New Year, New Goals

When I take time to reflect on my fitness goals from fourth quarter 2015, I feel some satisfaction in what I was able to accomplish given my first serious exercise related injury. I have always been the type of person that does better when I physically write down my goals, tape them up somewhere and look at them on a regular basis.  I still have a piece of paper that hung in my college dorm/apartment for four years – GPA each semester greater than 3.5, followed by specific heights that I anticipated clearing in the pole vault as I spent more time training.  People who knew me then, saw it.  As crazy as it may have seemed, they also know that I ended up hitting my height requirements.  I also graduated Magna Cum Laude.


The reason why I bring up my personal story is because I want my readers to understand that the goals we set (and write down) don’t just have to be physical.  We might set personal goals at work, at home, in our community or physiologically.  What I want to reiterate is for a goal to be set, you don’t necessarily need to tell anyone, but hold yourself accountable in some way.  Don’t just say it.  Do it.  When we meet a goal, we indirectly build our self efficacy and mental stamina.  We sometimes even surprise ourselves (even better).

I hate people using the New Year as a reason to start get motivated, but it actually is a great time for me to reassess my training, reset my own goals, and think about how I want to move forward in 2016.  Here are my thoughts.  I expect you to hold me accountable as much as I will hold myself to these commitments.


Earn a “coin”.  Say what?  I know my shoulder injury shut me down for a better part of the fourth quarter, however, I am on the mend.  I am training in a different manner.  I am striving to compete in a Spartan Race early in 2016.  That said, I would like to earn my spot in the Spartan World Championships by earning a coin.  There are four ways to earn a coin, the most likely scenario for me is to finish top five in the women’s elite heat of any US race.  If all goes as planned, my first Spartan Race of 2016 will likely be the sprint in Charlotte in April.

Complete more running races.  I have never been as good of a long distance runner as I would like to be.  Practice makes perfect.  I am committing to running at least twice per week – one longer run, one speed or hill workout.  Improving my overall mile time will improve several aspects of my Spartan Race.  I will run my first race on April 2, when I compete in the Charleston Bridge Run 10K.  As crowded as this race can be, I am all set to race in a competitive heat with the goal under 45 minutes for 6 miles.


Be on the schedule more at Flywheel.  Flywheel was my “in” to the fitness industry.  While I loved working out and training prior to taking my first class, my love for improving people’s lives and inspiring those around me through exercise began at Flywheel.  I drink the kool-aid.  Riding a bike in this atmosphere is such an incredible way for many different types of people to get a cardio workout.  The studio has such a sense of “community”.  It has been hard for me to find availability on the regular schedule since I had my second child.  I am now set at five classes per week (see the “services/schedule” tab).  I will also try to sub where I can, as much as I can.

Give my kids the opportunity to be active.  My oldest is reaching the age where she is adapting habits based on the things taking place around her.  She loves to run, without being prompted.  She loves to mimic the exercises that she sees mommy and daddy do.  Her version of a squat is called “up, down”.  My focus is to let her try as much as she can, not push her in any direction, and let her decide if sports and exercise are something she wants to do.  If you have read my back story, you know I didn’t really play many sports (or go to the gym) when I was growing up.  Look where I am now.  Life is a roller coaster.  She is participating in her first season of Soccer Shots.  While they don’t play any games, she is learning the basics of the sport.


She is also participating in her second season of swim lessons.  I gauge her interest by talking to her about them both regularly.  Asking her if she likes it.  Asking her if she actually wants to go.  So far, so good.  The most difficult part is holding back my infant from wanting to participate as well!


Finally.  Start my Spartan Training Program.  We are in the works.  There are a lot of moving pieces.  If you are looking to train for a Spartan Race, please contact me directly.  I want you to be successful, as much as I would like to be.  Seeing people succeed in physical races, is just the start of seeing them carry over that mental strength in every aspect of their life.  I am being so serious.


Now that I have put my goals out there, share with me yours.  What will 2016 be like for you?


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