Post Partum Week 2

Our newborn is now two weeks old.  Everyone told us the addition of a second child is the hardest adjustment to any family dynamic.  While it has been difficult, we have rallied together to make the transition easier.  My husband has taken on the task of getting up in the middle of the night with our oldest daughter (if she even wakes up), while I am waking up several times a night with our newborn.  I mentioned before that we were having trouble getting her to sleep at night.  Well, after another week, we have figured out a temporary solution.IMG_4813Hello Mamaroo.  We bought this modern swing for my first daughter only to find out that she hated it.  We put it back in storage after just two months.  Lucky for us, this is the only place that my second daughter will sleep (other than in my arms) at night.  She has gotten on a routine where she sleeps in 2-3 hour increments at a time.  Her three hour increment comes between 8:30 PM-11:30 PM.  I have forced myself to make sure that I am in bed during this time.  This is the longest stretch of sleep that I will get the entire day.  I need to take advantage of it.  Hence why I do not respond to messages/emails/texts after a certain time.  I am asleep.

IMG_4814The Mamaroo allows us to set the movement of the swing to several settings that resemble real life movements that might put the baby to sleep – car ride, kangaroo, etc.  The plush seat cradles the baby in a way that mimics the warm tight environment she experienced in my belly.  I slept in our guest bed the first week that I was home from the hospital because we just couldn’t find a way to get her to sleep without disrupting my husband and oldest daughter.  This did the trick.  I can now plug this in beside my bed.  When she wakes up to eat, I just have to roll over to get her out and feed her before putting her right back down.  It is as seamless as we will get at this point.  The pediatrician also advised that this method of getting our child to sleep was completely okay at this point in her life.  Phew.  I was afraid of what his answer might be when I asked.

IMG_4791Speaking of the pediatrician.  We have taken our youngest daughter to see her doctor twice.  Both visits were well visits, with the main purpose to check her weight and examine her.  My newborn daughter was born 7 pounds 12 ounces.  She dropped down to 7 pounds 6 ounces after birth, before bouncing back to 8 pounds 6 ounces at her two week appointment!  She is well fed.  I am hopeful that as she continues to grow, she will be able to eat more, which means she will sleep longer through the night.  This broken up sleep is just a phase that we will get through in the next several weeks.

FullSizeRender-1A lot of people have been asking me about working out and my recovery.  Here I am exactly two weeks out.  My little helper is wandering in the background.  I am not going to post details of my labor and delivery, but I would be happy to discuss in private message or conversation.  Of the 25-30 pounds that I put on during pregnancy, I am 17-22 pounds down.  I have 8 pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am in no rush.  I took two weeks off from exercise completely.  I’m talking nothing.  No abs.  No running.  No weights.  Nothing.   I really haven’t had the urge to either.  Adjusting to breastfeeding and a new routine while allowing my body to recover is my first priority.

IMG_4808I will start doing moderate ab exercises and walking during week three post delivery.  Lookout for great core exercises to start rebuilding  the foundation that essentially disappeared (at least it did for me!).  In the mean time, my daughter practiced climbing up and down off the Bosu.  Can most 17 month olds do this?  She amazes me every day!

IMG_4809We have had so many great new meals over the past two weeks.  Our family and friends have been so generous in making us healthy dinners that we have been able to reuse for lunch as well.  Look out for a future post on healthy ideas to prepare for a family that is in need.  I don’t even have to do much here.  I got so many ideas from the great choices that we received while I have been in recovery.IMG_4800My husband goes back to work during week three.  I am on my own.  Just another reason why my recovery was imperative.  In order for me to get these two girls around, I needed to make sure that I am not going to do any harm to myself.  I think that we are in a good place right now.  I can’t wait to take advantage to some great spring days over the next couple of weeks!

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