Staying Fit While Pregnant – Paige Johnson

Every once in awhile, I like to take the focus of the blog off of me.  I like to center an entire post around an individual or family that has managed to make fitness a priority regardless of how busy they may be.  Looking back, I have written about a couple trying to work out during busy season in public accounting, a woman working her way through an MBA degree, a freshman in college, a stay at home mom, the list goes on an on.  Since I started this blog after the birth of my first daughter with the intention that fitness would remain a vital part of my life, I feel that it is important to acknowledge women that I have trained who have kept up with a regular exercise routine during pregnancy.

12027813_1246376735376216_4566382505716469683_nDrum roll please…Let me introduce the INCREDIBLE Paige Johnson.  I first met Paige at Flywheel.  I later on found out that she was my neighbor through a visit to a local MyGym.  After several months of limited interaction, she signed up to take one of my bootcamps at SmartCore Fitness.  She was 27 weeks pregnant.  She blew me away.  SmartCore workouts are hard for the average person.  She didn’t complain, and to be honest, she didn’t need much modification.

10307218_933049239719_2019929489136471515_nPaige is due October 11, 2015.  We are getting close.  Did I mention she already has a son that is under the age of two?  She has a lot on her plate.  She chooses to work out because it makes her feel better.  She has more energy and sleeps better when she works out.  She even admitted that on the days that she is not able to be very physically active she has trouble sleeping.  Daily walks have seemed to help with her back pain towards the end.

IMG_7020I had to ask.  What has she done each trimester to find ways to stay active, look as glowing as she does and just plain feel good?

  • First Trimester – She didn’t have to change much.  She was doing weekly SmartCore workouts with Steve Justice and Denise Duffy, she cycled at Flywheel two times per week and she went to Hilliard Studio Method (HSM) when she could squeeze it in.  When the weather was nice, she would even take the dog (and baby) on runs and walks outside.
  • Second Trimester – By the end of the second trimester, Paige continued to do SmartCore and Flywheel, however, she stopped doing HSM.  She still did a lot of walks.
  • Third Trimester – I got to work with her!  She started doing SmartCore bootcamps while continuing to complete her regular weekly SmartCore training session.  I admit (with sadness) that she stopped doing bootcamps at week 34.  Despite modifications, she felt it was too much for how far along she was.  FAIR enough.  Pregnant women, listen to your bodies.  Talk to your doctor.  As of today (one month out), she is doing regular SmartCore training sessions, some HSM, and walking (I see her in the neighborhood!)

Some of you are probably reading this post thinking, well good for her, I can’t do that.  Getting motivated to exercise is tough.  It’s even tougher when you are pregnant.  Tired.  Bloated.  To help, I asked Paige what motivates her.  This is what she said, “Don’t use your pregnancy as an excuse not to work out!”  She recommends a few things.  Work with trainers who understand the pregnant body and will give you plenty of attention.  Work with people who know how to offer appropriate modifications.  Talk to your doctor.  For Paige, having an organized workout such as a class or personal trainer forced her to mix things up and gave her an overall better workout.

11219746_10100178953098389_6386454816149098349_nI asked Paige how her pregnancy has been overall.  She admitted it has been healthy and active.  Her first pregnancy she was limited to sitting at a desk for most of the day, so she had fairly significant back pain from about 25 weeks until she delivered.  Back pain has been much less of an issue the second time around and she attributes that to staying more active.  She admits that she has days that she feels achy, tired, and heartburn, but the majority of the time she feels strong (every pregnant woman should feel that way).  I am amazed by this woman every day.  I am so happy that she is willing to share her story with my readers.  Wish her luck over the next few weeks!

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