Well…We Breed Big, Hairy Babies!

My ultrasound scheduled for Thursday was postponed to Friday due to forecasted bad weather in Charlotte.  Yet again the city shut down in anticipation of snowstorm 2015.  It never came.  My husband flew out of town Wednesday night to represent the family at his sister Colleen’s wedding.

photo 2-214This was bittersweet for me.  While I am over the moon about our second child getting here, due to the timing of my pregnancy, the doctor’s advised that I not get on a plane and fly to New York.  I talk to Colleen on the phone two or three times a week.  We just click (see picture above from a night out).  We even look like each other.

photo 3-9Lucky for me, she FaceTimed me several times during the getting ready process.  Sorry for the hilarious picture Colleen – I had to.  Look how gorgeous this bride looked!  Who is that handsome guy to the right?

photo 1-207FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  If I was going to miss one wedding this year, why did it have to be this one?  It was documented in my first pregnancy that I am Group Strep B positive.  This ultimately means that there is a risk during all of my pregnancies that my baby could be exposed to a bacteria that is harmful to the baby during labor.  It requires the mother to receive antibiotics 4 hours prior to delivery.  The antibiotic is penicillin, which I am allergic to.  While this is very common, I feel more comfortable being in the confines of a hospital that knows my situation in the event that I go into labor before my due date.

photo-71 That brings me to Friday.  Geared up with my daughter and my fill in husband (my mom), I headed to the doctor to get a full term ultrasound.  Mainly because the doctor’s wanted to check the size and position of the baby.  First things first, it was confirmed that it is definitely still a girl (I had my doubts!).  This was the only picture we got.  Why?  The baby is so low and has so much hair that it is too difficult to get a side profile shot.  Remember how much hair my first daughter had?  Baby number two could give her a run for her money.  That being said, the baby’s head is down (which I also doubted).

baby_madison-1-mediumThe biggest news (and shock) to me, was the fact that at just 36 weeks, the baby is measuring 6 pounds, 11 oz.  The ultrasound technician literally had to redo the measurement because she was so surprised.  If I were to go 40 weeks, the baby is estimated to weight close to 8.5-9 pounds.  Lord, help me.  My first daughter was surprisingly 7 pounds, 11 oz at 39 weeks.  I am currently 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  She’s coming.  Either sooner or bigger than I expected.  Pedal to the metal!

photo 4-136I am excited.  I have a renewed sense of energy.  A friend of ours came over Friday afternoon with her new baby.  My daughter was clingy, but surprisingly, she was captivated by the little body and wanted me to carry her around everywhere that I took the baby.  She will be a good big sister, but in the mean time, I will spend as much quality time with her as I can.

photo 2-213I’m not going to lie, with the excitement of Colleen’s wedding and the good news about baby number two, I couldn’t help but look back at the best day of my life – the day I married my husband.  In less than three years, we will have brought two incredible babies into this world.  The smile on my face the day that we were announced husband and wife has not faded.

photo 1-208


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