Could There Be Such a Thing as Too Many Dates In One Week?

Lunch dates, play dates, dinner dates, workout dates, work dates. The list goes on and on.  We have been busy this week.  I am so busy trying to keep our days busy that I almost feel like I am losing my mind.  Maybe my daughter does too?  I found her walking around in my husband’s Under Armour cold weather hat this week.  Welcome to Dri-Fit 1-194As I mentioned in my past two posts, I have picked up a few classes this week and next at Flywheel Charlotte.  Just subbing, but I always forget how much time it takes to put together those seemingly flawless playlists for several classes in one week.  It truly is choreographed. In the wee hours of the night and morning your instructors are taking serious notes.  Kind of like the ones in the picture below.1970581_10102379823227033_1182878536_nAll of that hard work is worth it when I see the intensity that riders bring to each and every class.  Huge shout out to the group of ladies representing Lululemon Southpark that dropped into my 10:45 AM class on  Thursday.  Hope to see you again soon!

photo 2-201Aside from work/workout dates at Flywheel, I did squeeze in a little workout date at home.  I have to admit that I have had a pretty frustrating week.  I will explain in more detail in the next month.  I have learned through my years in corporate America how to suppress my opinion until I can think of things in a clear frame of mind.  That said, I decided to take out some of my irritation on a quick strength workout at home.

photo 3-8About twenty minutes is all that you need.  Just two pieces of equipment – Gliders and a set of dumbbells (both are very cheap if you decide you want to buy some for your house).  Hint – check out for the 2-199I spent more time than usual warming up.  Probably 4-5 minutes.  I am at the point in my pregnancy that I feel like I need that time to get myself ready for any workout.  Complete the following series of exercises sequentially, starting with 10 reps, followed by 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1.

  • One Leg Forward Squat w/Bicep Curl – start with Gliding Disc under your right heel while holding your dumbbells in each hand.  As you slide the disc forward, heel planted into the disc, lower into a squat with your left leg and raise both arms up for a bicep curl.  Return to start.  That is 1.  Do 10 each side to start.
  • Standing Tricep Extension (using both weights)
  • Russian Twists.  1 rep is touching each side.  I dropped my feet to the ground to stabilize myself.
  • Sliding Lunge w/Shoulder Press – start with Gliding Disc under your right foot while holding dumbbells at shoulder height.  As you slide the disc back into a lunge, raise both dumbbells above your head.  Return to start.  That is 1.  Do 10 each side to start.
  • Pushups.
  • Mountain Climbers.  1 rep is raising leg once to each side.

photo 4-130I was able to get that workout in as my daughter took a short nap.  I have said this before, and I will say it again.  I like to spend the time that she is awake with her.  That means that I am still working out in the morning or when she is napping.  Since I got the workout out of the way and she had her nap, we were able to take a break and head uptown to meet dad for a lunch date.  Jersey Mike’s is as fancy as it gets for us right now, but she eagerly looked out the restaurant window waiting for her dad to appear.

photo 3-169Dad isn’t the only man in her life.  She has wooed a few little boys from her daycare over to our house.  The bottom of our steps has become the hangout for her.  She thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City – sitting on the stoop of her indoor brownstone.  Having friends over and grandparents in town has eased her clinginess to mom and dad enough so that we can continue to go on the last type of date – a dinner date.

photo 1-193

I mentioned that we had taken advantage of restaurant week last Friday, but I haven’t mentioned that we went out again as part of the feast week this week.  This time we decided to go to Cajun Queen.  I hadn’t ever been there, but my husband had.  In looking at the limited menu, we already knew what we were going to get (and it was exactly the same for both us).  There is a reason we got married.  Two peas in a pod.

  • Starter – Shrimp Gumbo (see above)
  • Meal – Crawfish, shrimp, chicken etouffee (see below)
  • Dessert – Bourbon bread pudding – I ate this too fast to take a picture.

photo 2-200We will be back.  Probably for take out, but we will be back.  All of these dates keep me on my toes, but are necessary.  I know that my time is running out before baby number two gets here.  At that point my priorities will be shifted again.  Until then send me a message and get me on your calendar!

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