A Week of “Firsts”

After our FIRST weekend away from the girls it took a few days for us to get acclimated to being back on our irregular sleep schedule and the start of yet another week.  Just seven weeks out since the birth of my second daughter, I am well on my way to resuming some of the activities that I had been doing both before and while I was pregnant.

CEFvkZeUIAAXNTK.jpg-large First things first, I took my infant for her first run in the jogging stroller.  The weather is amazing in Charlotte.  Low seventies with little humidity.  Pace was right at 9:00/mile.  Unfortunately, we had to be rerouted after we ran into a snake blocking our path.  It looked just like the one pictured above (that coincidentally had been seen earlier that morning at a FiA workout).  I hate snakes, and this will likely be the first of many that I will see this spring/summer.

IMG_5183I used the single jogger to run with my infant while my older daughter was at school.  Instead of breaking out the double jogger when she got home, I strapped my newborn into the BabyBjorn for her first walk in the “book bag”, while I pushed my oldest.  She loved it so much that she fell asleep!

11055312_10103440353381103_422927230086915466_nI will be teaching my first Flywheel class post-baby this Sunday, May 10th at 11:30AM.  This will not be a permanent spot, but I am working with management to determine when and where I will show up on the schedule more regularly.

photo 2-204I plan to post at my first FiA workout post-baby this Friday.  If you have not heard of or tried FiA, please check out the link here.  My husband and I have agreed that I will get some mornings to work out.  I looked up who will be leading Friday, and I saw that “Suzy Stalker” will be directing.  See picture of us above.  I know she is hard, which will be good for me.  I only hope that in between the time that I am catching my breathe that I have a chance to chat with her some!


Finally, this weekend I will be taking my first class at local fitness boutique, MADabolic.  While scanning through Elevate Charlotte’s Best of the Best Awards, I noticed the studio and trainer, Cristina Gillepsie, had received numerous awards.  I communicated with Cristina over social media and set up a time to take her class. I can’t wait to blog about it!

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