Trying Not To Overcommit

I have always lived my life at full speed.  After the birth of my first daughter, I never took my foot off the gas.  When we found out that I was pregnant with my second daughter, I pulled several things off my plate.  As my due date approached, I stopped planning things too far in advance because I knew I would be more strapped for time.  Easier said than done.  There is just too much that I want to do (and do it with my kids).

FullSizeRender-2My husband went back to work this week.  Albeit, a short week.  However, it was my first week at home with both of the girls without help.  When I actively try not to overcommit it seems like I always overcommit.  I took the first week on my own by storm.  Why do I feel the constant need to stay busy?

IMG_4838We decided to host an Easter lunch at our house this weekend.  To prep for the event, I needed to stop by the local farmer’s market and get several bulk items from Costco.  Thankfully, my friend and really a babysitter turned part of our family was available to take on the shopping with the girls and I.  I could have never done this by myself.  She helped keep the group together while I loaded up the supplies.  I figured out quickly that in order for me to take both girls to the store, I would have to be ambitious and likely carry the baby in a baby bjorn (i.e. a baby book bag).  Until I am getting more sleep we are going to forget about that.

IMG_4844My dad’s birthday is this week, so after packing in errand after errand, we spent the evening celebrating his special day.  Birthdays are more fun with kids.  Their energy inflates the enthusiasm in the entire room.

IMG_4860I said I was trying not to overcommit right?  I forgot to remind myself of that.  We had RSVP’d “yes” to an Easter Egg hunt early Saturday morning.  Early as in 9 AM.  Trust me, with this new group, it is difficult for us to get anywhere by 9 AM.  Even harder when both girls get up several times in the middle of the night.  Part of me not wanting to overcommit is my inability to plan how much sleep that I will get.

IMG_4864After a long night Friday, I was ready to throw in the towel and sit on the couch with our newborn while my husband went to the Easter egg hunt with my oldest daughter.  Come on Jen!  How could I miss this?  I made a cup of coffee and had some breakfast before throwing my hair in a pony tail and packing up my little one.  I made the right choice.  I am tired, but these are the memories that I will keep with me forever.  I wasn’t put together at the event by any means (I didn’t even take a shower, shh…), but I made it there.  People understood and appreciated the effort.

IMG_4849My daughter was literally pushing people out of the way to get on the hunt before others. She might be as ambitious as me?  She stuffed her little basket as much as she could before falling down and spilling them all on the ground.  Poor thing.  She quickly collected her eggs before getting back on the hunt.

IMG_4868We are still playing Easter egg hunt at the house.  I wonder when this game will not be fun anymore.  After a long day Friday and an early morning Saturday, I laid down for almost an hour with my newborn.  People say you need to nap when your baby does.  Those people don’t have a toddler too.  Luckily, my husband could watch our oldest while I did take advantage of some down time.  We regrouped that evening for dinner and drinks.

IMG_4867Even though I may have overcommitted the start of my weekend, I didn’t plan on having some much needed downtime for a drink on the patio at a local restaurant Saturday night.  I think we have a pretty open schedule the entire month of April, but who knows what reality will bring.  Cheers no commitments?

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