Week 3 Postpartum

Whew!  Another week is over.  The first few weeks seem like six months.  I am certainly not sleeping through the night, but I am finding ways to squeeze in an hour here and an hour there.  All babies are different, so I have had to figure out how to adjust to our new addition.

IMG_4898We had a breakthrough this week.  My newborn has regularly been sleeping for three hours from 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM.  I have been going to bed during that time.  When she would wake up, I would simply try to nurse her in our room before putting her back in her swing.  That’s what I did with my first.  Wouldn’t it be that easy?  No.  After a quick drowsy nursing session, each time I tried to put her back in her swing, she woke up less than hour later to feed again.  This happened all night long.

IMG_4886Stop being lazy mom.  I made the decision to have a bottle ready for her in the middle of the night, so I could make sure she ate enough.  When she woke up, I warmed it up before rocking her and feeding her the entire bottle.  I had to wake her up several times, but after 45 minutes she had finished, was asleep and better yet didn’t wake up for another three hours.  This is big time for mom and baby.  BREAKTHROUGH!

11017047_10103357436312573_3625561472395709095_nMy recovery has been going seamless.  I started doing abs and core work this week.  The increase in activity did not cause any additional issues with my recovery.  My oldest daughter had a blast attempting to help me do sit ups (while my newborn slept).  Look out for a future post on intro abdominal exercises postpartum.

IMG_1846Unfortunately, every time I feel like I take a step forward, I have to take a step back.  After a long weekend of heavy activity on my feet (and my first week at home with both kids), I realized that I needed to take it easy with increased activity for a few days.  If you are wondering why, ask.  I talked about the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  We also hosted a large Easter dinner at our house on Sunday.  The picture above is four generations.  My grandparents, my mom, me and my girls.  It’s really amazing that we have the opportunity to a spend holiday like this together.

IMG_4881Upon discharge, the nurses told me that I should refrain from picking up my oldest daughter for a few weeks.  I didn’t listen.  How could I?  I have had to cut back on picking her up as much (at least for a few days).  We have been finding ways to play outside without mommy overexerting herself.

IMG_4895We even went uptown one day to visit dad for lunch at the park and a walk uptown.  Minor league baseball season starts soon, so we plan to hit up a few games with the girls.


So, week 3 postpartum, baby is sleeping better.  Baby is opening her eyes more.  Baby is doing tummy time, playing and looking around more each and every day.  Mommy is continuing to lose baby weight (even with all of the cocktails that I have been enjoying on the patio over the past few weeks).  One more pound down.  I have 6 pounds to go.  Some of that may be attributable to muscle loss, since I haven’t done any real strength training in three weeks.  Let’s pretend like that is not the case!

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