Morgan Riley – 4 Months (Already!)

It has been over four months since I had my second child.  People say time flies when you have children, but you don’t realize how fast until you look at pictures and literally watch them change day by day.  Life is starting to become a little more “normal”.  I am back to work – at least as much as I will be for a few more years.  I feel like we are getting on a “routine”.  I now feel pretty comfortable leaving my kids with a sitter to get out and about when I need to.

IMG_6175Some nights are better than others.  In just a few months we have come a long ways.  Just three months ago, our youngest could hardly sleep two hours straight without me holding her in my arms all night.  She is now happily sleeping in her crib for stretches lasting as long as 7-8 hours. She has slept through the night two times.  However, most nights, one of us is getting up around 3:30 AM – 4:30 AM to feed her.  Depending on the time, we will either stay up (and go work out) or we will try to grab an extra hour of sleep.  She goes back to sleep almost immediately after eating.

IMG_6092We started solids!  So far we have tried rice cereal, bananas and apples.  Typically I give her solids in the evening before a pre-bed bottle.  However, based on the amount that she is eating, I will need to start feeding her food in the mornings too.

11800303_10103658706599503_9115586239486949264_nShe is really getting good at holding her head up.  She LOVES to stand.  She will lock those legs out and not let you bend them. She will let you know if she wants to be UP!  She just recently let us prop her against things so she can hold herself up.  This is such a big change from just a few weeks ago when she was on the ground.  See picture below.

IMG_5873She loves “Papa”.  My dad has been in Charlotte a lot more after the birth of my second daughter as compared to my first.  We stop by to see him a lot.  It seems like a day is not a day until we see Papa.  Somehow he always gets her to “close the windows” (i.e. shut her eyes to fall asleep).

IMG_6302She is babbling a lot.  At the most random times, she just starts talking, making raspberries, blowing bubbles or squealing in a high pitched tone.  She absolutely love to smile.  I didn’t know someone could smile so big.  It’s infectious.

IMG_6318 IMG_6320She loves her sister as much as her sister loves her.  They lay on the floor and look into each other’s eyes.  They find comfort in each other.  They get sad when the other one is not around.  They are attached.

IMG_6077At her four month doctor’s appointment, she got more shots.  Most importantly, she got new stats on her height, weight and head circumference:

  • Height – 25.25″ (74th percentile)
  • Weight – 14 lb 14 oz (59th percentile)
  • Head Circumference – 42 cm (82nd percentile)

IMG_6304She is grabbing for toys.  Putting them in her mouth.  Learning how to play.  She is quiet, yet determined.  She is easy, but has her moments.  She goes with the flow.  She is molding into the family in her own way.  We are so lucky to have her.  As our longtime sitter would say, she is our “Peanuthead”.


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