I have been straight up M.I.A.  I ran into a former co-worker uptown yesterday, and she said, “How ironic, I just checked to make sure I was still subscribed to your blog, because I haven’t gotten an update in so long.”  Noted.  I am SO sorry it has been so long.  The past few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind.  In my last post, I was reaching out to anyone who may be interested in doing a new training program that I was thinking about setting up.  Well, I went forward with everything, before ultimately deciding, I was rushing, I was going to be asking for too much money, and it wasn’t where I wanted it to be to launch January 1.

IMG_7175You see, before diving head first into the fitness industry, I was a CPA.  I actually am still active.  I know how to crunch numbers.  That said, I am so obsessed with quality when it comes to exercise and the service industry.  If I am going to commit, I want it to be the best out there, and I want what I’m doing to be so life changing that people are almost begging to be a part of it.  I could have done this program – like some trainers would – it just wouldn’t have been at the level that I wanted to offer it at. That said, I’m pushing back for a few more months.  It’s going to happen, just not yet.

IMG_7335As the holidays approach, I have updated or “revamped” my services.   See the services/schedule page and the about section of my blog.  Prior to this program starting, I am offering additional services outside of my set schedule to make training with me easier.  If your goal is to do the Spartan Race in the Carolinas in April, I can get you there.  If you have already done one and want to get better, I can get you there.  First step, I will start amping up the posts again.  I have had SO much exciting news happen in the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to share it.

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