Haven’t Tried MADabolic? Here’s What to Expect

Over the past seven years, I have expanded my connections in the fitness industry by being open to trying all different kinds of workouts.  Let’s face it, the new fads are changing all of the time.  I consistently implement running, indoor cycling and strength training into my routine.  I like to sweat.  I like to be breathless.  I like to feel strong.  That said, I was interested to try out a workout at MADabolic.  You see, the people that go there swear by it.  That’s obvious by the fact that the Charlotte location was recently voted “Best Sweat-Worthy Gym” as part of Elevate Lifestyle’s Best of the Best.  The motto is “Intense Intervals.  Insane Conditioning.”  That is a motto I can live by.

FullSizeRender-7I reached out to trainer, Cristina, prior to signing up for a class.  Other Flywheel instructors and staff train here.  Cristina is known to make them sweat.  Perfect.  Like Flywheel, the website is designed such that you can sign up for a space in class on their website or through their app.  You don’t have to worry about showing up and not getting in.  Your space is reserved.  You know who your trainer is.  The only thing they don’t tell you is what your workout will be (until you get there).  I showed up for a “Durability” workout.  Cristina described it as “grinding” – like yard work.

IMG_5218A big part of most workouts is boxing.  Buy gloves or rent them.  Upon checking in, the instructor will go through the workout, demonstrating all exercises and giving each participant a chance to determine which weight group they feel comfortable with.  Each weight group is assigned a colored disc.  These discs will guide you through each station (i.e. you go to the colored disc that you picked based on the weight that you are comfortable with).  This gives you no reason to get confused with what weight you should be using and further decreases time in between transitions.  After a quick warm up, the workout starts.

IMG_5216My workout was definitely a strength day.  See above.  I realized after I was done that it is important to follow the details of the “Focus” section on the board, which is outlined on the website.  To get the most out of these workouts, it is important to ask the trainer or check the website which program design is being performed which day.  The workouts are described as Anaerobic, Durability or Momentum.  Depending on your goals, it likely wouldn’t make sense to show up for Durability every time.  I asked for help and received help.  I made the most out of my first workout at the studio.  I left feeling strong (and sore the next day).  I am already looking forward to trying both the anaerobic and momentum workouts.

If you are interested in checking out MADabolic, see their website – www.madabolic.com

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