My First Year As A Blogger…

It’s official – I have been blogging for almost one year!  Based on conversations that I have had with many other successful bloggers, in order for me to give my blog a fair assessment, I needed to continuously post for 6-12 months (maybe even longer).  Lucky for me, there is technology out there that makes it easy for me to figure out the statistics for my first year – along with the most popular things that people are reading about.   Any guesses?  Here are a few of my highlights:

  • Page views (how many times in total a page was clicked on my blog) – 35,085 (approximately 100 views/day)
  • Specific unique viewers – 17,527
  • Number of unique countries with views – 87
  • Countries with highest number of views – United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.00.52 AM

There are two big things that stand out to me from the data above:

  • Most people only visit my blog to view one page.  I need to find a way to get people to click on multiple pages when they decide to visit.
  • I am reaching a worldwide audience.  It is incredible to me that readers from 87 countries have clicked on my blog.  The highest number of views are from larger countries (as noted above), however, I have also had views in countries as interesting as – Serbia, Bermuda, Nicaragua, and Vietnam.

The second set of data analyzed what pages were most popular and how people are being directed to my blog (both through referrals on social media and popular search engines).  The five most popular posts during my first year are listed below.

photo 3-116

How did most people find my blog?  Besides just typing in my web address, in this order – Facebook, search engines, Twitter, Pinterest and other websites. It’s not exactly the popularity of what people are searching on social media to find my blog, but the interesting topics:

  • Pregnant bachelorette trip
  • Firehouse subs pull up bar
  • Can you do Flybarre while pregnant?
  • hokie fans enter sandman
  • pregnant and flywheel
  • and many more


After analyzing my most popular posts against the most popular search terms, it appears that core functional training and pregnancy are some of my most popular topics.  I feel that I can learn a lot from this as I begin to develop a plan for my future business endeavors in personal training.  There is an interest out there for information on topics outside of the usual “gym” workouts.


After careful analysis, that leaves me with what’s next.  Should I keep going?  I like to think that I have had a pretty successful first year.  Through my blog, I have been introduced to so many interesting people.  The relationships that I have built with my readers have ultimately given me the confidence to change my career and become a better mom. I am held accountable for keeping up with a weekly fit routine (in order to be able to post about it).  I have been introduced to the Fitfluential, Girls Gone Sporty and Sweat Pink Ambassador programs, as well as, several product reviews, two of which are national – Manitoba Hemp Hearts and Luna Bars.

photo-23There are a lot of things in the works right now for future work – including a campaign with a baby product distributor in anticipation of my upcoming arrival.  I think I have to give it another year.  I love feedback.  I don’t get enough of it.  If you are interested in hearing about something or having me post a workout, please let me know!  The connections are out there.  I love exploring new opportunities as much you do.

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