Easing Fitness Into My Postpartum Routine

As tired as I might be, I know that getting outside and back on a somewhat regular routine will make every day just a tad bit easier.  Prior to, and even throughout my pregnancy, my day to day activities included some form of exercise.  Some days more intense than others.  Therefore, I have been itching to get some form of activity back into my schedule.

IMG_4905My recovery is back on track.  In fact, I am actually at a point where I feel that I can now take both kids out for regular errands (we took our first trip to Target as the Dufresne trio of women).  I have been itching to go on longer walks though, without asking someone to push one stroller while I pushed the other.  Hello, double jogger!  I never thought that I would be one of those amazing women that pushes this elaborate wide load.  However, I am now the proud mom of two.  If I want to get out of the house to workout, this might be my only option some days.

IMG_4923I am not running with this stroller yet, but I have at least made the mental (and physical) effort to pull it out of the garage and except that this will be a new part of my exercise routine.  We listen to music and walk circles around the block until my oldest is ready to get out and walk.  Both kids love to be outside. Something about the sun shining on their faces wears them out.

IMG_4918Over the weekend, my husband was able to partake in one of our double jogger walks.  He was amazed how good the steering is on the large ride.  I didn’t take the easy route either.  I made him let me push.  This is my only workout for now – I will take what I can get!  We headed to a local park, where I could actually enjoy some play time with my oldest daughter.

IMG_4925Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even fit down the slides at the park!  Now, I can hold her hand as we cruise down the incline laughing loudly.  This is what being a parent is all about.

IMG_4929I am wearing my pre-pregnancy running shorts and sports bras again.  They aren’t flattering, but they are comfortable.  Not only did we walk to the park, but we walked to get frozen yogurt and buy groceries.  Every day, I am adding just a little bit more activity to my routine.  Being fit is not all about being in shape.  It also includes eating good.  With that in mind, we grabbed seafood kebabs and couscous at a local grocery store for less than $30.

IMG_4937Throw the skewers on the grill over medium heat for approximately six minutes each side and you have an incredible, made at home, healthy dinner.  Each skewer included salmon, tuna steak, shrimp, a scallop and a piece of grouper.  So. Good.

10151352_10102396339862563_1758272868_nAfter several long walks during the week, I decided to go for my first run post baby.  My oldest daughter joined me in the single jogger.  The last time that I ran with her in the jogger, she was just a baby herself (see picture above).  She is now 22 pounds.

IMG_4936Surprisingly, it felt good to lace up my running shoes and get on the road.  With the jogger, I ran my first one mile run post baby in 10 minutes, 15 seconds.  It is a weird feeling, running after taking several weeks off and having a very weak core.  I look forward to continuing to build up my mileage (and pace) as I get my body back into the shape that it was in before I got pregnant.  For now, I will take what I can get!

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