Week 6 Postpartum – Final Post in the Series

As I mentioned in my last post, I had my postpartum exam and I have been cleared to resume my normal activities post baby.  That said, this will be my last blog in the series that I have been documenting my postpartum recovery.  So how did the week go?  First things first, the baby officially slept in her crib for the first time this week!  This is a relief for my husband and I.  My oldest daughter was in her crib her second night home from the hospital.  Again, every baby is different.

IMG_5060My oldest daughter’s sleep habits were an anomaly.  Again, I was not ready for a “normal” baby’s sleep schedule.  My youngest still wakes up two to three times per night.  However, she is starting to sleep for longer periods at a time.  This makes mom happy.  With her in her own room, I am less likely to wake up every time that I hear her move.  She enjoys sitting up in her Boppy pillow and looking around the room.  One thing that I did learn from my oldest daughter’s daycare, is the double Boppy trick.  For babies that can’t support their neck, propping two Boppy pillows on top of each other or placing a pillow slightly underneath the back of one will give them the lift that they need to sit up like a “big” kid.  It’s a whole new world for them!

IMG_5041I officially started eating healthier this week.  Did I mention that I was asked to be in a wedding that is this weekend?  Wedding pictures last a lifetime.  I wanted to lose a pound or two before we headed out of town.  Let’s face it, I know that I will put a pound or two back on with all of the eating and drinking surrounding the festivities.  My husband woke up early on Sunday to cook us whole wheat pancakes stuffed with bananas, berries and peaches.  He topped them with strawberries.  He makes enough that my daughter and I can enjoy them during the week for breakfast.  The added flavor from the fruits makes these so good that I can eat them cold like a piece of gourmet bread.

IMG_5057I know you saw the edamame salad recipe that we had this week.  If not, take the time to check it out.  Eating healthy is only one aspect of being fit.  I upped my exercise intensity once again this week.

Thursday 4/23 – At home strength workout.  See picture below.  I did a variation on a workout that my husband had done earlier in the week. Grab your kettlebell!

IMG_5014Friday 4/24 – Ride Flywheel.  Power number 307!

Saturday 4/25 – Strength workout.  Baby was napping beside me.  No excuse.  You can do it!


Sunday 4/26 – Remember my husband made breakfast?  I went for my first three mile morning run.  It felt awesome!  (pace was right under 9:00/mile)

Monday 4/27 – Disaster day.  Really, the day I was cleared and my plans thrown out the window.  I squeezed in a quick cardio strength workout.  See post for details.

Tuesday 4/28 – Speed work.  You heard me right.  In order to get my legs moving fast on the pavement again, I need to train them with the motion.  Over approximately 3.25 miles, here was my workout:

  • Run 400m warmup
  • Sprint 200m, recover 100m X2
  • Sprint 400m, recover 200m x2
  • Sprint 200m, recover 100m x2
  • Sprint 400m, recover 200m x2
  • Sprint 200m, recover 100m x2
  • Run 400m cool down

I did this workout straight out my front door.  No need for a track.  I used my Garmin watch to measure distance.  Average pace – 8:32/mile.  My sprints were average 7:45 pace, my recovery about a minute and a half slower.  The great thing about running this around a neighborhood is that I may be forced to run some of my sprints uphill or downhill.  It is hard to anticipate the grade of incline.

Wednesday 4/29 – Day off!  That’s right.  I was up late and needed to rest.  I listened to my body.

IMG_5047I was not surprised when I got on the scale, and I had in fact lost some weight by the end of this week.  My husband and I don’t deprive ourselves, but when I really commit to my diet, it doesn’t take long for me to see a change.  I do have some tips for ladies who are breastfeeding that would like to up the intensity of your workouts:

  • Pump BEFORE you go.  The longer you wait, the bigger (and HEAVIER) they get.
  • Fill a cup of water for yourself to drink while you pump.  You are losing fluid.  You need this.
  • Feeling hungry all the time while breastfeeding?  It’s usually because you aren’t drinking enough water.  This goes for every day life.
  • Don’t worry about your weight too much.  It fluctuates so much depending on when you have pumped, etc.  While I bring up weight on the blog, it really doesn’t matter if my clothes don’t fit.  My goal is to be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I can now button most of my clothes, but they aren’t that comfortable.  I have some work to do still.

IMG_5030In the end, what really matters is that we are feeling good.  Baby is smiling, mommy is healthy.  I have been getting a lot of questions about Flywheel.  I am cleared.  I am good to go.  I am working on my schedule now with management.  I will be subbing as much as I can.  Trust me, I want to be back more than you know.  I am in studio riding in classes, and I would love to go for a walk or get together when schedules permit.

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