Pregnancy Update – Week 33

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a head of lettuce.  Approximately 4 pounds.

Weight Gain – 22 pounds.  Gaining weight gets harder in the last few weeks.  There isn’t a lot of room left in my stomach to eat big meals.  I get full fast.

Movement – Big time.  In fact, so big sometimes it is almost painful.  The baby is running out of room.

Sleep – The best week in a long time.  My daughter is sleeping through the night again, which means that mom and dad are.  I will enjoy while it lasts.

What I miss – Running.  Great weather in Charlotte brought out the runners.  Morning, day and night.  I can not wait to lace up the shoes for a good run ASAP!

Best Moments this Week – First and foremost, another good doctor’s appointment.   My daughter acted as an office assistant while I was waiting to get into a room.  Everything as far as baby number two looked great.  I go back next week for another check up before a final full term ultrasound the following week.  When you start going weekly, you know that you are getting close.

photo-68Aside from a great doctor’s appointment, I got news that I passed all sections of my personal trainer certification.  This year has been a wild ride.  If you remember, I left corporate America to spend more time at home with my growing family.  While I am excited about my new endeavor, I have also been continuing to build my credentials as part of a new part time career in the background.  I am looking forward to using this certification in the future.


Looking forward to – Meeting my new baby girl (first through ultrasound).  During my last pregnancy, our last ultrasound was at 18 weeks.  That means we didn’t get to see our baby girl until she was in our arms in the delivery room for several months.  Due to my size, the doctor has requested that I get an ultrasound at 36 weeks.  Yaay!  I get to see this little girl one more time before we meet her at the hospital.

Cravings – Sweets.  We usually give up sweets for Lent.  It’s coming!

Symptoms – I told you that an updated belly picture was coming.  I had the perfect opportunity to snap a picture when I was at the salon getting my haircut this week.

photo 2-206I definitely had no concept of how wide around that I am, until my hairdresser wrapped the end of a blow dryer cord around my belly and placed it against a yardstick.  Is my belly really pushing 38-39 inches?  Indeed it is!

photo 1-200I have to admit, I have been lucky not to experience too many negative symptoms this pregnancy.  I am for sure more tired (because I have a child that requires a lot of energy), but the tiredness outweighs any other symptom.  If this were my first child, I would be coasting.  That said, I recommend to all first time pregnant moms that you cherish every second of the first pregnancy.  Never again will you be able to embellish in the life that you are about to bring in to the world.  The second go round is way more chaotic!

Workouts –  Like I mentioned in my last post, I have dropped back to teaching just two classes a week at Flywheel.  After this week, I have four classes left on the schedule before I take a break until the baby gets here.  Take note – Sunday, February 22nd 7:30 AM class will be my last one! 

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with Zach.

Friday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Saturday – Elliptical and Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.  Walk 3 miles.  Yes, you read it right.  My growing family took full advantage of the amazing weather.  We were outside all afternoon.

photo 3-174Park to park.  Slide to slide.  We walked everywhere.  I literally do not know how my 15 month old can take so many steps without stopping.  She is full throttle ALL  the time.

photo 4-133If she isn’t full throttle she hits the wall.  As we continued walking waiting for her to tire out, she surprised us.  She literally laid down on the ground and passed out.  Bless her heart.  photo 5-68

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