Renovation Central – Finally Feeling at “Home”

As I look back at my blog posts from my first pregnancy, I can’t help but realize how chaotic our life was.  As we counted down the months until my first daughter arrived, we decided to have a pretty extensive renovation of our “new” home.  I say “new” because the anticipation of the neighborhood and certain fixtures caused us to overlook a lot of the underlying issues in the home that we had just invested in.  Little things turned into big things and eventually we had employed a full scale renovation company – Simonini Homes – to put together a plan for us.  A plan that would allow us to address the immediate issues that we would need to take care of if we wanted to stay in our home with a growing family.  They came through big time.  Take a look back at our journey over the past two years.

Breakfast Nook – I had a vision of what I wanted this room to become the first day that we walked into this house.  I wanted to add some additional storage and seating by doing a built in banquette.  The room is big, so finding a table and cushions that fit was difficult.  The Simonini team did a great job putting together a custom built in bench with no sketch!





Taking care of carpet/cracked plaster/original windows – Our biggest issue with moving our family into the home was the excessive drafts caused by old windows and holes in the house (literally, there was a squirrel’s nest in our ceiling).  We also had issues with cracked plaster in ceilings and on the walls.  Not to mention lead based paint and carpet that was covering beautiful original hardwoods.  Before putting babies in these rooms, we had to make sure some of these larger issues were taken care of.  The following three pictures are before.

IMG_0515IMG_0517IMG_0537You would be totally surprised what a renovation company can do.  See before pictures of my daughter’s bedroom below.

IMG_0502IMG_0500The after pictures are up next.  Incredible, right?  We replaced all of the windows, we took out all of the plaster and put up drywall, we pulled up the carpet and finished the original hardwoods, and finally, we addressed the ventilation issues.  It is now a comfortable space that she can call home!

IMG_1767 IMG_1768

Additional Stairwell – When we moved in we had built in steps to a full scale unfinished attic.  Why not take a chance at finishing part of it while we already have the team at our house doing other work?  We did not want to have to get another renovation down the road if we were getting close to outgrowing our home.  The stairwell  that originally opened up into our hallway was extended straight into our dining room (essentially right beside where the buffet is in the before picture).





Attic Renovation – What they did next was huge.  They took an unfinished attic space and made it a functional bonus room, bedroom, study and full bathroom.  I will give credit where credit is due.  My husband picked out a number of the finishes.  I was literally giving birth as this was being completed (while working full time, nonetheless).  He didn’t want to stress me out any more than he had to.  See the before pictures first.  Again, think drafts and holes in windows.

IMG_0568 IMG_0564Just a peak at the after pictures.

IMG_1780 IMG_1777 IMG_1776

As we start to finally feel like we are settling into our home, I feel like I can take a deep breathe and fully enjoy it all.  I love the pitter patter of my daughter’s feet as she runs down the hallway with her friends and laughs loudly.  I can’t wait for our second to get here.  I can’t wait to build more memories. Thank you Alan and your team for making our home a real “home” (in the least stressful way as possible).  It feels good to be home.

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