A Fitness, Food and Family Filled Weekend

I don’t even know where to start.  The past few days had been filled with serious outdoor activity and fueled by some delicious local eats.  With little on our calendar Thursday, I packed my little peanuts up for a stroll to a nearby park.  We are fortunate that a fully fenced in play area is within a mile of our house.  I have no excuse for not packing up the double jogger first thing in the morning and starting the trek.  Experience has given me the advantage of being prepared – bottles, an extra diaper, snacks and toys for the sandbox.  Don’t forget the waters (and coffee).10986499_10103579960397523_2788049507124834895_nBy the time that we are done at the park, at least one of the girls is either tired or hungry.  This oftentimes leaves me feeling like I need to run home.  Dying.  More power to the women who push a double jogger for more than a few miles with bigger kids.  I struggle!  With the weather being so hot, the mornings are really the only time that we can play outside for more than an hour at a time.  We have to get creative in the afternoon.

IMG_5809The four o’clock hour is now reserved for music.  No TV.  Group singing and dancing required.  Surprisingly, both girls are willing to oblige.  Before I know it, the hour is over and we are ready to start making dinner in anticipation of dad’s arrival.

IMG_5812For the first time EVER, I let my toddler get hands on with the cooking this week.  Pizza, nonetheless.  She helped spread the sauce, place turkey pepperonis, and sprinkle cheese.  No lie, it was a mess.  However, it was worth it.  The mess was cleaned up before the pizza was out of the oven.  More importantly, my daughter was SO proud of herself.  It warmed my heart.  She is growing up so fast.  Challenging her in the kitchen is such a great way to build her motor skills and have fun at the same time.

IMG_5813My carb filled meal fueled my Friday morning workout.  After a short Spartan workout in the garage, I put in a solid 5k around the neighborhood.  First mile was slow, but I pulled it together to finish at an average 8:00 pace.  I am happy with this considering the heat and humidity that we have been dealing with.

11659464_10103582722886473_3500544449387306695_nPost-workout, I finalized plans to team up with Denise Duffy at SmartCore Fitness to run a bootcamp Saturday, July 11th at 10:30AM.  I am so excited about this.  I was a pole vaulter in college.  My training included running workouts with the sprinters, time in the gymnastic and strength and conditioning rooms and, most importantly, endless hours on a short runway going upside down over a bar.  I love high intensity variations of training.  I love seeing people push their threshold.  Bootcamps are my wheelhouse.  Limited space is available.  I would love to discuss details with you.  If interested, please reach out to Denise or I.  The plan is to make this a weekly recurring bootcamp throughout the summer.

11665761_10103583192051263_1673943133253623851_nFollowing the exciting news, we headed out for a casual family dinner at the Roasting Company for dinner and a drink.  The restaurant was redone over a year ago and now includes remodeled seating and a sit down bar.  I love this collage that sits proudly on a back walk.  North Carolina is quickly becoming one of the elite locations to get a great craft beer.

IMG_5819Eats can be healthy at this restaurant.  I ordered the chicken with rice, sauce on the side, with green beens and sweet potato fries.  I had to.  These fries are incredible.  Lucky for me, my husband and daughter split them with me.  I would have finished them all. It is important for me to reiterate balance here.  I exercise quite a bit.  One of the main reasons that I do is so that I can eat more flexibly on my cheat days.  Cheating is SO important.  Deprivation often leads to failure.  You can still be fit and eat french fries.  It’s all about moderation.

IMG_5832I taught one class Saturday morning at Flywheel before heading out to lunch with my parents, kids and husband.  Dare I say that we hadn’t tried Mr. K’s soft ice cream until this past weekend?  Recognize the sign?

FullSizeRender-31Yes, you have probably driven past it hundreds of times and not really paid attention to it.  Mr. K’s sits right beside Chipotle, across the street from Atherton Mill on South Blvd.  So close to uptown!  I know I spoke of moderation.  This weekend was a bad one.  However, our activity level was high, which afforded us the luxury of eating a little more (and worse) than usual.

IMG_5831 IMG_5834 IMG_5840The food was fine, but the ice cream was the hit.  We enjoyed lunch on the outdoor picnic tables in the shade.  I was truly supporting local business this weekend.  I can totally see us taking the girls here for ice cream as long as it stays open.   Why did we ever think Dairy Queen in the small cafeteria near Southpark was a great place to get a treat?  Mr. K’s has character (and an item on the menu that mimics a blizzard).  This is the type of place that I LOVED when I was a kid.  This is the type of place that reminds my husband and I of home.  It’s the small stuff.

IMG_5842After lunch, my parents offered to watch the girls so my husband and I could go out on a date night.  After pondering which restaurant that we wanted to go to, we decided that we should just throw on some workout clothes, head to the whitewater center, go for a run (if weather permitted) and have dinner there.  For a fit couple, this was perfect.  It rained (hard) on our way there.  The place had cleared out.  As we pulled in, we were surprised to see the trails were still open.  Heck, let’s go for it.

IMG_5845We set out on the slick trails at a super slow pace as thunder lingered in the background.  We both almost bit it several times.  We both were running on the edges of the worn trails to gain traction from sticks and leaves.   As we came across obstacles, we stopped to try a few.  That rope climb?  SO much harder than you would expect.  We are currently both preparing for a Spartan Super race in August.  This was perfect training.  As we maneuvered our way to a break in the trail, we came up on a flag that indicated that the trails were now closed.  That would explain why we did not see one other runner or biker the entire time.

IMG_5847There is some solitude in running with your spouse on a quiet trail in the woods with no interference.  You are literally focused on each other.  No distractions.  It was such a great way to get out and do something different.  As we finished, the rain started.  Really HARD.  We made a break to the Biergarten.  We sat under the covered area while enjoying a drink and eating some dinner.   Burgers and fries again.  Wow, what a day of eating.   Two workouts, two big meals.  I can’t complain. I squeezed a lot into a truly fun day.  No regrets.  We are amping up our Spartan training during the month of July.  I look forward to sharing with you some creative ways that we will mimic several obstacles.  In the meantime, enjoy this crazy summer.  Try something different.  Have fun.

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