Post Vacation Workout Reset

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I didn’t even take my workout clothes out of my suitcase while we were on our family beach vacation.  I also didn’t worry about what I was eating and drinking.  That said, my mind was also refocused so that I could put in some serious workouts as soon as we got home.  Since our infant has started sleeping through longer periods of time at night, I have been getting the rest that I need to get up before the girls do (most mornings) to squeeze in an at home workout.

FullSizeRender-15Monday morning was no exception.  Take a look at my post workout set up.  The workout itself was an AMRAP workout – As Many Rounds As Possible.  The time cutoff was 30 minutes.  While some of the equipment above is not something that most people have just laying around their house, I realize I need to offer some modifications.  See workout below.

  • Jump Over Burpees (10 each side, 20 total) – I used the push up modification handle pictured above to  jump over.  Look for something around your house that you know you can easily jump over without falling – remember it will get harder as you go.  Consider fatigue.
  • Kettlebell Swings – 15 total reps
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat – 10 total reps
  • Kettlebell Shoulder Press – 5 each side, 10 total
  • Kettlebell Dyna Disc Balance Lunge – While balancing your left foot on the dyna disc, slide your right leg back into a lunge position using the glide while lowering a kettlebell to the disc.  Return to start and switch hands the kettlebell is in.  Do 10 lunges each hand, 20 total.  Then, switch legs that is balancing on the Dyna Disc.  No Dyna Disc or glider?  Just do these on the floor.
  • TRX Plank Hold with Side Arm Raise – Holding a plank, hook your right foot into the TRX strap.  Place your left foot on the floor.  Place a glider in the middle of your back (to make sure that you stay stable).  Other options if you don’t have a glider – a paper plate, magazine, be creative).  Now that you are set, reach your right arm to the side.  Return to center.  Reach your left arm out to the side.  Return to center.  Do 15 each side, 30 total before switching your leg placement!  Thank you SmartCore!
  • Box Jumps – 10 total reps
  • Pull Ups – 5 total reps.  Do as many as you can unassisted.

IMG_5601I was able to complete 3.5 rounds before time was called.  This was just the strength work that I needed prior to heading out later in the morning for a trial run of the FiA workout that I will lead on Friday.  That’s right.  On Friday at 5:15 AM, I will be leading a high intensity FiA bootcamp out of the Metropolitan.  I can promise it will be tough and a decent amount of running.  Those who choose to join will learn how to use the playground pictured above for exercise – it’s not just for kids!

FullSizeRender-16I followed up my Monday strength workout with a early run Tuesday.  I had a busy morning planned, so I opted to go out for a hard interval run while my husband got ready for work and waited for the girls to wake up.  A local park is within a half mile of our house.  You may have heard of Freedom Park.  There is a large pond with a fountain in the middle.  Running the outside loop around the pond is approximately a half a mile.  It’s like running on an abnormally large track, but having a nicer view.  Runners all over the city use it.  I used it to put together a speed/hill workout.
IMG_5605Time was key.  I wanted to get in an effective workout in approximately 30 minutes.  How did I do it?  I ran the half mile from my house to the park.  After a thirty second recovery, I ran my first lap around the pond – think 5k pace.  After another thirty second recovery, I proceeded to run up a steep hill located right by the start/finish of my lap.  See below.  The hill is approximately 600m top to bottom.  Recovery post hill was 1 minute.  Repeat the interval 3 times.  Head home.

IMG_5603If you don’t have access to this park OR you want to do the workout somewhere on your own, here is the gist:

  • Warm up 800 m or 1/2 mile – slow and steady
  • Rest :30 seconds
  • Run 800m 5k pace
  • Rest :30 seconds
  • Run 600m hill (top to bottom)
  • Recover 1:00
  • Repeat 800m run, recovery, 600m hill run, recover 2 more times
  • Cool down 800m or 1/2 mile – slow and steady

The intensity of the hill and speed interval is perfect for an effective calorie burn and perfect to help decrease your overall race pace.

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