End of Week Catch up – Pizza, Parties, and Passing!

Keep the food pictures rolling!  it sounds like people really enjoy seeing pictures and recipes of the meals that I am making.  If you have read my blog before, you know that we like to do pizza or something very casual “to go” on Friday nights.  This week, we kept pizza night at the house.  Our local Costco sells the crust in bulk, so I had already stocked up last week.  The only things that I needed to get from the grocery store were:

  • 1 red pepper, sliced
  • 1 package low moisture, part skim mozzarella cheese
  • 1 package of fresh basil

Remember that chicken parmesan that I made earlier in the week?  I diced the leftovers and threw it on the pizza.  We also had some leftover turkey pepperoni from a party that we had.  That went on the pizza too!   Just a way to add a little healthy protein.  Throw it in the oven for 10-12 minutes and you have a hearty dinner at half the cost of picking up take out!photo 2-205While I was waiting for the pizza to come out, I used salad ingredients left over from the same chicken parmesan dinner to make a pretty assortment of vegetables in the large wooden salad bowl that we got for our wedding.  I FINALLY used this.  I realized that I don’t have to have company over to get out a different type of dish.  Why not use them more often?

photo 1-198I have been pretty inactive with my blogging this week for several reasons:  My daughter is teething (and therefore not napping – leaving me with less free time), I have been subbing ALOT more at Flywheel this week, and most importantly, I have been studying for the written portion of the AFAA Certified Personal Training Exam.  That’s right.  I’m taking my certification up a notch.  There are two parts – practical (demonstrating moves) and written (demonstrating knowledge).  On Saturday, I took the written piece.  I am happy to report that I passed!  I will take the practical piece over the next several days.  Wish me luck!

photo 5-67  I must admit that I was more stressed than I I thought I would be when sitting down to take the  exam.  While I am confident in my knowledge, I felt a lot of pressure to get this done.  I feel much better knowing that I have this part of the certification behind me before baby number two gets here.  The good news came at a great time.  My husband and I were headed to the Females in Action second anniversary party that night at RuRu’s on Providence.

photo 3-172For those of you that are unfamiliar with Females in Action (FiA), see the write up that I did on my first workout.  This is an incredible group of woman that wakes up early to complete peer led running and bootcamp workouts.  They operate under the mission to exhibit fitness, fellowship and faith.  I haven’t had a chance to see many of the women at workouts over the past several months (due to the point that I am at in my pregnancy).  I am so glad that I scrounged up the energy for a fun night out.

photo 4-132Since everyone looks completely different in non-workout clothes and in daylight, we were given name tags to fill out.  Each and every member of the group has a nickname.  Mine just happens to be “Ups” (again, see the writeup to here the back story).  If you know anything about the group F3 (the men’s peer led group of which FiA was formed), the men are also given nicknames.  The wives are called “M’s”.  Every time I attend an F3 party in which women are invited, I am “M. Shawshank” (my husband’s nickname is Shawshank).  It was nice to be on the opposite side for once.  He opted to be “M.  Ups”.

photo 2-204So many good memories.  In fact, too many to type out.  I just want to thank all of the ladies from FiA for being so supportive throughout this pregnancy.  I was actually signed up with “Suzy Stalker” (see above picture) for the first time to “Q” (leading a workout) prior to telling people that I was pregnant.  It was in that same week that I found out I was experiencing a subchorionic hematoma with this baby, leaving me on bed rest for almost a week.  I opened up to Suzy Stalker and explained the situation.  She was happy to help me keep it a secret until I was ready to talk about it.  Here I am finishing my 33rd week of pregnancy, reunited with her.

photo 3-173The evening was highlighted with “superlatives”.  Check them out.  Some were write in.  If you are thinking about going to a workout, consider who the leader is and what superlative they won before showing up.  Working out doesn’t have to be 100% serious.  Clearly these women know each other well enough to throw some funny awards out there.  Two years down and plenty more to go.  Thanks ladies!

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