of the benefits that those choosing the 12 week program will receive.


I would love for you to look around the website.  I would love for you to provide some feedback.  I want to keep the 12 week group relatively limited the first round, so that I can be the best coach for you that I can be.  I am committed to a process and seeing you change into a more confident individual.  As much as I believe that men and women both equally benefit from the races, from experience I can guarantee that women will feel empowerment and strength they never thought possible.  When you finish this race, you won’t feel defined by a number on a scale or the way your clothes fit, but instead strong and encouraged by what you realize you are capable of (and that is what matters).


Whether you want to drop in, commit or just inquire, please reach out.  The enthusiasm I have for this sport is out of this world.  I love talking about it.  I love meeting new people.  I love learning new things.  I can’t wait to see what we can do here in Charlotte.



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