Cross Conditioning 12 Week Program

I had an incredible discussion this weekend with one of my best girl friends who just happens to work in PR and social media.  I have been dragging my feet about proudly displaying details on my program in fear that it might not work out.  I don’t know why I feel the need to have someone approve my idea.  That said, she lit a freaking fire under my ass.  I’m going to do this on my own, and I’m so confident in this that I want to give my readers a heads up.

Cross Conditioning / OCR – Take Crossfit. Remove the barbell.  Practice longer WODs (workout of the day) with a conditioning focus.  Add core functional movements.

It all came to me this weekend.  I love everything that training for a Spartan Race has to offer, but what if you don’t want to do a race?  What if you just want to be an overall better athlete?  You want to run a little faster, you want to lift heavier items with ease, and/or you want to improve your overall quality of life with others around you.  That’s what this is.  It’s for everyone.  It prepares you for life.


I am a mom to two incredible girls (a one year old and a two year old).  While I was a college athlete, I have had to work just as hard as any other new mom to get my body back in to shape.  It was with this cross conditioning method that I found myself in better shape post baby than I was during my post-collegiate days.  I was also spending less time at the gym and actually increasing my calorie intake (as a result of an increased metabolism).


This week, I will finalize my plans for my 12 week cross conditioning program, which will also prepare all fitness levels for the Spartan Race in Asheville on August 6, 2016 and/or the Fort Bragg Sprint and Carolinas Beast.  It will be hard, but I will hold you accountable.  Know this – there will be two options.

  • Completely online  – I will send you workouts each week, in which you will complete on your own. It will essentially be a guide for those of you who know how to exercise, but do not know how to draft a formal plan.
  • Participant Level – In person.  Notebooks to track results.  Direct conversation with me regularly.  Details to be disclosed later this week, but you should expect:
    • One in-person speed/hill workout per week in a group setting.
    • Two in-person Spartan SGX workouts per week in a group setting.
    • One running workout to perform on your own.
    • One at home strength workout to perform on your own.
    • Group workouts regularly at disclosed locations.
    • Group communication.

As a Spartan SGX coach, I will also offer discounts on races and gear with affiliates.  Please reach out to me about any questions you have, as I finalize details and get this out to the general public by end of week.  As I speak to my results, I dream of seeing my clients do the same.  Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling strong and confident.

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