Getting Motivated & Spreading the Message

If you have seen me in the past week, you have probably heard me talking about (or really complaining about) this acute pain in my shoulder.  I have had no issues with rotation, but if I move my arm just right, I get a sharp pain in the area where my shoulder and the top of my arm bone meet.  With everything I have going on, I don’t really have much time to mess with something serious.  That said, I went to get it checked out.  Well, verdict is in.  There is good and bad news.

IMG_6788Remember that Spartan Race I did?  Did you read the details of each obstacle in my write up of my race?  Click here, if not.  When I mention the bails of hay and jumping over them, I talk about how I’m pretty sure something got popped out of place for a second.  It didn’t seem like an issue the rest of the race and even into my training post race.  However, it took several weeks for me to figure out that there was more damage than I thought.  In my examination, I found out that one of two things happened:  One, it dislocated and popped back into place or, two, I experienced shoulder subluxation (it partially separated).  Either way, I experienced joint damage.  That’s the bad news.  The good news?  I should be back on track with training in the next week or two.


I am extremely happy that I took the steps to have it checked out.  I hate to see doctors.  I have a high tolerance for pain, but I know my body well enough to know that something wasn’t right (and wasn’t going to fix itself on its own).  When an injury starts to affect my functionality (i.e. taking care of my little girls), I have got to take a step back.  Spartan World Championships are this weekend.  Maybe next year I will be there?  Hey! you have to set your goals high.

IMG_7112Injury and all, I haven’t slowed down at Flywheel and networking with fitness professionals all over the city.  The bike is one place my shoulder is extremely safe and impact is limited.  I will be doing a lot more running and riding the next week or two.  Flywheel master instructor, Jenna Bertram, and I kicked off the week with a power hour dual ride.  Two instructors, one ride.  What a blast!  I can’t wait to do it again.

IMG_7110I stopped by Crossfit Mecklenburg to check out the facility and chat with owner Brendan McNierney.  I was impressed.  A good friend of mine has been trying to convince me to do a Crossfit workout with her.  I have been hesitant.  Seeing people do multiple overhead shoulder exercises takes me back to the weight room in college.  Somewhere I don’t really see myself going back to.  In just a short conversation with McNierney I understood what drives people to his facility.  He gets the exercises he is coaching.  He knows modifications.  He has people’s safety in mind.  In my experience this is lacking in some of the Crossfit gyms that I have been to. We swapped ideas for Spartan training and talked about the fitness industry in Charlotte.  If you have not checked out a session with Brendan, or you want to try Crossfit, I suggest you start here.

IMG_7150The rest of my week was filled with all things getting my message out there.  What is my message? Well it starts with taking care of yourself.  I started this blog with the intention that I would share easy, quick healthy recipes and workouts that were geared towards the busy individual.  We all have a lot going on in our lives in our own ways.  Sacrificing our health is not really an option.

IMG_7170On Wednesday, SmartCore Fitness was on the Charlotte Today show talking about easy exercises that can be done at home spending little to no money.  It only takes 10 minutes a few times a day.  A little adds up to a lot.  Start simple and then progress.  Starting too strong will only lead to setback and possibly injury.  Exercise releases endorphins that make our moods better (ultimately making our relationships better).

IMG_7135-1I spent Monday and Wednesday afternoon coaching a Girls on the Run team.  As they completed laps around the track, we asked them to write down something they were feeling or something that they had gotten out of our lesson for the day.  See paper above.  Isn’t that incredible?  These young girls are so inspiring.  In just ten minutes of running, their moods were so positive.  In a world where bullying is common as early as elementary school, these girls are building each other’s confidence.

IMG_7156Being flexible with my own workouts has translated into my actual day to day activities.  With two children under the age of two, every day is different.  Trying to make them happy or, more so, compromising with them for the best solution for both parties can be difficult.  Hence, why our jogger ended up in the living room one afternoon this week.  She didn’t want to take a nap on the couch or her bed.  This works as good as anything.  Once I accepted the fact that some of my workout time could and would be interrupted, I was able to accept that in my daily life activities.  Nothing goes as planned.  If it does, well, hell yea!

IMG_7139Shoulder injury or not, I am going to keep up my exercise routine.  I am cleared to do several of my regular activities.  Since running is such a big piece of any race, and frankly, I need to work on my run, I am going to use this time to hit the pavement.  Everything happens for a reason they say.  I guess it made sense that I would pick up my running when, Mizuno, of all companies contacted me through one my fitness ambassadorships to review a pair of their new running sneakers.  I was pumped when these beauties arrived on my doorstep – Mizuno Wave Inspire 12.

IMG_7155I’m going to be talking about them a lot.  I love them.  Not just because they were free.  They are super light weight, but afford so much extra support.  I need that.  I naturally pronate when I run.  I run on my toes.  I ran a marathon on my toes.  I need all of the support in the entire front and side of my shoe that I can get (without weighing me down).  First run in the new kicks?  Nice and easy 4.5 miles.  It’s all about getting out there.  In under forty minutes, I got a relaxing workout in and felt ready for the rest of my day.

IMG_7175I realize that I can kind of be intimidating.  You might be thinking, exercise is easy for me because I do it for my job.  It’s quite the opposite.  Outside of Flywheel, my own workouts have to come on my own time.  Training and running around with two kids is exhausting.  It leaves me with little energy by the end of the day.  That is why I choose to do my workouts early in the morning.  It sets the tone for the rest of my day.  Let me reiterate, most days I only have time for 30 – 45 minutes of exercise.  That’s it.  Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things that is a tiny piece of our day.  My point is.  A lot of the issues that we experience as we age, could be avoided by a small life change.  If you have any questions, please ask me!  Better yet – check out a high intensity core conditioning session at SmartCore Fitness or a indoor cycling class at Flywheel!

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