Pregnancy Update – Week 38

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a winter melon (not sure what that is, but I would guess more like a watermelon…). Somewhere over 7-8 pounds – based on ultrasound three weeks ago.

Weight Gain – 25-26 pounds.  I honestly don’t care at this point.  I’m just trying to get to delivery day.  Since I have put in the time to stay fit during this pregnancy, I have no doubt that the weight will come off quick.

Movement – The most movement is at night before I go to bed.  When I am getting comfortable, so is baby.

Sleep – Dare I say this has been the best week of sleep that I have gotten in a LONG time?  I am feeling the most rested that I have felt in months.  Hint, hint baby.  It is the ideal time for you to come soon.

What I miss – A good patio cocktail.  I have had a glass of wine or two this pregnancy, but with the weather changing, I am really looking forward to having a craft beer or cocktail on our patio.

Best Moments this Week – The weather!  We took advantage of the warm temperatures by walking ALOT.  My daughter was eager for preschool drop off this week (even sporting some pigtails!).  Isn’t walking supposed to get labor going?  There were literally two days this week that I was out for a walk and started having contractions.  I literally thought, this is the day. I’m going to go home and they are going to get worse.  I’m going to have to call my husband.  Not so much.  They were just Braxton Hicks that went away once I got home, sat down and had some water.


Looking forward to – This is an easy one.  My doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, followed by possible induction on Friday.  We will meet this baby in the next week or two.

Cravings – Sushi.  And lots of it.  Since the baby is still not here, but my mom is (patiently waiting to watch my daughter when I go to the hospital), we were able to use her as a babysitter on Saturday night to go out to dinner on yet another date night.  Our sushi restaurant of choice in Charlotte is Pisces.  It’s simple.  Great tasting, relaxing atmosphere and moderately priced. We typically order five rolls and split them.  We were overwhelmed when four of them came out on a wooden boat.


Symptoms – Feeling large and in charge.  I attempted to use my breast pump this weekend.  Sounds weird doesn’t it?  There is an old wives tale that if you use your breast pump prior to your baby being born that it stimulates a hormone that can start labor contractions.  Clearly it didn’t for me.  The whole situation is so odd that I will not be trying it again.

Workouts – Lots of Flywheel, Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD, and walking with my daughter at this point.  I have a pregnancy application on my phone (“What to Expect”).  Interesting enough, this fact came across my daily feed recently.


Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Jenna.  Long neighborhood walk and playground time with my daughter.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.  Long neighborhood walk and playground time with my daughter.

Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Jenna.

Friday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Saturday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Shane.  A group of fellow instructors got together to support the new instructor.  After the ride, we showered and headed over to a local restaurant to catch up.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it, but I am so glad I had a chance to get out and catch up with my co-workers.

Sunday – TRX circuit training in the garage.

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