Fourth Quarter Fitness Goals

A few months ago, I set some pretty high fitness goals to close out 2015.  Spartan Race top 25 elite finish – check.  Coaching Girls on the Run – In Progress.  Leading more FiA workouts – Could do better.  I am a results driven person.  I evaluate success and failure based on my ability to perform.  I love feedback and constructive criticism.  It is the only way to make yourself better.  That said, I will admit there are several things that I still need and want to do before the end of the year.

Girl on the Run Coaching – Timing is simply the reason that I have not checked this off my list.  Our season starts this coming Monday and runs through the next 10 weeks.  Twice a week, I will meet with one other coach to run a small group of girls through curriculum and organized runs.  While I value my fitness, I feel so honored to be giving back to girls that want to be involved in the organization.  I am so excited, and somewhat nervous, about meeting each of them.  Running is such an incredible way to build self confidence and empowerment.  I haven’t coached a team since I worked with a group training to complete their first half marathon (see picture below).  I am looking forward to giving back.

Group Shot

Leading More FiA workouts – Now that it has been several weeks since my Spartan Race, I have had time to step back and evaluate what I could do better in my training.  One area that I would like to build on is the run.  Since I was so focused on building strength, I neglected to do many speed and hill runs with a group.  I would like to try to spend more time on the track running with these women (whether it be through leading or just being there).


Building my Foundation – I have now been working in the fitness industry exclusively for several months.  I feel so fortunate to have found a home at both Flywheel and SmartCore Fitness.  Having a place to train is nice, but being successful is even better.  I love learning new things.  I love meeting new people.  I love making people’s lives better.  I want to spend the next year really focusing on learning more and more about the people that I see on a regular (and not so regular basis) at both studios.  I want to build my credentials and establish trust in those that ask me for advice on training.  That said, I am taking another big step towards getting certified.  During the month of October, I will attend SGX training.  In other words, I will obtain the official Spartan training program credentials from the leader in obstacle race fitness.  SGX is about empowerment.  It is about overall fundamental fitness.  You don’t have to be training for a race to benefit from the foundation that I will obtain through reaching this platform.  There are only a few trainers in the remote area with the certification.


Spartan Racing – To build upon my prior statement, I plan to take my new knowledge and apply it towards yet another Spartan Race.  The year is almost over, but there are still plenty of races.  Before the end of the year, I will be in one of them.  I will be running elite, and I will be shooting for a top 25 finish yet again.  Since that race, my confidence in my ability to make successful workout plans has skyrocketed.  I believe in SmartCore Fitness.  I believe in Flywheel.  I believe that any one who puts their mind to it and commits can complete this race.  I would love to get you there.  My hope is that through reading my story, you light a fire in yourself.  Sign up.  Believe you can do something outside of your comfort zone.

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