Pregnancy Update – Week 36

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a melon. Approximately 6 pounds, 11 oz.  Straight from the ultrasound this week!

Weight Gain – Somewhere between 22-24 pounds. I’m not going to change this amount.  Weight has not been changing much (even with as much as I have been eating).

Movement – Big time.  Remember how I said that I was feeling a lot of pressure in my hips this time?  The ultrasound confirmed the baby’s knuckles and hands are pressing into my pelvis.  Essentially, she is trying to do a shoulder press upside down.  That explains that.  The strong outward movements are due to the position of my placenta (in the back).  I literally have no cushion to soften those outward blows.

Sleep – What is sleep?  Oh yea, that activity that most people do at night.  I am shooting for five to six hours a night – broken up, nonetheless.

What I miss –  The most anticipated wedding of the year!  Due to the impending arrival of baby number two, my husband represented the family at my sister-in-law Colleen’s wedding.  Since I was supposed to be in the bridal party, my husband carried around a photo of my face on a stick during wedding activities.

11035704_10100445996002412_8866605551281130155_nHilarious.  I was in such a bad mood sitting at home knowing that everyone was having a good time while I was laid out on the couch eating any and everything out of my refrigerator while watching reruns of Modern Family and HGTV.

Best Moments this Week – My full term ultrasound results.  I can’t tell you what a relief it was to hear that baby is head down and looking good.  At this point, I am cleared to go anytime.  We are in full countdown mode now.


Looking forward to – Um, hello?!  The baby getting here.  My mom even noticed that the baby looks like it has dropped in the past few days.  She is hanging low.  I am feeling every little movement.  I can’t wait to meet this little one!  With the final countdown on, I can feel the bond with my first daughter growing stronger.  I am taking in every little moment that I have left with her by herself.

photo 2-213

Cravings – Sweets, sweets, sweets.  We gave them up for Lent.  I am substituting my after dinner dessert with cereal and yogurt.

Symptoms – Big belly.  Fatigue.  That’s about it.  I have been fortunate enough to avoid stretch marks and other cosmetic issues due to pregnancy.

Workouts – I was in a bad mood by the end of this week as a result of not getting regular workouts in.  Since my husband was out of town and school was cancelled, I was subjected to doing most of my workouts indoors at my house.  By Saturday I gave in and hired a sitter to come over while I left the house to go exercise.  I know.  Don’t judge.

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – TRX circuit at home.  See picture below.

photo 2-212

Wednesday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Jenna.

Thursday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Friday – Kettlebell/TRX circuit at home.

Saturday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Shane – right, the day I hired a sitter to come over so I could workout.

Sunday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte. Yup, two days in a row.  I am about to have to take a few weeks off.  It’s time to get it in!

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