Let’s Be Real

The past week has been frustrating to say the least.  I have had a lot on my mind.  After coming off an incredible Spartan Race at the end of August, dare I say things have been a little rough around the edges since.  I am still fighting minor pain in my shoulder as a result of partially dislocating it during the race.  As soon as I think the pain is gone, something triggers it to come back. Nothing is worse than trying to dress a squirming, screaming two year old when your shoulder aches.  Thankfully it hasn’t affected my training (my job) and Flywheel.  However, mentally worrying about when the pain will come back is enough to drive me CRAZY.

Instead of pressing through the pain, I have opted to eliminate several strength exercises in my regular training to prevent any further issues.  I would like my recovery time to be as small as possible.  I have started physical therapy at Performance Rehab Associates.  I will talk more about this in a later post.  They have cleared me for my regular activities, including running, SmartCore and Flywheel.  In an effort to improve my run during a time that my strength is limited, I have started implementing several new pieces to my training – hill running (see my intervals above), sprints and body weight leg workouts.

IMG_7227I am definitely getting faster and feeling stronger.  In my most recent runs (both 5 miles), I ran maximum hill repeats and intervals with active recovery at 8:00/8:15 per mile pace.  I am now running 2-3 days a week, a SmartCore workout one day per week, strength workouts 1-2 days per week and Flywheel 2-3 days per week.  In an effort to really burn my legs and get my heart rate up, I put together an at home body weight circuit that takes about 35-40 minutes to complete. 

  • Body weight squats x 30
  • Jump squats x 30
  • Full Sit ups x 30
  • Body weight lunge x 30 each leg
  • Explosive lunges x 30 each leg
  • Leg Raises x 30
  • Body weight deadlift x 30 each leg
  • Box Jump x 30
  • Reverse Sit Up x 30
  • Step Up x 30 each leg
  • Step Skater Jumps x 30 each side
  • V-Sit Up x 30
  • Repeat 2-3 times.

Again, no equipment necessary (other than a step you can jump on to – I use the side of my porch).  The sequence is strength, cardio, abs.  Each cardio segment will be harder because you have already fatigued the muscle group from the strength exercise.  Let me know what you think!

IMG_7180It’s almost an oxymoron to post the picture above right after I talk about an at home workout.  However, I will not be the first to remind you that deprivation is a recipe for disaster and ultimately I work out so that I can enjoy a cheat meal every once in a while.  I worked in Uptown Charlotte for almost 7 years and never tried Green’s Lunch.  It’s a hole in the wall.  The food is nothing fancy (neither is the restaurant), but it draws a white collar and blue collar lunch crowd. No, I did not eat all of that food, but I shared it with my husband.  On my first trip to the uptown restaurant, I brought our youngest daughter to meet dad for a quick lunch before picking up my other daughter from preschool. Even with our busy schedules, we try to make time to have lunch together at least once during the week.

IMG_7182I would say she had a good time?  I grew up in a small town (so did my husband).  We went to restaurants like this on the regular.  It was normal.  You don’t find these around uptown Charlotte much anymore.

IMG_7219Shoulder injury and all, I am working on staying positive.  Anyone have any advice?  I truly have never had an injury that has set me back from doing all of the things that I want to do.  It’s a mental war with a type-A individual.  My girls keep me distracted.  So does my Girls on the Run team.  Loving coaching these girls.

IMG_7200In an effort to build self confidence, this week we wrote down negative comments on an index card.  We had the girls join hands forming a bridge that led to a shoebox.  As a warm up exercise one girl would tag another girl, who would then run through the bridge with her negative card before placing it in the shoebox.  The shoebox that essentially ate up all of the negative, so we were only left with all positive.  They loved it.  Each girl was able to take home a positive card that someone else had written.  Think “You go girl!”, “You’re awesome”, “You rock”.

IMG_7224I see the benefit in this program already in the girls that I am coaching.  I hope that my girls decide to participate in the program as well.  Until then, we will work on getting through those long afternoons and taking better group selfies.



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