Mother’s Day Catch Up + Weekly Workouts

The past week has been jam packed.  I taught my first class back at Flywheel Sunday, May 10th.  That’s right, I spent my second Mother’s Day at the studio doing what I love.  When my husband asked me how I wanted to spend my day, I told him I wanted to work out.  I wanted to work out without worrying about pushing a baby in a jogging stroller or watching a baby monitor in hopes that no one started crying half way through my plan.

IMG_5221When I got home from teaching, my children surprised me with cards and a few Mother’s Day gifts.  My oldest daughter presented me with a pink helmet for herself.  My husband proceeded to tell me that the helmet would be worn by her when she rides in her new bike seat that was being installed on my bike.

IMG_5237I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I have been asking for a bike seat for my daughter for months.  With the weather getting warmer, I know this gift will get a lot of use.  Not only did it fit like a glove when my daughter sat in it, but she absolutely adores it.  What a great way for us to get around without jumping in the car.  This opens up a whole new world of errands that we can run over a further distance.

IMG_5238On top of Mother’s Day, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this week.  May 12, 2012, we celebrated our love on what would become the best night of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, the day that I birthed my daughters was wonderful, but it wasn’t necessarily fun.  I truly look back on this day and wouldn’t have changed a thing.  In three years, we have had two beautiful daughters, settled into the home we hope to be in while they grow up and we both changed jobs.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.

IMG_5246I married my husband because of his strong willed personality, structure and deep heart (even if he might not show it to those he interacts with).  He grew up with three sisters.  As much as he may not want to admit it, he has a sensitive side.  Maybe that is why we keep having girls?  He is a great dad.  That said, one of his sisters actually had a work trip scheduled in Charlotte this week.  She spent some time at the house Tuesday afternoon.  Believe it or not, this was the first time that she had met both girls.  You wouldn’t have known.  My oldest daughter loved her.  She even took a nap on her.

IMG_5243With everything going on, my husband and I have had to learn to truly compromise when it comes to working out.  I know that so many of you can relate.  At this age, we cannot leave our girls alone at the house.  Only one of us can go work out at a time (unless we have a sitter).  We have had to become creative with the ways in which we still incorporate exercise into our every day life.  For example, on the days that my daughter goes to preschool in the morning, my husband goes to the gym first thing in the morning.  I make this day a cardio day for myself.  I run with my infant in the jogger.  Surprisingly, in just a few weeks, I have gotten my pace with the jogger below 9:00/mile.

IMG_5251I am also getting back into the swing of doing workouts at home in the morning (before the girls get up).  Let’s face it, it is impossible to work out while the kids are awake and what is the likelihood that they will sleep at the same time?  I am a very self motivated person with exercise at home (because I have to be).  My at home strength workout this week was approximately 45 minutes.

IMG_5270I pretty much “winged” it.  I had to immediately jot the workout down, so I wouldn’t forget it.  See above.  Let me give you a recap (in case you can’t read my chicken scratch).

  • 10 Bosu burpees immediately followed by 10 mountain climbers (each leg)
  • Repeat the above exercise 2 more times.  That is three sets of Bosu burpees/mountain climbers before moving to the next exercise.
  • 10 Squat to Side Kick to Squat jump (each leg) – hold dumbbell, medicine ball, or kettlebell in both hands.
  • 10 Knee Ups hanging from pull up bar – no swinging here.
  • Farmer Carry to the the front yard – walk about 25 yards with HEAVY weight.
  • Using one of the dumbbells or kettle bells from Farmer’s Carry above, complete 5 steps up with each leg.  I did this on to our front porch.
  • Drop the weight and do 10 step ups with each leg (bodyweight).
  • Farmer Carry back to the garage – walk about 25 yards with that HEAVY weight.
  • With right foot on rounded side of Bosu, complete 10 squat jumps.  Repeat exercise on the left leg.
  • 5 Pull ups – I used a band to give me the support to complete these.
  • 10 Medicine Ball Chop and Lift each side.

Repeat the circuit above 2 more times as described above (3 rounds total).  The reps stay the same.  You will get fatigued.  Keep going.  Let it burn.  I finished with some abs, which got me close to 45 minutes.  This workout left me feeling sore.  However, I actually know that I am getting stronger.  In fact, stronger than I was before I was pregnant (which is incredible just 8 weeks after having my daughter).

IMG_5263Speaking of my daughter being eight weeks.  Look at how big she is!  She will be two months old on the 18th, which is incredibly hard to believe.  She is sleeping longer at night and eating more at each feeding.  That light at the end of the tunnel that I talked about when she was first born is starting to get brighter.  Sleep is getting better.  I literally can’t wait to see what the summer holds for these sweet girls.

IMG_5262My oldest daughter adores my youngest and my youngest just continues to keep pace with our busy body lifestyle.  There is not doubt that she fits in with our wild, sometimes weird family.  She has been given the nickname “Morgy D.”  I now carry her close to my heart (literally).  If you haven’t noticed the necklace that I wear every day, see below.  The first circle (J & J) represents my marriage – 5/12/12.  The second circle (Madison) represents our first daughter – 10/17/13.  The third circle (Morgan) represents our newest addition – 3/18/15.



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