Just Rolling With It – No Routine, No Problem

It is no secret that I have been difficult to find over the past month and a half.  Right when I felt like I was starting to get on a “routine” and finally have the opportunity to lead some solid workouts around the Charlotte fitness scene, I was out the door and on the road.  My name was popping on and off the schedule during my regular class times.  My kids and I were sleeping in different beds all over the East Coast.  Let’s just say, I was being ambitious with my travel.

IMG_6901I talked about my trip to New York and my Spartan Race in Asheville.  In just one short week following the Spartan Race, we were on the road yet again to visit my home state of Virginia.  It’s fall.  Football and a wedding were the reason for the visit.  The game was in Blacksburg on a Monday night (if you didn’t know, I’m a Hokie).  The wedding was the following Saturday in Culpepper, VA.  Culpepper is a solid 6 hour drive from Charlotte.  Instead of making two back to back trips north, I opted to stay in Virginia for the entire week.


Prior to having my second daughter, a trip like this would not have been feasible.  I was working full time.  By full time, I mean, I was paid a salary.  I sat at a desk all day.  When I took “vacation”, I was paid.  Sometimes I still feel like I am working full time, I just don’t sit at a desk all day.  I also most certainly don’t get paid when I go on vacation.  That’s huge. That’s why this trip was such a big commitment.

IMG_6851After teaching a double Sunday morning, we drove up to Roanoke, where we stayed for the rest of the week.  My family still has close ties to the area, and I was born and raised there.  My sister-in-law and her husband made the trip with us.  I have literally turned a big chunk of my husband’s family into Hokie fans.  After a quick trip to a local Wal-Mart, we were all set to hit the tailgates early and show her husband what Virginia Tech football is all about.

IMG_6838 IMG_6843My poor girls.  Until they have the ability to tell me different, they will be Hokie fans.  They were fully decked out just as much as their mom and dad.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  If you haven’t seen the outcome of the game, you would have thought we won (based on how much fun we had).  I haven’t been to a game in Blacksburg not pregnant or breastfeeding in over two years.  What a difference! I’m not going to lie, my thirty year old body felt like it was in college again (until the next day of course).


IMG_6866The fun was literally over on Tuesday.  My husband, sister-in-law and her husband had to drive back to Charlotte to work Tuesday morning.  With the help of my parents, I was left in Roanoke with two sweet girls for the week.  No schedule.  No routine.  No Flywheel.  No one to work out with.  It was a blank slate that we had to fill until I left for the wedding and we headed home.

IMG_6912We filled our days with various activities.  We went to the zoo.  We invited people over to visit.  We walked around the city market.  We went to the pool.  We played on the playground.

IMG_6895IMG_6874IMG_6870IMG_6893IMG_6907My oldest daughter even got her first manicure.  See picture above.  She is GROWING up.  I have to admit, I haven’t had the time to enjoy a visit to my hometown in a LONG time.  It always seems like we are driving up for a football game or holiday and driving back almost immediately the next day.  I finally had the chance to slow down. Spend quality time with my mom.  Absorb the beauty of the beautiful mountain views that surround the small valley.  Before I knew it, it was Friday.  I found myself sad to say goodbye to my girls as I walked out the door to head to my next stop – the wedding.


IMG_6929 IMG_6963 IMG_6932My husband had gone back to Charlotte on Tuesday for work.  He also was competing in the coveted Blue Ridge relay the same weekend.  That said, I was headed to Culpepper by myself.  Thankfully, the bridesmaids in the wedding we incredible.  We bonded over the shared love for our friend, as well as, our common interests.  I do feel like we will be in touch in the near future.  Congratulations Ali and Zach!

IMG_7007With all of the activities and chaos, it would have been easy for me to lose control of my workouts.  Let’s face it, the workouts are the only thing that was going to offset the ridiculous amount of food and drinks that I had over the long week.  Quite honestly, scheduling time to myself to burn a few calories was also the only way for me to stay sane (since it was something that I could control).  I brought my sandbag, a set of weights and a kettlebell.  When you have a car, it makes it much easier to bring equipment with you (that you can use anywhere).  My husband mocked me as he videod me doing a workout on top of a parking garage the morning of the game (see picture above).  45 minutes is better than nothing.  I used the stairs as intervals between weights.

IMG_7008The gym that I went to growing up (the Roanoke Athletic Club), has done a complete overhaul of many of their old facilities.  They now have a functional training room.  While my mom took my oldest daughter to the pool, I played around and got creative on the monkey bars.  Remember this was my weakness in the Super Spartan.  I literally did so many sets that I ripped a callus on my hand without realizing it.  Painful.

IMG_6922Fortunately, I had beautiful surroundings (and weather) to do some serious cardio outside.  While I did do some strength work, I spent a decent amount of time on the road, running.  Thank you Logan Stewart for being my running partner in a run that I will never forget. Prior to the big wedding, we decided to go for a run around Culpepper together.  After getting two miles out, it started raining.  HARD.  POURING.  I told her this was a run that I would never forget.  I truly won’t.  The conversation was great and we bonded over the ridiculousness of the situation.  I spent a majority of Sunday in the car.  Nothing beats coming home and being with my girls.

IMG_6961While I will cherish all of the memories from the past week, it does feel good to be back.  It feels good to know what to expect for a change.  It feels good to have dad back.  Routine or not, we find simple ways to incorporate fitness into our life (while still having a good time)!

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