Week 4 Postpartum

It has almost been a month since I delivered my second daughter!  It feels like it has been six months.  I am starting to feel tired.  The first couple of weeks were fueled by new mom adrenaline. After a week of spring break (in which my oldest daughter was at home every day of the week) and two weeks of my husband being back at work full time, I am starting to feel the effects of my regular wake up calls in the middle of the night.  That said a lot (of good stuff) has happened since last week.

IMG_4945To start, I am regularly taking both girls out together when I run errands.  No help. Pardon the apple sauce stains on the seats.  After adding strollers and diaper bags to the mix, I am starting to realize that my car is smaller than I thought.

IMG_4947I started running again this week.  Slow, steady and low in mileage.  My first run was one mile with my daughter in the jogger.  10 minutes, 15 seconds.  My second run was on my own in the morning.  I ran just a little bit further, a little bit faster.  Wow does it feel good to start my day again with a workout and a shower!  My legs and abs are slightly sore but that is to be expected.

IMG_4952After my short run, my daughters were waiting for me at the door.  Ladies, I look tired.  I am tired.  I had no intention of going for a run this morning, but after an early morning wake up call from both kids (while my husband was at the gym), I decided I needed some “me” time before he left for work.  Even if it was less than 13 minutes.  It literally reset my mind before what would end up being a long day indoors due to rain all day.

IMG_4940My sweet newborn has started sleeping longer (and eating more).  Hasn’t she gotten so big?  She is now waking up just three times a night.  I am starting to figure out the tricks to coaxing her back to sleep and getting her to eat more.

IMG_4925My weight loss is stagnant. I have about five pounds left to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I don’t expect this to change over night.  It seems like while I am breastfeeding those last few pounds don’t want to go away.  Until I start weaning my daughter off of breast milk and to formula, I am aware that the pounds might stick around.  Another clear reason for the consistent weight this week is increased muscle.  I started running and doing more core/strength work this week.  Think squats, lunges, biceps, etc.  I lost some muscle over the three weeks that I was recovering.  It’s coming back!  I expect to be at Flywheel by the end of the week – I can’t wait.

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