Back at FiA + Garage “DUFifty” Workout

The weather in Charlotte right now is unbeatable – low humidity, great early morning temperatures and highs in the afternoon hovering right around eighty.  It won’t stay this way long.  I know the dreaded high humidity and even higher temperature days are looming.  I am still working on losing baby weight.  I am also still operating on a less than ideal sleep schedule, while trying to keep my active toddler busy during the day.  In order for me to get my workouts in, I am using every ounce of energy that I have to stay motivated.

IMG_5196These days, my workout isn’t always an instance where I am breathless or sweating profusely.  I have started to take my daughters on a morning walk and/or an afternoon walk to the park (see picture above).  In an effort to track the distance that I was trekking on these walks, I actually wore my Garmin watch yesterday.  During our walk to the park, play time and the walk back, I logged almost two miles.  For those of you keeping track of steps – that is a lot.  Not only did I wear my daughter out, but I wore myself out.

IMG_5200Earlier that morning, I had woken up to complete a strength bootcamp in the garage. Both girls slept well and both were actually still sleeping when I woke up feeling energized to exercise.  My workout took exactly 35 minutes.  You will need a kettlebell and a set of dumbbells and/or a medicine ball.

photo 3-128

I have coined the term “DUFifty” as a Fly.Jen.Duf original workout in which you perform 50 repetitions of each exercise over the duration of your workout.  I haven’t done a “DUFifty” workout in months.  It was tough.  See below.

Round 1 – Complete 20 repetitions of the following exercises sequentially.

  • Burpees
  • Thrusters (holding medicine ball or dumbells at chest level, lower into a squat, as you are coming back to standing, press weight above your head)
  • Push press with kettlebell – do prescribed number of reps each arm.
  • Stepback lunge (holding kettlebell in one hand – do prescribed number of reps on each leg)
  • Russian Twists – do prescribed number of reps each side.
  • Pushups
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Sumo Squat with Upright Row
  • Side Bends (holding kettlebell – do prescribed number of reps each side).
  • One Legged Deadlifts (with kettlebell on the ground in front of you, lower down to pick it up, move back to start position with weight, lower weight to ground and come back to start with out weight.  That is one rep.  Do prescribed number of reps each side.

Round 2 – Complete Round 1 again.  20 repetitions each exercise, sequentially.

Round 3 – Complete Round 1 again, this time performing 10 repetitions of each exercise, sequentially.

Hold plank until you get to 35 minutes to finish.  

My legs were sore by the time I started my walk that afternoon to the park.  The first part of the workout will get your heart rate up, while burning out your shoulders.  The second part of the workout will really burn your legs out.

IMG_5204At home workouts and walks with my kids are great, but working out with people my own age is even better.  Whenever I work out at home while the girls are asleep I am constantly paranoid that someone will wake up just as I am finishing my first set of exercises.  It is a struggle to focus on the importance of what I am doing.  That said, my husband pushed me out the door Thursday morning to do whatever I wanted to do.  I contemplated running on my own, maybe riding at Flywheel or just going to our local Y.  I ended up deciding to go to the track FiA workout.  Great turnout (and decision) – see picture above.

IMG_5205I have posted about Females in Action (FiA) several times, but let me just take the time to point out one more time the great things about this workout group:

IMG_5202I chose to do the track workout Thursday morning.  The “preblast” indicated that we would be doing 400 meter repeats.  Perfect.  I need speed.  The best way to find that is to train with people that are better than you.  By reading the comments on the “preblast”, I knew the training group would be intense.  I was in.  Between warm up, intervals and a short cool down, we ran almost two miles.   Goal was consistent splits.  Goal accomplished.

  • 1st 400m – 1:34
  • 2nd 400m – 1:32
  • 3rd 400m – 1:28
  • 4th 400m – 1:27

Thank you ladies for a great workout and some most importantly amazing fellowship.  Loved the post workout selfie!


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