The Dog Days of Summer?

It’s just plain hot in Charlotte and it’s not even summer yet.  Temperatures in the morning are already in the seventies.  By mid afternoon we are pushing 100.  This definitely makes it hard for my girls to play outside and even more difficult for me to exercise outside.  I have still been able to squeeze in a few runs (before 8:00AM) and complete some garage workouts, but even then, I am finishing covered in sweat. The worst part?  It’s not even summer yet.  Something has got to give!

IMG_5648My husband’s parents were in town the past several days.  We had plans of meeting for drinks outside and hosting a nice outdoor cookout over the weekend.  Needless to say, we had to make some revisions to our plans.  Friday night, we opted to meet them at Midwood Smokehouse for dinner.  I bring this up for two reasons.  One, it was delicious and, two, there are several ways to eat healthy without sacrificing the barbecue experience.

IMG_5643Typically, my go to barbecue choice is chicken or turkey.  However, a simple salad caught my eye immediately – smoked salmon, smoked veggies, roasted broccoli, candied walnuts and your choice of dressing.  The salmon was incredible.  Who knew this could be an option at a barbecue restaurant?  Since my main entree was relatively light, I didn’t feel guilty about picking some of my daughter’s macaroni and cheese from her plate and finishing the meal with a small banana pudding.  Why is it that as mom’s we always end up eating off our children’s plate?


We beat the heat by staying indoors Friday night.  I will warn you, get to the restaurant early.  We were told they don’t take reservations and there was a line out the door by 6:00 PM (yes, we eat earlier than that most nights).  The following morning, my husband worked out early and subsequently took my daughter to the first weekend of F3 Dads at Freedom Park (see picture above).

photo-26This is a sight to see.  Kids of all ages (mine the youngest) run drills for 45 minutes with their dad.  I walked over to catch a glimpse of the action with my infant.  We caught the group doing sprints up a hill and playing a game of burpee freeze tag.  Did I really hear a guy walk by and ask his friend what a burpee is?  His friend responded, “Dude, those kids know what a burpee is and you don’t.”  Introducing fitness to your children at a young age is an amazing gift.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.07.50 AMI had no problem passing up an outdoor workout Saturday, seeing as though I was subbing a 12:30PM power hour at Flywheel and teaching a 6:30/7:30 AM double Sunday morning.  I don’t know if it is the hot weather driving people indoors or what, but the studio had some great energy this weekend.  As requested, see my 7:30 AM playlist above.

IMG_5656In just 24 hours, I had taught approximately 2.5 hours on the bike.  By breakfast on Sunday, I was ready for some quality family time and a hearty breakfast. Following my double, I met my husband, children, parents and my husband’s parents for brunch.  I dawned my new “Queen City” Flywheel Charlotte.  I was excited to see my husband had dressed our infant in her new Flywheel gear as well.  How do they come up with these sayings?  “Ride Like a Boss.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.28.02 AMSo here is the deal.  It’s hot.  I am struggling to find ways to get effective workouts in outdoors.  I am trying to sub as much as I can indoors.  Hence, my schedule at Flywheel this week.  I know that I teach early most days, but there is a time for most people this week.  Hope to see some familiar faces in the studio soon!

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