Blog Hiatus – Going Back to Work (Part Time)

It’s hard to believe that just ten weeks ago I delivered my second child.  If you know my story, you know that I went back to work full time after my first daughter was born.  Just ten short weeks after her delivery, I found myself transitioning back to work full throttle.  Fast forward to today, and I am back at work after the delivery of my second child.  The paid job is part time.  The unpaid and most important job is full time. I like to think that I have it all figured out, but at this point, I have started to realize why people say having a second child is a game changer.

IMG_5280 Prior to my second child being born, I decided that I would transition out of work full time to become a “stay at home” mom  – my unpaid job.  My plan was to continue teaching part time at Flywheel Charlotte as a way for me to transition into the fitness industry and also have some time to do something that I absolutely love.  Easier said than done.  While I thought it would be simple to find time here and there to make playlists and sneak away to work out, I am finding that I actually need to hire a sitter to get this done during the week.


Don’t judge.  At first, I felt guilty about paying someone to come over for a few hours a week while I went to work out, ran errands and sometimes just took a shower.  However, after a few weeks of this routine, I have started to realize how beneficial it is to our family and myself.  I don’t like to ask for help.  Ever.  This oftentimes leads to me piling on an enormous amount of baggage and ultimately blowing up on whoever is around me (because they didn’t know they needed to help me).  The addition of my second child has been humbling.  I can’t do it all.  I know that now.


Taking the time to go for a run or a ride at Flywheel, by myself, is sometimes just what I need to regroup and come home to have the energy that I need to engage effectively with my children (and my husband).  It’s my outlet.  Everyone has theirs.  Exercise is mine.  My husband and I are compromising on who gets to work out when.  We are also starting to split up night time feedings.  We are tired.


The routine of our infant is pretty standard at this point.  We know when we are getting up to feed her in the middle of the night.  Our toddler is another story.  Her activity level has gone up with the increase in temperatures outside.  She is not eating a lot for dinner.  Couple these two situations together and we are set for disaster in the middle of the night.  She is waking up starving at odd hours of the night.  So hungry she screams from her bed loud enough to wake up the whole house – baby included.  I know, throw me out some advice, we have tried it all.  This is a phase that we will one day grow out of.  It can’t come soon enough.


Nothing is worse than fatigue.  That said, I find the energy to take care of these sweet girls each and every day.  Self admittedly, I drink a lot of caffeine.  My husband and I complain about the sleep so much now that it has become a joke. Watching these two girls interact erases any irritation that I might have towards my toddler for waking up the baby in the middle of the night.  I have been using the time that I used to blog to rest.  I am slowly going to pick back up the posts – specifically workout related.


I am so close to being back at my pre pregnancy weight.  I have also set some pretty high fitness goals for the rest of the year.  First, my husband and I will compete in the Super Spartan Race in Asheville, NC at the end of August.  8 miles – on trails.  Crazy upper body obstacles.  If you can’t complete them, you are doing 30 burpees.  30 each obstacle.  There can be up to 30 obstacles.  We don’t just do these to finish.  In our first race together in the mud (three years ago), he placed first in his age group and I placed fourth.  This is everything that I need to challenge me to find my strength again.  I am currently doing ALOT of pull ups.


Working out with the FiA ladies!

Second, I am going to start leading more FiA (Females in Action) workouts.  I am already signed up to lead the Friday, June 12th high intensity bootcamp at Metropolitan.  High intensity because you will run over 2 miles, while completing a bootcamp, in less than 45 minutes.  I already have a fun idea of what the workout will entail.  Look out for the pre-blast.  I would love for new people to join.


TRX certification training 37 weeks pregnant.

Finally, I want to take on some new fitness certifications – specifically related to training young adults and post natal and prenatal.  I have worked out (hard, at that) through two pregnancies.  I have a passion for stressing fitness throughout pregnancy.  I also have a soft spot for young athletes.  I loved my experience as a competitive high school and college athlete, and I hope to share that with other people.


My youngest daughter is growing so fast.  At her two month appointment, she weighed 11 pounds, 4 ounces.  She loves her play mat.  She is starting to hold her head up.  She is SO easy going – just like her dad.  Her temperament makes it easy for us to do a lot more than I could probably ask any other baby to do.  She falls asleep and wakes up in different places all day.  She goes with the flow.  I love her for that.  Her sister loves her even more.

FullSizeRender-13My husband and I are forcing ourselves to go on date nights (almost weekly).  We need the alone time together.  We need to talk about things other than house logistics and children.  We continued our tradition of going to the Wells Fargo golf tournament.  We plan to keep up this tradition as the children get older.

FullSizeRender-9I have officially accepted that I need more space in my vehicle.  My transition has been gradual.  I have gone from driving a standard four door sedan, to a moderate sized SUV, and finally to a full size Suburban.  That’s right.  After much consideration, we have ruled out a van and decided one of the largest SUVs on the planet.  Wish me luck in parking this big thing!

IMG_5378Motherhood has been more incredible, yet challenging, than I could have ever imagined.  I have changed my career entirely.  I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to watch my kids grow up, while continuing to do a job that I love.   I hope to see many of you at one of my classes during the week at Flywheel.  Over time, I also hope to see you at my FiA workouts and on the road (running that is!).

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