Pursuing New Opportunities

New year, new opportunities.  That may be an understatement.  It’s official.  I will be following through with my Spartan venture on a much different scale.  Where do I begin?  It’s only fair that I start at the beginning.  My first gym in Charlotte? The Dowd YMCA.  At the time (2007), it was THE place to be.  It was the Dowd YMCA where I met some of my best friends and my future husband.  It was the Dowd YMCA where I waited outside the door to get in at 5AM.  I built relationships that will last my entire life.  If you aren’t from Charlotte, this might sound weird.  Trust me.  The Charlotte area YMCA system is unlike any other.  Since having my second child, my relationship with the facility has changed.


I now frequent the Harris YMCA – a branch further south, much larger, and a facility that offers just that much more.  What does this have to do with my post?  You guessed it.  I will be joining the team.  In an effort to match some of the activity going on at many of the boutique fitness studios in Charlotte, the YMCA is looking to add some valuable programs that differentiate themselves.  Case in point – Spartan SGX training.  You got it.  For only a small fee over regular membership, members AND non-members have the opportunity to get specific training to get them prepped for an obstacle course race (or not!).  They are investing in this program.  Not only is there an outdoor track, but a new turf runway and the set of outdoor exercise equipment above.  Due to high levels of demand, I will be coming on board to lead two evening classes a week.


What does all of this mean?  What is Spartan SGX?  This form of training is methodical.  Structured.  It isn’t just about physically working out, but it also involves building self efficacy, learning about nutrition, changing pieces of your lifestyle through small attainable goals, and truly making yourself a better human.  Trainers (instructors) aren’t just leading individuals through a class, but rather coaching them during the week as well.  I am in the final phase of my training – building a 12 week program.


I won’t be the first person to say this, but you don’t have to be training for a Spartan race to pursue this system.  Through three phases, the body is prepared to hit a peak performance before partaking in regeneration and recovery.  As part of each trainer’s program, exercise type and intensity are detailed with regressions and progressions of each exercise.  That makes each workout very focused on making it adaptable to any and every one.  Trust me, you won’t be jumping over a wall your first day there.  You also won’t be climbing a rope until you have built a foundation. Each workout also includes a proper dynamic warm up and stretching/cool down. Whether it is your first race or you an elite level athlete, the program is adaptable.


All of this said, something else had to change.  I have put my notice in at SmartCore Fitness.  While I loved everything about the people and training methodology, the opportunity to start a program at a facility that offers something completely different than anything out there is a risk I am willing to take.  More than 290,000 children and adults used the Charlotte YMCA system in 2014.  As I continue to try to build my client base, aligning myself at a place that I can be seen is crucial.  For limited hours during the week I will also be open to training individuals or small groups at the Harris YMCA.    In an effort to kick off my new endeavor, I will be leading a FREE workout at Athleta Southpark on February 14th from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Please reach out to me for more information!


On top of training others and working with this new program, I am full force back in Spartan training mode.  Shoulder is feeling extremely good, and I am building strength exponentially.  Burpees (as seen above) no longer create uncomfortable impact, and I am doing pull ups, toes to bar and overhead swings without pain.  My plan is to be running elite in the Charlotte Spring on Saturday, April 9th.


We have been spending some family time at Lowe’s buying supplies for Spartan training at home – 2×4’s for balance drills, PVC pipes for mobility drills and mounting devices for mock rigs and gymnastic rings.  We are all in.  I am going to give this a big go.  You better believe I will still be teaching at Flywheel.  I truly believe that the indoor cycling workout has been the key to me maintaining leg strength while building endurance – such a crucial piece of my training.  I also plan to bring the girls along for the ride.  Another perk of being at the Y is the childcare.  They get to come with me!  Who wouldn’t want to tote these two around everywhere?




I am anxious, but I am ready.  I want to make this something special.  I want the people who participate to feel a change in their life.  I want to see this through.  Are you up for the challenge? Please contact me directly for more information, and I will continue to keep you updated!

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